My Third Everyday Minerals Haul (with Swatches)  

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First, I would like to thank you for the compliments I got for my pictures of Everyday Minerals makeup. It means a lot to me, and I'm very glad I can actually contribute a bit to "the cause". ;-)

Again, it took Everyday Minerals 5 days to pack my order and send it out (plus the usual 7 days for it to arrive) but I guess I'm okay with that as long as the package itself is intact and arrives safely to me.

(From left to right: Sky Blue Concealer, Olive Medium Semi Matte, Golden Medium Semi Matte, Light Olive Matte, Chit Chat Blush)
Nice, big pictures await those who click on the small ones. :-D


(L-to-R: Olive Medium, Golden Medium, Light Olive)

Olive Medium
(Semi Matte)

This one will probably be best in the summer. Right now it is way too dark, but I tend to become very pale during winter so I think I'll be able to use this then, perhaps mixed with a bit of Light Olive.

Golden Medium
(Semi Matte)

Way too yellow... I guess this would be perfect for Asian skin tones, but I think my Mum could use this as well as her skin has much stronger yellow undertones than mine. Not that I could ever convince her to use makeup, of course... :-)

Light Olive (Matte)

There's not much difference really between the two formulations (Semi Matte and Matte) when it comes to their shade although I heard that they tend to differ. I'll also be using this when I get a bit of tan as it's just a tad bit too dark on its own right now. (I usually mix this shade with Olive Fair in equal parts)

Left: Light Olive Matte
Right: Light Olive Semi Matte


A little while ago Grayburn advised me to choose a peach/apricot blush that would match my olive skin tone. I heeded her advice but was a little reluctant to try something really peachy (those usually don't work so well with my skin tone) so I ordered Chit Chat which, according to the EM website, is a "light pink with soft rosy sparkle" but which also seemed to me as a kind of warm pink, almost on the peachy side but not quite. I've never had an actual pink blush in my life, and this seemed to be the perfect opportunity to try one.

When I first applied it onto the back of my hand it turned out to be a lovely strawberry shade with lots of silver sparkle (yeah, I know, very different from the official description) and I was a bit unsure if it would really look good on my skin. Once I put it on, however, it turned out that even though it's far from the shade my cheeks turn into when I blush, it gives them a lovely glow and makes me look less hypoxemic. ;-)

Thank you, dear Grayburn!


I got this one for a friend of mine who's a bit of a tanning freak and often needs something to counter the orangy tones one gets from self tanners and tanning beds. (I try and try to dissuade her from baking herself alive every single week but I have yet to see any results...) Anyway, we ended up dividing the contents of this corrector because even though I have absolutely no need for this, I found that a little bit on my eyelids somehow gives ma eyes a more awake and refreshed look. Strange, I know, but it just does.

My friend did put this on her face just to see what happens and I must say that Sky Blue Corrector does just what it promises to: her face lost that orangy tint and took up a fairly healthy shade instead. I guess this works just as well as the Mint Concealer does, about which I wrote in this post.


All in all, I'm very happy with my third haul, but I would still like to experiment with the foundation formulas (I'd love to try Original Glo and Intensive in the two shades I use). I would also like to try a bronzer: probably Sparkle Bronzer as, according to MUA, the chances of ending up with an orangy tint to my face are the lowest with this particular bronzer. Also, I crave Sunlight Concealer because I hope it will get rid of my under eye circles for me. After that, I guess I'll order full sized versions of what I like so far, and also get my hands onto some brushes and a lip color or two to make me happy. :-)

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Oh hello Izar! I'm so glad that the blush worked out for you :) You did good picking a suitable color for yourself. I must say that is a gorgeous color!

Thanks for sharing these swatches with us (sometimes the swatches on the EM site is so hard to tell!).


Hi Grayburn!

I'm glad I took your advice. Maybe next time I'll brave a truly peachy shade. They are gorgeous, I was just afraid of them a bit, as most of them end up looking orange on my cheeks after a while.

I read that the EM site will soon go under major reconstructions and there will actually be photos of the products. I hope they'll be good ones, but I guess anything in better than what we have now. :-)

Hi dear, I'm glad that you're ok, despite your teeth problems.
Oh, I'm dying to know your March plans, but I'm sure that you're a girl to manage things all right.

Again great stuff.
The picture with the blush applied it onto the back of your hand looks great and I think the blush is really well with your skin. Good choice.

Keep in touch sweetheart.



That's it. Because of you, I am definitely going to be ordering from Everyday Minerals in the near future. My only concern is choosing the right color. Ugghhhh.....any suggestions?


Thanks dear! I hope I'll be able to put those plans into action: it seems I may start teaching soon, but I won't say that anything is certain at this point: nothing seems to be that lately...

Oh well, the weather's really nice (18 °C and blazing sunshine!) but I really need to find a job soon or else I'll go mad.

Divine Blackness:

Unfortunately, it seems to me that their selection of foundation shades suitable for women of color is seriously lacking. I would definitely try Deep Tan if I were you as it seems to be the darkest shade they have right now.

The good news are (there's two, you see) that 1.) they will soon have actual photos of all their products on the website, and 2.) they are planning to introduce more shades specifically aimed at black women.

For now, I would advise you to order a Free Sample Kit and select the three darkest foundation shades. You can always order another such kit if you want to experiment further. I've already ordered 3 and am planning to order a fourth. About the finish: depends on what kind of coverage you want. Perhaps the Intensive might not be such a good idea as it can't be layered easily. (Well, it can, but looks a bit too matte for my taste.) All I know is that I like Semi Matte the best for reasons I already mentioned in my post.

When it comes to blushes and eye shadows, I think you're free to experiment: they have truly gorgeous shades. One thing or two though: other women have said it already that ligher shades of EM's blushes don't show up on dark skin tones very well, and I can safely say they're right after having had the chance to give some of their blushes a closer look. I'm not sure about the eye shadows though: for me, darker shades work quite well, while light ones just don't show up (and I have a light skin tone, mind you) but perhaps if you foil them, they might turn out to be more intensive. Considering their price though, I guess it's easy to experiment with them and the Mini Eyeshadow Kit is a great way to save some money too. (10 mini e.s. for 18$ instead of 25$) Do try In the Garden though: it's just too good to pass up and it would look great on you!

I really hope I could help you some and that you will like this brand. I know I'm anything but an expert as I haven't tried any other mineral makeup yet, but I truly am grateful for their products. They really make a difference.

I wish you lots of luck in finding things you like, and if you have any questions just let me know. As always, I'd be glad to help you. ^_^

Lots of love,

Ohhh, booo...I'm often running into this trouble with mineral make-up. They don't seem to offer colors for us tanned folx. But thanks so much for givin' me high hopes. I'm going to get a Free Sample Kit and see how that works. And you are too an expert. I trust beauty bloggers any day over websites and sales persons. We are the real gurus.

Peace and love, Izar!

Hey Izar,
Okay maybe a true peach will not be so good but a pink/peach? Have a look at Nars orgasm blush and you'll know what I mean. That blush is seriously universally flattering!

Weekend is almost here!


I'll definitely try something like that next time. I think I've already ordered every blush I was truly curious about (and that also felt like a safe choice), so now I can experiment a bit. And it looks like I'm starting work next week (I only have one group of students so far but it'll build up soon) which means that I'll actually have some money in the near future for makeup purposes. ;-) Wheee!

Naturally, I can't take a close look at Nars's Orgasm because alas, we don't have that either in Hungary. (This is getting more and more pathetic, by the way: every time I'm practically forced to answer to people trying to help: "Sorry, but I have no idea what you're talking about.") No worries though: I'll hunt down some swatches on the Net and take a look. I've actually done that before, so I have a pretty good idea about what color that particular blush is.

Thank you for your help dear and have a great weekend! (I have a hunch I'll soon learn to value weekends again... :-)


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