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Just when I thought my Bourjois mania was about to come to an end and there would be no more insanely cheap stuff to find and buy... well, I realised that I was badly mistaken because when I dropped in to Schlecker (my fav drugstore ever since it started to give away Bourjois stuff for such little money) I found yet another shade to die for. Make that two, actually.

You see, these two look adorable in real life, it's just that my scanner hates me with such a passion as to produce these ghastly images when scanning. I did try to improve the quality a bit, so now we have the approximate colors of these two beauties.

On the left is Rose Atomic (87) which is my second favourite of the two. It looks quite flamboyant both in the picture and in real life, but do not, I repeat do not, ever let yourselves be fooled by the first look when it comes to Bourjois. I learned that while some glosses tend to look garish on the outside, they are actually very sheer and subtle once we apply them. This is exactly the case with Rose Atomic: first I was appaled by the bright (almost electric) pinkness of it, but then I got curious and took a quick glance at the stuff inside. I was immediately tempted to buy because the gloss itself looked very nice and sheer, and had a transparent quality to it which led me to assume that it will not be harsh on my lips at all.

Well, I did buy it, and boy am I glad I did: it's nothing like what it looks like in the tube! When I put it on, it turned out to be a lovely shade of soft baby-pink which hardly covers the natural color of my lips. It's more of a 'my-lips-but-better-and-in-pink' sort of a gloss, which you can pull off any time of the day. Perfect for a date, for work, for school, or just a walk with your friends.

It seems though that it might not be available anymore, because Bourjois recently revamped their whole make-up line, and discontinued several shades, icluding this one and much more. Basically, anything bearing a number above 20 will not be available anymore which, in my opinion, is not the smartest idea Bourjois has ever had. They discarded so many gorgeous shades I cannot even count on my hand, for example Caramel Ethnic, Ocre Rhythmic, Framboise Excentric (the old one is so much better) or Pailettes Colorific. Those were my absolute favourites!!!

Oh well, let's move on to the nice little tube on the right, which might not seem much, but is actually something stunning and yet low-key and appropriate for any occasion. (You might want to try something more flamboyant for a night out though...) Okay, the name is Miel Fantastic and the number is 94, and yes it's yet another one that will not be available for us rabid Bourjois fans in the future. It's something that is actually very hard to describe: yet again, it is sheer and quite moderate on our lips, but it has a funny twist in the form of incredibly small golden shimmering particles in it which lend this gloss an irresistable charm. It is very hard to detect a base color once we apply it to our lips, but I would say it's got a lucky mix of peach and beige which is actually not 'my-lips-only-better', because my lips have a rosy tone to them, and yet, it gives them a beautiful and fascinating sheen.

I'd say that if you do come across any of these two shades by accident then don't hesitate to try them. It's worth it!

Cheers! :-)


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