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My first little yellow envelope from Everyday Minerals arrived yesterday!!! I almost gave up hope that it would arrive this week because it took EM 5 days to just pack my order and send it out (I wasn't very happy about that) and another six for it to land on my doorstep. Nevertheless, yesterday the postman rang our bell and brought a letter to my Mum and my package. I must confess I almost ripped the envelope out of the hands of said postman and looked at him with adoration for the rest of the time as if he was some heavenly courier. :-)

They came in a fat yellow envelope and all seven pots were rolled up in a piece of brown paper. There was also a color chart of all of EM's make-up (entirely useless in my opinion) and an invoice.

Just like the title says, I'm a convert. There's still much to be learned about mineral make-up (Like hell am I gonna blame EM for my own clumsiness!) but I can already see why women love it so much. It feels as if I had nothing on my face and gives a porcelain finish. And the way it blends... *le sigh* True, it does not conceal some zits of the more monstrous kind (I haven't been eating enough dietary supplements lately...) but it evens out my skin tone and I can imagine that when I finally manage to get rid of my zits (in a few weeks' time) my face will look just lovely.

I had almost managed to get the colors right too when I ordered them: as it turned out, my skin is lighter than I had thought so I had to put away the darkest shade I ordered ('Medium Beige Neutral'). 'Fairly Light' seems to work for now but next time I'm ordering a few shades from the 'Olive' range because my skin tone is more sort of yellowish and there's a hint of green in it too. (No, I don't look like Mr. Spock in real life... Although I love that character to death. Yep, I'm a nerd. :-)

I have yet to master the use of the 'Mint Concealer' however: it does show up slightly green on my skin although, at the same time, it manages to tone down the redness of my zits.

The blush ('Deep Wine') is gorgeous and very economical too: it's a very deep and dark red and also very pigmented which means I only need to use a few specks of it to give both my cheeks a beautiful flushed color. I'm in love...

The two eye-shadows are very subtle and shimmery at the same time: the shimmer does not show up during daytime under natural light (it's kind of cloudy and grey here in Hungary) but it looks brilliant under artificial light. I bet it will also sparkle like crazy when the Sun finally comes out of hiding in March and all through the summer of course. 'Spin Cycle' is a pretty baby pink with lots of iridescent shimmer in it while 'Baby Bath' is a lovely beige with golden shimmer. Actually, I think the latter one is the perfect gold eye-shadow for me: subtle, not yellow at all, but still has a definite gold sheen.

Here are two shots just for you to see how big the sample sizes are. I put them next to a tube of St Ives Apricot Scrub the size of which most women are familiar with I assume. I'll post real swatches next time; the lighting is terrible right now.


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*le sigh* I love that. LOL! I'm dabbing into minerals a bit so I don't know much about them yet but you're right....they are a dream on your face. Love your reviews! Have a fab weekend!

Thank you Divine!

I can see an entire year ahead of me filled to the brim with EM mineral make-up and brushes! :-D

You too, honey!

oh, I would like to try them.
Maybe it should make me less lazzy about make-up.


I'm so happy to hear they work for you!


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