Bourjois Rouge Connection Lipstick Swatches  

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I know, I know... I should just go and take shots of birds, sunsets and pretty flowers instead of bugging you with my swatches. But I can't help it, I enjoy taking pics of my make-up sooo much and the weather outside is lousy anyway...

Oh, by the way, this going to be totally random, but there's a rumor on my favorite Hungarian women's forum that there might just be a chance that we'll have The Body Shop in Hungary after all. Some ladies decided to take matters into their own hands and planning to fly over to NYC to start negotiating with the folks at TBS. There's another rumor, however, according to which a Russian company has already bought the franchise and will bring TBS to Hungary in 2009, aaand everything will be insanely expensive...

Okay, I'm at a total loss when it comes to business and trading (I'm an arts graduate, after all... :-) so I don't exactly understand all this, especially why the fact that the franchise belongs to a Russian company would make the products so expensive, but whatever... I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hope that the above mentioned ladies succeed in the end.

Okay, let's move on to the Bourjois Rouge Connection Lipstick Swatches. About a year ago there was this huge discount on Bourjois products and I managed to "swipe" quite a lot of stuff for ridiculously low prices. (Think 3 USD for a lipstick or gloss and 1.5 for a nail polish.) That's when I bought these lovely lippies too, and they've been my favorite ever since. (Right after the glosses, of course: those are the absolute winners.) These lipsticks have a nice, smooth texture, a pleasant smell, and thankfully they're not matte like those from the Pour la Vie line. (I have several of the latter kind too, but I need to use them with a lipbalm underneath.)

If you click on the piccy, you'll get a much bigger picture this time. ;-)

Oh, by the way, the lipsticks don't have names, just numbers.



This is one of my favorites, but I can only use it sparingly because it's a very cool toned color. It's a pearly dark mauve with tons of green shimmer (and a hint of gold), and even though it probably sounds strange, it works. I've actually found that I tend to like anything that has green shimmer in it.

Question to those ladies who are familiar with MAC lipsticks: does MAC have anything with green shimmer? I only have this one tube of no. 30 and I'd like to know if I'd be able to find something similar when I run out. MAC seems to be the obvious place to look first as they have so many shades, but if you know of another brand which offers something similar then don't hesitate to tell me. :-)


This one's close to my heart too: a beautiful coral red infused with gold shimmer. Perfect for spring and summer.



I can't exactly decide what kind of color this is: I'd probably go for brick at first sight with lots of gold shimmer again, but when I smudged it on my skin it had a slightly pinkish tone... It also had swirls in it...



A dark, chocolate brown with bronze shimmer. I can only wear this mixed with something else or use a thin layer of it over lipbalm.


A rosy red with mauve shimmer. Not one of my favorites but I'm sure it could look great on other ladies.



I love this. Period. It's basically a stick of pink and gold glitter which makes it very versatile. I normally don't wear glittery, shimmery things in the winter (What's the point? It doesn't really show up anyway...) but in the summer I used this on my lips, my eyelids and my cheeks too, and even put some on my shoulders and decolleté. This little wonder product is reason enough for me to await the summer. :-)



Okay, this one's definitely weird. When I picked this up in the store I was really happy to have found a nice matte hazel lipstick. Boy, do store lights deceive us or what... I brought this home and realized that it's anything but matte: has gold and rosy shimmer in it. Also, it's not exactly hazel, but a kind of toned-down brick red with a bit of brown in it. Urgh, does that even make sense?
I don't use this very often either...

I did some other swatches of Bourjois glosses a while back, you can find them here:

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Take care, girls! :-)

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I'm actually eyeing that No. 9 one and hope to see it in the stores when I go shopping this weekend. It looks like a nice one to do the "stained-lips" look which I'm totally into right now!

Btw, I have received the minerals and I'm so looking forward to trying them but haven't had the chance yet. I'm at the moment exhausted from fashion week but I promise to share my opinions soon!


Woooow, what beautiful swatches. I would actually wear each and every one of those colors. *wipes drool* Thanks for sharing!

Oh dear... I love love all of your lipsticks. I wish I have them also, because of the colours. I like to switch beetwen lipsitck colours according to the colours I'm wearing in clothes.


Wow, i really like these pictures, although i'm not so much into lipsticks. which camera do you use?

Finally finished the handbag tag...

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