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Today I decided to put my brand new camera to good use and post swatches of my existing Bourjois eye-shadows and blushes.

Click on the pictures to view a considerably larger version!


33 Lilas D'Or (blush)

It's a universal shade: a gorgeous strawberry red with millions of tiny golden sparkles in it. When Bourjois was absent on the Hungarian market for half a year or so, it was this shade of blush that ladies missed the most.


18 Or Sublime (blush)

This one has a funny story. I saw this back in December and thought this was an eye-shadow because it was placed separately from blushes and it was also a new shade. I very much liked the idea of a peachy shadow infused with rose and golden shimmer but I couldn't buy it as I had no money with me at the time. A few days later I went back, this time actually read the label and found out that this was a blush. I bought it anyway, because I thought I could use it as both an eye-shadow and a blush. Well I can, although it's a pit too "red" for my lids and a bit too orangy on my cheeks, so what I do now is swipe the brush over this one and Lils D'Or and it's simply beautiful! :-) Also, I mix this with Rose Tentation (see next swatches!) and get a gorgeous, peachy pink shade with gold, rose-pink and green shimmer!


34 Rose Tentation (eye-shadow)

This one looks best when used wet. It's a cotton-candy pink with tons of green and gold shimmer.


70 Kaki Étonnant (eye-shadow)

A strange one, as I can never really decide if it's brown or green... But then again, it's most probably green because whenever I wear it, I need to be very careful, otherwise I'll end up with orangy-brown circles around my eyes. Again, this looks better when applied wet and you can bring out the most of it if you pair it with Rose Tentation (you put that one into the inner corners of your eyes).


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You welcome! Glad you enjoyed it, let me know how you like your EDM!

I sure will, Vanessa! :-)

Oh dear... if you saw my make-up purse... you would scream :(
Nice things you have.



I guess we're all into something different: you obviously love to dress (and very nicely, might I add), I live and breathe to try new make-up and cosmetics, while other gals are into jewels or shoes or bags... :-) I guess we all have something we're good at, but it's never too late to venture into a new and unknown territory. Give it a shot! There are lots of beauty blogs to learn from.

Yep I love Bourjois as well :)

Thanks Izar for the support...

hey! i'm a hungaria-gal too, and I also blog in english ;-)
my make-up "artist" should take lessons from you ;-)

I tagged you! Go see what to do.


Hey Chililady!

Nice to meet you! Will check your blog!

I'm not sure I'm that good at make-up but thank you! But I guess that being an amateur artist and loving make-up go nicely together.

Take care and come back soon! *hug*


Thanks Seeker, I'll go now and check it out! :)

Thank you dear for the happy birthday wishes
I’ve apreciated a lot.
kisses and hugs

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