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Payday is coming and I'm very excited because I'm planning to buy myself two Bourjois products: a blush and a single eyeshadow. I'm not sure about the shade of the blush yet, but I'm pretty sure it's going to be something with golden sparkles in it. You see, half of Bourjois's range of blushes have golden sparkles in them which makes them oh so adorable, and enables them to illuminate one's complexion and give one's cheeks a lovely spring glow. I cannot wait! I'm thinking about buying Lilas D'Or or Rose De Jaspe, but Rose Ambré and Rose Eclat also seem to be very pretty shades. If I could just decide... Or if I had that much money... But I guess I'll have to wait until my money arrives and then I'll simply have to check all the colors out in the beauty store. However, I'm fairly sure that I'm going to get the eyeshadow in the shade Rose Tentation, which is a lovely pink shade with tons of golden sparkles and a bit of green too to make it fresh and exciting. Well, I'm definitely looking forward to get myself one...

I guess it has become pretty obvious by now that I'm very much in love with this brand. I guess it's because I was lucky enough to get myself lots of things from them for very little money recently and I'm really amazed by the excellent quality of these products. Furthermore, even if I buy them at full price in Marionnaud, it's still extremely good value for so little money. They cost less than L'Oreal products and I find them to be much better than that other French brand which I'm not very fond of (to say the least).

Below are the glosses I own at this point, but I'm planning on buying more because they're so good. The quality of the picture is not so good because this is a scan and not a shot as I don't own a camera, but I think their color still comes through. Let me review them for you briefly.

They are (from left to right):

Caramel Ethnic: My all thime favourite as despite it's look in the lip-gloss wand it is actually a very sheer and natural shade and reminds me of rose hip jam. You don't need to use a lot if you just want a natural look to your lips: in that case the result will be the classic "you lips only better" look. You can use more, but it still won't look plastic-y and artificial, more like as if you had a nice coating of caramel on your lips. I was devastated to see that this shade has been discontinued so I had to stock up and buy myself another one. (Later, in a sudden surge of generosity, I gave that one to my best friend for 12 years. I haven't regretted it one bit, but now I must go and buy myself another one...)

Tomette Exotic: Another discontinued color, and what a shame it is! It has much more pigment in it than the previous one, but it is still a very wearable shade, and if I use very little or mix it with another shade it gives my lips a fresh, bitten kind of look, just the way I like it. The color is mostly like that of a ripe tomato, hence the name, and it has lots of golden sparkles in it which, even after the gloss is gone, will stay on my lips and make them absolutely gorgeous.

Framboise Excentric (98): This one is still available everywhere and if you're looking for a barely-there berry color and wonderfully glossy lips then you won't regret buying this. I know the color looks pretty strong in the pic (just like in real life), but actually it's an unbelievably sheer and light shade once it glides on your lips. I picked this one up on one of my "stocking-up-on-Bourjois-stuff-while-it's-still-so-cheap" shopping sprees, and I was lucky enought to spot and buy the last one available.

Rose Angélic (5): A wonderful spring color, and reminds me very much of the eyeshadow shade I'm about to buy (Rose Tentation): the basic pigment is a pretty rosy-pink, which has lots of added gold shimmer and a little less green in it. Looks brilliant and it can be made sheer if you don't wear that much. Obviously I'm into the not-too-bold look, so I like the fact that these glosses are not too vivid or conspicious. Then again, you might like something else, in which case these glosses may not be for you.

Beige Theoric: As we all know, the nude look is very hot this spring, and women all over the world (but especially in Hollywood) are sporting incredibly smoky eyes and nude, skin-colored lips. Well, if you are aiming for nude lips, what better way to achieve them than using this gloss. It has lots of shine to it, and a bit of pigment too, which is enough to make your lips just a teeny bit less rosy and more pale brown, but not unhealthy pale. Go for it!

Or Euphoric: If you speak French (which I don't) then you'll know that this little baby has something to do with 'gold'. Let me assure you that you are right: it is basically a transparent lip-gloss with lots and lots of golden shimmer in it, making your lips look like that of Cleopatra. It can be used alone, or it can be used as a top coat over your favourite lipstick to give it an extra special ooomph, or you can mix it with another one of these glosses. Have fun experimenting!

Rose Arctic: Again, something I picked up just for the heck of it, but unfortunately I didn't use my brains, eyes, and any commmon sense whatsoever when I chose it. You see, I have brown hair, greenish-brown eyes, and a yellowish skin tone, which makes it pretty clear why I shouldn't be wearing anything like this ever. It's a cool pink with blue shimmer in it, making my complexion look pale and unhealthy. The solution came in the form of my previously mentioned best friend who was more than happy to accept this as a gift, as she is lucky enough to own a pair of lovely blue eyes, long blonde hair and nectar colored skin with a healthy glow. Perfect match!

I hope you enjoyed my little review and maybe even comment. Bye!


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