Everyday Minerals Swatches  

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Last time I promised you some swatches of the samples I received from Everyday Minerals so here it goes... If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments and check back for an aswer soon!

Oh, and as always, click on the pictures to enlarge!



Fair Neutral


Fairly Light


Medium Beige Neutral


Deep Wine Blush

(Dark red with more orangy tones than plum... Not a cool shade as I expected, but rather warm: will use it in the summer.)


Mint Concealer


Baby Bath Eye Shadow

(caramel beige with golden shimmer)


Spin Cycle Eye Shadow

(soft powdery pink with iridescent shimmer)


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oOoh! So pretty! EDM has nice blushes and eyeshadows!

And thanks for the compliment! Glad you enjoyed the neutral look with "Shale", I am liking it too on days im a hurry or lazy, very easy and simple. :)

Hi Vanessa!

I had not been a big fan of eye shadows until I bought a few from Bourjois and since then, I've been experimenting with them a lot. Now I'm dying to get all the EM shadows and have fun with them, they're so gorgeous! :-)

Hi dear :)
The eyeshadows seem to be silky, soft and they're really pretty.

Thank you for the advices and the wishes of "take care", these last days at the office have been very stressfull.
I think I must balance my energies, invoking the Master Spirits of Reiki.

Thank you also for the kind words about my fashion style.

Orange and navy blue are THE colors of the season. They look great together and apart, paired with neutrals like beige and brown, or go bold by wearing it with white and black.
Orange's complementary color is blue, so any shade of blue will be great with orange, so I think that what you're considering will look awesome.
Don't worry, belts are really in, just thiner, not like some we have seen very high, like a purple one I have, don't know if you remmember... but the height of the one I used yestarday will be good.
About shoes, at summer it will be so hot that you will not use the lacy ones.

So, sweetie, take care.


hello there!
Did you find the right match for your skin tone? I love the shimmeriness of the eye shadows, very angelic! It's good that you found mineral makeup finally because I remember that you were talking about not having enough brands where you are. And online shopping is great :)

Anyway, we talk soon and have a great day!


Hi Seeker!

I'll make sure to get a few items then: it's going to be a nice change. :-)

Hey there Grayburn!

It's more than great! Next stop: Strawberrynet! :-)

Haven't found the right shade yet: perhaps with my next order... ^_^

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