My Second Everyday Minerals Haul (with Swatches)  

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Today I finally managed to take some shots of my Everyday Minerals samples. This was my second haul, and I was (and still am) much happier with it than the first. I had managed to find the perfect foundation shade for me (a mix of Olive Fair and Light Olive), the blush is gorgeous and...
Let's just get to the pictures, I'll tell you all about them. ;-)

You can find more swatches on my new Flickr account: I plan to use it to store my swatches on.



(Click on each picture for a much biger one.)

The semi-matte formula suits me much better I think: it might seem at first that it does not give as much coverage as Intensive but whereas I couldn't really layer the Intensive because it made me look chalky and settled into the few wrinkles I have, with the Semi Matte I can layer as much as I like and still won't look artificial, so it actually gives me more coverage than Intensive. Moreover, Semi Matte reflects light much better (more mica I guess) and looks incomparably better in sunlight.

Actually, I've noticed that EM's mineral foundations look best in sunlight: it's as if I had nothing on just had flawless skin! They also look good in artificial light, and look worst when I'm in my room with no other light but what comes in the window.

Olive Fair

Light Olive

Beige Neutral

Intensive Fair Concealer

I made a big mistake by ordering this one. I placed my trust into EM's pictures instead of my own instincts and I ended up with a concealer that is way too light for me. The only thing it's good for is brightening my eye area a bit and covering my under eye circles.



Every time I look at this blush, the word "gemstone" comes to my mind. EM's site says it's "a gorgeous quiet raspberry with dazzling wine shimmer" and that's just what it is: a beautiful raspberry sorbet shade. Despite that, this is a cool toned blush, but only just: the wine shimmer makes it more neutral in my opinion. I don't think my photos do this one justice; you really have to see it up close to be able to appreciate it.



Cherry Fizz

Right. I really have to stop buying pink eye shadows. Yes, they're beautiful but after a while they just get boring. Now don't misunderstand me, this shadow is absolutely gorgeous: has an insane amount of sparkle and it's a really nice shade. It's just that I can't really do anything with it. I think that it's better for me to wear this as a blush or a lip color: it makes my eyes look as if I had just cried. Still, I don't regret ordering it: it will make for a lovely blush and shimmer powder in the spring and summer.

InThe Garden

Holy... I knew there was a reason why so many gals on MUA love this stuff!!! It's the most complex and most beautiful shade I've ever come across, and the prefect eye shadow for me to create a smoky eye with. It has green and rosy pink shimmer in it too, though I think it's more sort of multicolored and the green and pink stand out the most.

If I apply it wet, it's mostly like an antique bronze shade. Applied dry and with a brush it's more sort of steely metallic with just a hint of brown. I like to apply it with my fingers best though: it makes it look foiled, and this way it has an equal mix of grey and antique bronze in it which I just love!

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Wow! In the Garden looks so pretty!!!

I love how your pictures always turn out. They show the flecks of sparkles in the makeup swatches so well!


Grayburn is right. Your quality of mineral make-up pictures are the best! I soooo can't wait to start making some hauls in the mineral make-up department. I've been using Bare Minerals but am shopping around. How Bare Minerals mineral face make-up comparable to Everyday Minerals? Any suggestions?

Hi Izar :)
Long time no talk.
Is everything ok? Hope so.
Great stuff you've showed us.


It's the prettiest eyeshadow I've ever seen! I can only imagine what a lovely FOTD you could make using this! ^_^


Thank you dear! I alway take pictures when the sun shines through my window and illuminates the makeup: that way it's more natural and true to life. Though that means I can't immediately show them to you 'cause I have to wait until the weather is nice. :-)

Divine Blackness:

I'm blushing and I don't even have makeup on. ^_^ Thank you dear!

I'm sorry to say that so far I haven't had the chance to try Bare Minerals so I really cannot compare the two. The only thing I know is that Bare Minerals contains bismuth oxychloride, which is definitely something to stay away from, in my opinion. It's a potential skin irritant according to many sources.

The only thing I can say is that I personally would stay away from this brand and any other which contains BO.


Thank you, dearest, I'm okay, I just had a serious case of fanfictionitis: found a piece of Harry Potter fanfiction that's captured my heart and glued me to the screen day and night. Also, my teeth had been misbehaving: crowns and bridges moving away from each other which needed to be corrected immediately. I'll be back soon with more stuff. In fact, I have great plans for March, but we've yet to see if I can manage them. *blushes*

Love you very much! ^_^

I also have In the Garden and I feel the same way about this color. It's definitely my favorite.

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