(The Long Awaited) Fourth Everyday Minerals Haul + Swatches  

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Obviously I haven't blogged in ages and I haven't even shown you my latest and biggest Everyday Minerals haul which arrived more than two weeks ago (Heavens, has it really been two weeks???) even though I've been dying to.

Which can only mean one thing.

Yup, I've finally got a job! Yaaaaaay!!!

I work as an English teacher for a language school which sends out teachers to companies. I teach both plain and business English, but I only have 9 classes so far (each being one and a half hours long). I'd need at least twenty a week in order to be able to make a decent living and move out, but both client managers I work with promised to give me more classes soon so that's okay.

Oh and guess what: it's 20 °C degrees here in Hungary (= 68 Fahrenheit degrees) and on Sunday my Mum and I made a small trip to your summer cottage where I actually acquired a tan! For the first time since fall I don't look like a wraith...

In other news: I'm now listening to my favorite songs with my brand new Sennheiser HD 555 headphones. The old one (a Panasonic) finally broke about two months ago and I've been planning to get Sennheiser headphones for ages to eventually replace the Panasonic so I'm really happy my parents bought it for me for my B-Day. It's comfortable, its sound quality is amazing and it doesn't intensify the bass range so much as to dim the singer's voice. I love it! This is what it looks like in real life: the HD 555 on Wiki. It has a slight golden coloring instead of being completely steel gray (or black) which I also love: it's very elegant and unique.

Now, onto the fun stuff!

Here's a reminder of what I ordered from Everyday Minerals about three weeks ago. (By the way, I was very happy with EM's packaging time: they sent my package out mere hours after I had placed my order.)

I got my makeup in a small box, most of which was filled with squiggly paper stripes: that's a good thing as it means that all the stuff at the bottom was kept secure and didn't roll around the box during its way here. The jars were rolled up in paper as usual, and of course some of them had leaked during the journey and my first job was to secure the lids and clean up any spilled dust that had found its way out of the jars. (Again, as usual...)

Altogether I can say that I'm very happy with the stuff I got, although there were some surprises (both kinds, I guess) most of which are probably my fault.
Also, I didn't take shots of the foundations because they're the same colors (Olive Fair and Light Olive) as before.

Oh, by the way, I'm very disappointed that Chit Chat has been discontinued by Everyday Minerals. It's a truly beautiful blush and I was actually planning to order a 2.5 g size jar of it next.

My previous Everyday Minerals posts with swatches:

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And now, without further ado:


I so knew I would love this! :-) It's soft and smooth, glides on easily and moisturizes my lips very nicely. Color-wise I still think it's a bit pale for me (or maybe it's just that this particular shade doesn't go well with olive skin), leaning slightly to the pink side and somewhat covering the natural color of my lips, but I enjoy using it every day and prefer it to my colorless Alverde lip-balm. Yes, I'm comparing it to my lip-balm because that's what it really is: a balm instead of real lip-gloss. It can be glossy if you apply it very thickly and thoroughly, but I don't really like doing that as I like to keep things sheer and make them work with my own natural tones. (= The color of my lips in this case.)

You might want to be careful about where you apply it to though: this will probably emphasize the cracks and creases if your lips are very chapped.

Next time I think will try Copper and Girl's Day.


"A deeper bronze color with a fine hint of sparkle.
Ideal for light to tan complexions." /EM/

Everyday Minerals offers three bronzers, a very light matte shade (Soft Bronzer), a medium shade (Everyday Bronzer, also matte), and this one, Sparkle Bronzer, a dark, and let's face it, very sparkly, bronzer. I think I could actually use this as an eye-shadow, what with all the iridescent shimmery bits it contains. When I first tried this (that was when I was still as pale as a ghost) I thought I wouldn't be able to use this: it seemed so dark and shimmery. Things have changed since then, however, and now I'm pretty sure that this will look great in the summer when I have a much darker tan (or have a tan at all) and if I apply it with a light hand. You see, it's really amazing how big a difference a slight change in my skintone makes. :-)

(About the pictures: they're quite big when you click on them, and I also decided to take an unfocused shot of each that contains shimmer because that way you can see much better what color the shimmer is and how much there is in the product.)


"An irresistible pale plum with delicate silver sparkle and russet sheen.
Wonderful for day and evening wear." /EM/

This blush is somewhat similar to Photo Album in that it's a cool mauvey shade too, but while PA has slight raspberry-ish tones and looks as if it has a teensy-weensy bit of red in it, this looks purely mauve in the jar.

However, after I've buffed it into my skin, it changes color a bit and gives my cheeks a very nice and natural tint which doesn't look artificial or lilac at all. I think I can safely say that I made a good choice when I ordered Cookie Sheet.


"Soft autumn pink and rose shade.
Matte to pearl finish.
Ideal for fair to medium complexions." /EM/

Now this one really gives me a nice healthy farm girl look and while it's very a beautiful blush (Just look at the photos, it's gorgeous!) unfortunately, my skin does not take well to this kind of shade. When I blush naturally my cheeks have a deep, slightly mauvey glow and that's the complete opposite of Apple. I wish, oh how I wish, that I could use this as it's such a lovely color but alas, I can't.

It does have a tiny amount of fine shimmer in it ("pearl finish"), just enough for it to light your face up and make it glow a bit.

By the way, do check out Grayburn's post on her Everyday Minerals stuff if you want to read more about this color, Cookie Sheet and several other great products.


"A warm rosy blush and face color
that adds just the right amount of natural color to your complexion.
Ideal for fair to medium skintones." /EM/

I didn't want another Deep Wine (a sample size should last me a lifetime and it's too terracotta for me anyway) but since I ordered a Plum Dust Lip Gloss I wanted to try its blush version and I've been curious long enough to finally decide to order this in my Free Sample Kit.

No regrets here at all. In fact, this has turned out to be one of my favorite blushes from EM. It has much less terracotta (if any) than Deep Wine, it's lighter too, and gives my cheeks a bit of that healthy farm girl look mentioned above without making them look fake. (Fake in the sense that Apple does not look natural on me!)

It's warm and it's rosy, so basically it's everything I want from a blush! :-)
Note to self: order a 2.5 g size just in case it disappears!


"Perfect for the under-eye area.
Reduces the appearance of dark under-eye circles and puffiness." /EM/

I'm not impressed with this concealer. For a couple of hours after application this does cover up dark circles under my eyes but then it just turns cakey and it's not very difficult to spot that I'm wearing concealer instead of sleeping enough.

Maybe I'll use it as an eye shadow: it's sheer but lightens up my eyes.


"An elegant medium taupe color with a silky matte finish." /EM/

I've been wanting a true matte taupe eye shadow for ages so after I got to know EM I jumped at the opportunity and ordered myself one. It's nice, but you should use it with a light hand otherwise it'll end up being too dark and having more pink/rose/orange/terracotta (Pick one.) than you'd expect a true taupe to possess. Still, it's the obvious choice on days when you don't want any flashy sparkles and just want to look professional.

I guess I could say that my quest for the perfect taupe eye shadow continues. (Any tips where I could find one? :-)


"A timeless soft lavender with a smooth hint of shimmer
that goes well with all skin types as well as moods." /EM/

I ordered this because:

  1. I have greenish brown eyes and purples, lilacs and violets are the best if you want to bring out the green in your eyes,
  2. I wanted a lighter such shade beside Starry Eyed and Shopping Spree (mentioned below, both having purple undertones),
  3. I've never had a lavender colored eye shadow before and I was in a very daring mood at the time I placed my order.

Most likely Diary shall remain my one and only lavender colored eye shadow, not because it's so amazing (it's very pretty though), but because I now know why I've never purchased one until now. Diary itself is actually a beautiful shade with tons of golden sparkles but I just don't think this particular shade does anything for me (or my eyes). Nevertheless, I'm pretty sure I'll be wearing it during the summer. (It doesn't make me look worse after all.) Again, you see, this would look so much better on tanned skin.


"A rich dark brown with a beautiful collection of silver sparkle
that makes for a wonderful eye shadow
for those extra special days or
a night out with friends or family." /EM/

Starry Eyed is, in my opinion, for dark skinned women as it is a very dark brown with bluish shimmer that would look stunning on women of color or tan eyelids. Even darker than In The Garden so I can only use this sparingly even as an eyeliner.


"A deeper plum rose shade with an enchanting emerald sheen." /EM/

Now this is interesting: when I first visited EM's website I instantly fell in love with this particular eye shadow. I mean, come on: plum-rose with emerald shimmer! That'd go so well with my eyes and would probably bring out the green in it perfectly.

The only reason I hadn't ordered this until three weeks ago was that every time I was about to add it to my shopping cart I chickened out thinking it would be too dark/too flashy/too bold/to weird/too whatever.

When I first opened the jar, sprinkled some on the lid and applied it to my lids I was like: "So it is flashy, weird, sparkly and lots of other things too. So it's officially only meant to be worn on nights out or parties. Right... So WHO THE HELL CARES???? I want the biggest jar EM can offer and I want it now!!!"

Yeah, I loved it that much and I still do. :-) It's one of the most intriguing shades I've ever come across, one that definitely cannot be found at makeup counters. In the pot, it looks gray and matte, but once you sprinkle some onto the lid of the jar you notice the sparkles, and when finally you apply it to your skin it is in full glory and becomes the eye shadow Everyday Minerals promised to send you: a beautiful dark "plum-rose shade with emerald sheen". You can actually distinguish lots of plum-rose colored particles if you look close enough, and it's even visible on the third picture below.

On my eyelids it looks like a plummy taupe with those lovely emerald sparkles to top it all off.

I simply couldn't capture its beauty on photos and I'm sorry about that but I urge anyone who is planning to order from Everyday Minerals to give it a go.

Check out all my Everyday Minerals related posts too to see more swatches and read about them.


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22 megjegyzés

Oh, I'm so glad about your job :D *hug*

Dear you did such a good work with this post...
Thank you for all that information.
I must read it once again to absorb more.

(I'm going to try to e-mail you, but I'm short of time, so sorry sweety, but about the draw don't worry I can understand all)


hello! Congratulations on your new job and happy belate birthday! I was starting to wonder when we'll see this birthday EM haul :) But the wait was well worth it because this is a stellar post. I actually think that all of the shadows (especially the lavender one) will work for me. Oh no, you're tempting me hehe! That bronzer looks muddy...does it blend nicely though? Btw, if you feel like spending money on all sorts of different colors of eyeshadows, check out shespace. i've just placed an order with them and it took me a good hour to pick out what i want (the shipping is cheap and the prices are good as well)! I'll post about the quality etc when I get them, so pls check back!

Take care love and lots of luck with teacherhood,



Well, it took a while to complete this post, but I enjoyed it a lot. :-) I'm glad you like it!

Lots of love,


I was sooo deperate to write it but I was completely distracted this past few weeks. I'm glad you like it though, I did try to make it a bit better than my usual posts: after all, these wonderful products deserve it. :-)

I eagerly await your opinion on them so do tell us if you order them. (Ain't I a devil...? :-D )
Anyway, you tempted me back, because I'm loving all those colors on Shespace, and I will definitely order some when I get paid. Shipping truly is great there, and the range of colors.. wow! So thanks for calling my attention to their website: I actually knew about them but somehow I never got around to checking them out.

Thanks for stopping by!



Oh, about the bronzer:

What you can see on the picture is a much heavier layer than I would put on my face, obviously because I wanted the bronzer to show up on the pic. Also, this bronzer is definitely not for fair skinned women, so I too will only use it during the summer when I usually acquire a medium strenght tan. That way I don't have to use too much.

I've just applied it to my face and palm to see if it looks muddy, but I don't think it does. It gives both of them a very nice bronzey-coppery tint that will look even better on tanned skin.

True, I was a bit silly of me to immediately order it in a mini size (2.5 gramms)and not a sample size even though it would have been advisable as it is such a risky (=dark) color.

Also, thanks for all your well-wishes dear, they made me very happy. *hug*

izar there you are!

I look my bookmarks and couldn't find you for the longest ;)

I just relinked you on my site!

Beautiful haul of minerals ;)

maybe we can get an FOTD?

hehe :)

Love ya!

Thanks dear, both for the link and the comment!

About the FOTD: I've been thinking about it for a while now but I haven't reached a decision yet. I don't think I'm brave enough to show my face on the Internet yet. We'll see... ^_^

Love you too,

Hello. This post is likeable, and your blog is very interesting, congratulations :-). I will add in my blogroll =). If possible gives a last there on my blog, it is about the Telefone VoIP, I hope you enjoy. The address is http://telefone-voip.blogspot.com. A hug.

Hello! Yes you have snuck it in nicely and gently encouraged me to get some more EMs hehe! I'll be heading over to Canada next month for a trip and will order some from there since the shipping is cheaper! But then whilst I'm there, there will be so many things to try (things that we always hear about on the internet but aren't available in europe).

It's really lovely to hear that you're teaching. I can imagine you as such a cool teacher who knows and wears makeup!

take care,

Haha, I do hope you'll like them!

Oh you're so incredibly lucky to be visiting Canada and trying all that stuff that's not available here! I swear I'll hide in your suitcase and smuggle myself in. :-D

Yeah, I'm sort of relieved and excited at the same time: finally I have a job and finally I can look forward to the future and start planning my life alone. :-D

Thanks for the visit, it's always so great to hear from you! *hug*


haha, that would be so great to open my suitcase and there you are, popping out!

Enjoy your journey towards getting a place of your own and independence. I know how tough it can be so try to enjoy whenever you can.

hope you had a good weekend,

Hi there!
We actually have one more thing in common - the love of Bourjois lipglosses. :-)
In fact I came across your blog when I was browsing internet for some reviews of this brand - it's really nice, right? :-)


Yeah, the toughest part is actually making enough money to realize my dreams but there certainly are moments to enjoy. :-)

Thank you dear!

Someone Loving:

I'm not surprised: my Bourjois posts and my Everyday Minerals swatches bring the most visitors and I'm certainly glad you landed here too. ^_^

Just the other day I was thinking that it's high time I revamped my Bourjois lipgloss swatches: the ones I currently have on my blog were made with my scanner (How awful, I know...) and now that I have a camera I should take shots and provide my dear visitors with better pictures. :-) I'll get to it soon!

Hey there...I found your blog when I was trying to search for 1 place that has all the swatches for Everyday Minerals. And I'm gald I landed on your blog! It would be great if you did a FOTD or tutorials cos I love seeing how people apply their makeup and the combinations. Keep up the good work!

Hi Anonymous!

I'm glad you landed here too! ^_^ I don't have all the swatches yet, but I'm getting there I think. I have just placed an order for a pretty big haul which will probably arrive next week and then I'll have tons of more product pictures to offer so be sure to check back sometime next weekend. :-)

About the FOTDs: I'm still thinking about them but I'm not sure I'll have the courage to plaster my blog with pictures of myself. ^_^ I'll see what I can do to get around this problem.

Till then, feel free to pop in anytime you wish! ;-)


Hi, I'm lurking on your site now for a couple of weeks but I never left any comment.
I live in Belgium so it's nice to read a blog from somebody who also lives in Europe. Thank's for the pictures of your Everyday Minerals haul. Now I finally decided to place an order and ordered myself a kit and some lipcolors. I'm also, just like you, crazy about Bourjois. I just adore the 3D lipgloss and the blushes.
This summer I'll visit Budapest, really looking forward!

Greetings Rebecca

Hi Becky!

Thank you so much for your kind words! I cherish each and every comment I get and yours is no exception. ^_^

I see we have lots of things in common (EM, Bourjois, both being Europeans) and your blog, which I have just checked out looks very promising with lots of exciting things to come! I hope you'll show us your own EM haul. ;-)

I'm so glad we'll be able to welcome you here in Budapest! I do hope you'll enjoy your stay and come back again!

Now I'm off to your blog to chat with you. :-)

Come by again, I'd love to hear from you! I know I'll be a regular visitor of yours.


hello there can pls some1 help me im pretty new in here and im trying to get the web page of this product they look amazing i was on that site www.everydayminerals.com but dont no where to go lol sound silly but i really want to buy those products so can some1 tell me how to buy this cosmetic i mean the web page thanks

Hey Janny!

In order to be able to shop at Everyday Minerals, you need to register first, which makes shopping easy for you, because you give them your info once, and after, that you can go back to their site, log in, and shop time and time again. I'll try to help you get through this. :-)

First go to their website. (Their address has changed since I wrote this post: I'm going to re-write the link to them in all my posts soon.)

When you are there, take a look at the LOGIN/REGISTER form next to the picture, on the right. It says: "Not yet a member? Register". Click on "Register" and you will be taken to a form where you have to provide some data about yourself. You need to give them your name, a username (can be anything you want), a password (again, you should come up with one), and your e-mail address. Then click on send Registration, and as far as I remember you will receive an e-mail shortly after that, in which there's a link you have to click on to verify your registration.

Then, after all that is done, log in with your brand new and shiny username and password, and on the top right of the page you'll see a list that looks like this:

shopping cart | wishlist | my account | feedback

Go to "my account" and click on Account Information: here you will be able to give them your name and billing address. After you've filled in the form, click "Save" and your information will be stored securely in EDM's database. (Leave "Bank Account Info" empty if you're planning to pay with PayPal!).

After that, you should go to "my account" again and click on Shipping Information and fill that in too.

Then, if all whent well, you should be able to start shopping! :-)

You can view your shopping cart at the top of the page, and when you're done shopping, you just check out. At some stage in the check-out process, you will be able to view each possible shipping option and select the one you think is best (or cheapest) for you. Only after that, will you have to confirm your order.

Also, make sure to visit "Community/Specials" because there's usually a coupon code that will give you a discount if you enter it into the "Enter Discount Code" box in your shopping cart. The current coupon code is "eyekabuki" and it'll give you 7% off the price of your order. (It's valid until August 2nd.)

Whew! I hope I managed to explain everything clearly and that I didn't miss anything, but if you come across an obstacle or have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask me either here in the comments section or send me an e-mail:

shellejenks [@] freemail [.] hu

(Without spaces and brackets, of course. :-))

Good luck and I hope you'll come back and tell us about what you got and how you like them. ^_^


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Sorry for offtopic

hi! i love your posts and reviews on everyday minerals and it even made my urge to buy it even more but unfortunately, they banned shipping here in the Philippines due that a lot of their delivered items were missing... they should think to change their shipping company... they didn't realized that... do you know who sells online on these products?


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