Everyday Minerals Glosses (Plum Dust, Cozy Night, Girl's Day)  

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I say it's time to finally get back to reviewing my EDM stuff. I got so many things many months ago, and still haven't showed them to you.

Today I'm going to talk about the three Everyday Minerals lip glosses I now own: Plum Dust, Girl's Day and Cozy Night. I actually reviewed Plum Dust a while ago, but I find that the change of season really does make a difference in the feel of the product, so now I'm going to discuss it again briefly.


I've already discussed this gloss in a previous post, but I'd like to add a few things now that I've been using it for a few months.

Back in March, when I first reviewed this lippie, my lips were still trying to recover from the abuse that the fierce winter wind and central heating subjected them to. (And let's not forget about the not-so-gentle spring wind either.) Hence their dryness, which kept me from being able to truly appreciate Plum Dust. Now that my lips are in a relatively good condition (no chapping, cracking and the like) I will say that it really is a very nice everyday color worth investing into.

The weather is pretty warm nowadays which softens the formula quite a bit, so now, also thanks to the smooth surface of my lips, I can apply this gloss in a relatively thick layer and get a subtle gloss and a very pretty neutral color at the same time.

All in all, I like Plum Dust lip gloss a lot better now than I did 3 months ago, but I still prefer wearing the next lippie when I step out onto the street. :-)


I may have hinted in a previous post that I've found my HG lip product, and alas, I have. :-)

It's called Cozy Night, and I love it to pieces! Even after using up 3 tins of my almost-HG-but-not-quite LUSH Chocolate Whipstick (would have been perfect, but for the faint color), I am still willing to forgive the oil-paint smell and the lack of flavor because of the miracle this stuff performs on my lips.

Consistency-wise it's a lot more solid than Plum Dust and a lot less prone to melting and smudging everywhere. Big thumbs up for that.

Packaking-wise, I have only two words to say: "hygeeeeene" and "practicality". (I'm never buying a lip product in a pot ever again...)

When it comes to its moisturizing factor and the general feel of it on my lips, I think it performs just about perfectly. I haven't had dry or chapped lips since I started using this gloss/balm (whatever it is...), although I read some ladies complaining about the castor oil it contains and how that may dry out one's skin. (It is possible I think, after all in the Oil Cleansing Method castor oil is used together with olive oil exactly for its deep-cleansing and drying properties. The oilier your skin is, the more castor oil you should mix into your blend of cleansing oil.)

And finally, the color. Oh the color... As if all the things I said above weren't enough, this stuff manages to nail down perfectly how to give my lips that oh-so-desired my-lips-but-better look. In can be layered on sheer, and then its intensity is perfect for creating a sophisticated look for work, but it can also be applied in a thick layer, in which case it becomes a beautiful, glossy brownish-red, more suitable for a date or a get-together with friends.

Yes, it is the kind of red which has a bit of brown in it to make it warm and natural. Just the kind of color Bobbi Brown would (or has already) come up with. :-)

Let me add, however, that its effects might vary depending on how pigmented your lips are. Mine are fairly pigmented most of the time, so I'm perfectly happy with this gloss. However, ladies with lighter lips might find this a bit too dark for their liking. (As some of them already have, judging by reviews on Makeup Alley.)


Wow, this gloss is pigmented all right! I would actually go as far as to call this a lipstick; it's such an intensive brick-red when I apply it to my lips in the usual way. This one is the thickest of the three glosses I own by Everyday Minerals and the one that I use the least often, simply because I don't usually consider my looks good enough to be able to pull this off. When I do use it, however, I just apply a very thin layer: one swipe is just about enough, and then I press my lips together to disperse the color evenly. What I get then in a light orangey/peachy tint on my lips which actually looks great and livens up my entire complexion.

It does have golden sparkles in it, but they're so finely milled and blend in so well with the color of the gloss that they're practically unnoticeable once you put the stuff onto your lips.

Girl's Day is NOT recommended for ladies with a light complexion, but I think that women with tanned skin or olive undertones (and women of color in general) might learn to love this gloss a lot and find a good use for it.

What's you HG lip product? And also, if you own any of the three glosses I talked about here, please share your opinion of them. :-)  

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I soaked up every word in this review like a sponge! They all look so pretty except the last one was a tad too bright for my liking. I've been holding back on EDM purchases but so many things are calling my name hehe.

x Grayburn


Indeed! :-)


Aww, that's good to hear. :-) I'm about to order some new stuff too, especially from the new lip glosses and maybe a blush or two, and eyeshadows; stuff that probably won't make me break out.
(Although, when it comes to eyeshadows, Pure Luxe is far superior, especially when I use their Eraser as a primer. Will review soon!)

Girl's Day is not my favorite either: I can only wear it if I mix it with Cozy Night. That way it's really beautiful.


Izar, darling, sorry for being a bit away, but you know...
How are thing, hope great, and what about holidays?

Don't know why but when I saw these pictures I felt like give them a bite LOL

Really nice and pretty stuff.

Love darling.



Yeah, I imagine they might look like sweet lollipops to some. :-D

Thanks, I'm doing all right. My 2 week holiday has just started so I'll have time to revamp my blog and do some other fun things. And rest, of course. :-)

It's okay dear, spend as much time with your sis and goddaughter as you can! Have fun!


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