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It's been quite a while, but believe me, I haven't been sitting around doing nothing. I actually had some more time and money to hunt down great new products from Bourjois. I have the things I was oohing and aahing about in my last entry, and I also found some discounted (and in some cases, discontinued) lipglosses from my favourite French cosmetics line.

Let's take a look at the more pricey items I got:

This here is the best ever eye-shadow I've ever owned: it is called Rose Tentation and it is a single eyeshadow from their Ombre au Paupiéres line. On the picture the color looks much icier that it actually is: it is a lovely pink shade with lots of fine golden glitter in it, and it looks simply amazing on me and accentuates my greenish brown eyes.


Okay, now this little baby is my other fav.

It's Bourjois' signature blush in shade No 33 called Lilas D'Or (meaning 'Golden Lily'). It's a beautifully warm rose color again with golden shimmer in it. Believe me, it looks great in sunlight and as spring is finally here we have plenty of that.


Let's turn our attention to lipglosses then. From left to right:

Ocre Rythmic (59):
This is such a gorgeous shade of aged gold and it's really not as strong as it looks on the scan. It's more of a light layer of shimmering gold on our lips when we put it on really, and it's a perfectly wearable shade due to its sheerness.

Praline Ludic (17): This here is the bronze one, and it is actually very much like Caramel Ethnic, with the only difference that it has shimmer in it, and is somewhat lighter and more sheer than the caramel colored one.Yet again, we have a wearable shade here which, if we have tanned skin, looks even more fabulous.

Orange Synthetic (8): Good Lord, now this one does look horrific when you look at it both in the picture and in real life. I too was very reluctant to buy it, as I never imagined I would be able to use it. Or anyone, for that matter. However, I read some reviews on MakeupAlley, and was soon convinced that it's not as bad as it looks, it's not harsh at all once we apply it and it looks brilliant in the summer with bronze colored skin.

Rose Cosmic (12): Okay, I'm till not so sure about this one, but it's basically an electric pink, only it's somewhat toned down and gives much less coverage than others of its kind, which is exactly what I perfer. Still, I guess by mixing it with a pink one, I'll be able to create a kind of 'berry' shade that looks good on darker skin.

That's it for today, but I'm planning to get back to Bourjois very soon. Stay tuned! :-)  

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The blushes from Bourjois are some of my favorites as well!

Nice blog!

Yeah, those adorable little pots of color and shimmer... *sigh* :-)

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