Happy Easter! + Freeman Love :-)  

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Hey girls!

First and foremost, I'd like to wish you a very happy Easter!

I don't exactly have a proper easter bunny to go with my wish, but I can offer up a fluffy easter kitty pretending to be a baby seal. Better than nothing, huh? :-)

Also, guess who's been cheating on her diet... :-D


Recently, while wondering aimlessly in Tesco, waiting for my Mum to finish with her grocery shopping, I spotted something that almost made my heart jump out of my chest.

You should have seen me weaving* my way across the throng of people, quickly and steadily, never losing focus, and approaching my target with deadly precision and determination. And with a sort of half-crazed look on my face too... Must have been a sight to behold.

I am beyond happy to announce that Freeman foot-care products are once more available in Hungary in Tesco stores. So far, I have seen them in two: here and here.

Why's that a big deal, you ask? Simply because I've been in love with these products for almost three years. Want proof? Check out these posts:
Freeman Peppermint and Plum Softening Foot Lotion
A Trip to the Beauty Store
Freeman Has Made Me So Sad... (Yeah, well, khmm, you should know better than to take me seriously when I whine...)
Want further proof that I seriously love the Freeman foot-lotion? Here:
Tagged! Here's My Purse

You see, I use the Peppermint and Plum Foot Lotion as an all-round body lotion: I apply it to my legs, arms and hands (and feet), as its consistency is perfect and I adore the scent. There's nothing in it that would make it unsuitable for anything else but one's feet, so I just go ahead and use it anywhere my skin needs a good moisturizing lotion.

Also, in the above mentioned whiny post I complained about how unlike the product in the sample sachet the product in the full-size tube smells different and not as nice as the sample did. Well, I'm happy to let you know that that's not the case anymore: the lotion in the tube has the sweet, plummy, and slightly candy-like fragrance that drew me in in the first place.

The foot-scrub seems a little less dense than it used to be, but I guess I can live with that...

Now I finally have something to put into my empty 4,5 ml bottle that my Silk Naturals Eyelash Conditioning Gel came in. It's the perfect hand-cream for spring and summer and it's also a nice base for berry-scented perfumes (eg.: Mora Bella by CSP). :-)

I wish I'd had Freeman's Peppermint and Plum Foot Lotion with me in Nuremberg: besides doubling as a hand-cream, a body-lotion and a base for perfumes, it's also a very nice foot-lotion. :-))) It's got a nice, not-too-thin and not-too-thick consistency (I'll even go as far as to claim it's perfect), has a refreshing scent and texture, and it's full of ingredients that soothe tired feet and prepare them for another day of heavy strain.

Ooops, forgot to mention the price...

Both are around 1300 HUF (4.90 EUR / 6.62 USD)


* Before I forget, let's all wish Mr. Hugo Weaving, my favorite actor, a very happy 50th birthday!

I own neither Mr. Weaving (guess how that makes me feel...),
nor the above image of him.
Photo of Hugo Weaving © Warner Brothers


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12 megjegyzés

The cake looks so artistic! Cool! Do you have the recipe? ^_-

Hugo is so attractive and is such a wonderful actor (I guess that's the only reason why I like the movie V for Vendetta though he's always behind the mask)!

Is Tesco available in Hungary!? I'm seriously getting jealous...!

Oh yeah I tagged you in my latest blog entry. :-) Do check it out! :-D

Hey Fan!

Yeah, the cake was/is very pretty, which is no surprise as we bought it in a confectionery. I'm good at baking, but never in a million years would I attempt to bake a cake like this. ^_^ I don't have the recipe at hand, but I'm sure it's possible to get it, so I'll post as soon as I find it. :-) Btw, it's called Eszterházy-cake (after a wealthy Hungarian family), and it's my fave cake ever. (Black Forest cake comes next.)

Okay, scratch that, I've just found the recipe here. :-) (Scroll to the bottom.)

There's not shortage of Tesco stores in Hungary, that's for sure. :-) Btw, I don't exactly remember whether you have Müller stores in Belgium or not? (There's a reason why I'm asking this. ;-)

I loved V for Vendetta, though it was a pain that we didn't get to have a single glimpse of his face in it. But the fact that he still made it work and created such a three-dimensional character just goes to prove what a brilliant actor he is. :-)))

Very happy Easter to you, too! I'm a bit late, sorry. I love the cat and the cake :D I and bf have basically been living off of chocolate for the last few days. Oops.

I don't have more to say right now, so stay well and write me when you have time! Kisses!

Oh, Izar, the way you describe all these nice cosmetics makes me want'em all :)

My gut tells me that cake is for your birthday so... Happy Birthday!!! :)
Hugo looks a bit like an older Dexter (i mean, the actor who plays Dexter in the movie with the same name, but I don't quite remember what he's called).

Sagu: Bah, don't even tell me: I've been living on various types of chocolate, cake, and candy, and lots of traditional (and very unhealthy) Hungarian dishes. (We could just say my diet went out the window for a mere 3 days, and my clothes already feel tighter...)

Nimphetamine: Should have gone into advertising... :-DDD

Epurica: Thanks, it was 2 April. :-)))
Whaddayaknow, you're right! Michael C. Hall does look like Hugo Weaving in some angles. :-) I don't watch the show, but I just had to check him out: it never hurts to have another actor to fawn over. ^_^

Oooo it was your birthday?! Gotta get you some birthday presents! What about some nice lippies? :D

Aww Sagu, you know I'm a lippie-freak, so anytime, anyday, lippies are more than welcome with me (unless they're bright fuchsia or brown-toned *blushes*). :-D And thank you so much! *hug*

I'll be going to Müller on Friday and get you (and myself) that Artdeco Beauty Box I promised. ;-) I'll also see what else I can find for you, but if you have any specific requests, anything you need from Hungary, don't hesitate for a second to let me know. *nods head* (Also, Blogger reeeeeally needs a set of smilies...)

Izar: I'm speechless! Thank you dear! *hug* And I forgot to congratulate you in my latest comment D: So, happy birthday!

I can't come up with any specific makeup requests right now, so surprise me! ;) My payday is next week and then I'll buy some goodies for you.

Oh, it was your birthday! Then congratulations and all my best wishes! I was so greedy when I saw that cake, that I forgot it could mean something. I have a receipt for Esterhazy, I've been wanting to prepare it for quite a long time, but I don't have the guts, I'm so bad with cakes:) Plus I gotta loose some weight :(

I'm so sorry my dear with all these things your Bday passed away and I didn't send you my best wishes.

Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

All the best dearest!!!!

Tons of love

Hmm, the last few comment kinda managed to escape my attention... Sorry!

Sagu: Thanks and I already got your package ready, I just have to find a bigger envelope. :-DDD

Nimphetamin: Thank you! Yeah, my eternal gripe with cakes (any all other carb bombs) is that even looking at them makes me gain a kilo or two... But a girl's gotta celebrate her own birthday and not spend it moping around, wishing she could just have a morsel of her cake, so... :-)))

Seeker: Aww, you're so sweet, thank you so much! *hug* I wish you all the best too!

Love, love, love to all of you,

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