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This fascination with the discounted Bourjois products might slowly be turning into a mania, I'm afraid. You see, I got another three glosses, but can you blame me? Not even my Mother can: she said it's a great bargain, but then she doesn't really know about the 15 glosses silently resting in my make-up bag...

Anyway, here they are, and what lovely spring colors they have:

Pailettes Colorific: It is basically a transparent gloss with some iridescent glitter in it. It gives my lips a nice bluish shimmer, but those pieces of glitter are a bit bigger than I prefer them to be and slightly irritate my lips. Still, it's not too harsh and if one wears it over lipstick the problem ceases to exist. Good buy!

Miel Acrobatic (14): Okay, it's a real miracle that I got this in the first place. You see, the range of available products often changes in that store where I get these, and a few days ago I spotted this shade in the basket full of glosses. You can imagine how happy I was since this was a shade I absolutely fell in love with when I saw it in Marionnaud, and despite owning at least 10 glosses already, I was actually considering buying it because I loved the color so much. Now, however I got to buy it for approximately 3 bucks!

Anyway, this is a lovely shade: almost like Rose Tentation in liquid form (see my previous entry). It's peachy pink with an insane amount of golden shimmer in it, and the whole thing looks amazing in sunshine. The perfect spring lipgloss, so perfect in fact that I can even forgive the slight masking of the basic color of my lips. Get this!

Chair Véridic (14): I went back to the store to actually buy this color after a day of hesitation and I got very disappointed when I saw that they've run of this particular shade. I was about to get sad when I spotted one single number among the many which was not familiar to me: 14. That's right: Chair Véridic. I pulled it out from among the rest and I was really happy to see that I could have this shade after all. Again, this is another peachy pink, but oh so different from Miel Acrobatic: this has got absolutely no shimmer in it (only when you look really closely can you detect a tiny amount), but it has got pigment and is perfect is you want to create that famous smoky-eyes-and-nude-lips look but brown shades don't match your complexion. It looks milky and opaque in the tube but once you out it on, it gives your lips great shine and just enough coverage that a nude look requires. It is just like Béige Théoric, only peach. I love it!

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