Fan's Birthday Gifts :-)  

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Fan and I have been writing each other for a while and promised gifts for the other's birthday. I had mine last Friday, so yesterday I got to be the ecstatic recipient of a lovely package from Belgium full of goodies. :-)

This is the third package I got from Fan (here are the first and second), and as usual its contents blew me away.

What I got:

  • A letter. A heartfelt, beautiful, handwritten letter. You don't get those very often now, do you? And it's a shame too, because while e-mails are great, there's just something about handwritten letters that adds a whole new level of "awesome" to one's life.

  • A Stila Lip Glaze in Mandarin Mist

    Stila is not available in Hungary (does it even surprise anyone at all anymore...?), so you can imagine how excited I was to find this among my gifts. And you can probably also guess how difficult it is for me not to tell you all about it right now, but I'm planning to dedicate an entire post to each item I got, so you'll have to bear with me a little longer.

  • A blush by HEMA

    Fan has already written a post about it, so if you're really curious (which you should be), then you can read about this product here. For now, let it be enough that it's every bit as great as Fan said it would be. :-)

  • A Labello lip balm with star fruit and dragon fruit extracts

    I'm risking a lot here when I tell you that my first reaction was: "Ooookay...Labello. Right." Cause we kinda have it in Hungary, and I've had some not-so-pleasant experiences with the brand about five (or more) years ago.

    Let me just quickly make amends for my cheek before Fan gets really angry with me and tell you that she knows her stuff when it comes to cosmetics and that this Labello is not the Labello of five years ago. In fact, this stuff is so good that after only two days of using it continuously (yeah, I kinda couldn't get enough of that juicy scent) I can wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone who's looking for a good, reliable lip-balm for the summer. (There's added SPF, baby. )

    So please Fan, don't hate me for my initial reaction: I've been keeping your name in my prayers ever since I tried this balm. *hug*

  • A lovely necklace with a gorgeous blue crystal surrounded by silvery stars that twinkle with each tiny little movement I make. To me, it symbolizes my love of stars, of endless space, and a literary genre that strives to wrap up the infinite and hand it to us on a silvery plasteel plate: science-fiction.

  • Some nice sheets of paper I can use to try my hands at origami. I should probably start with something easy and not be crazy enough to attempt the Kawasaki Rose, but then again, that Rose smells like a challenge. ^_^

Don't you fret for a minute over the brevity of this post: I'm planning to spend this week and the next with telling you about each of Fan's gifts in a separate post. ;-) There's going to be pictures, lots of details, ingredients lists and all sorts of other juicy stuff to keep you entertained. ^_^

No, I haven't forgotten. Like I ever could. :-)

Thank you so very much Fan!

You've truly made my birthday a special time of year with your letter, your thoughtful (and perfect) gifts and with just being my friend. *hug*  

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Hi Izar!
I just read your post and wanted to wish you Happy Birthday! :-) I hope you got other nice gifts as well and surprised yourself with a new Art Deco box. ;)
I will answer to your tag as well - unfortunately I caught the cold so right now my thoughts are a bit jumbled.

posteriorly happy birthday!
Eszterházi cake! nyami!

Stila lipglaze: wow. I have one, and I like it!does not sticky, gleams nicely, delicate fragrance, and does not drying my lips.

Hello Izar,

I'm glad you like everything in the package, the Labello is a real gamble cause it might be available in Hungary and moreover some of them are not really good (but I've found a few that I really love! One of them is Med Repair (way better than the classic blue tube) and I use it as a lip primer ^_^) but since you like lipbalm so I thought why not, and why not indeed, you like it and it makes me happy too!

And I'm sure you'll like the Stila Lip Glaze too, the shade Mandarin Mist is highly praised on MUA and the design is lovely too, I was overjoyed to have found it in one of the (only) 3 high end Beauty shops in Belgium and though it's a surprise! I'm looking forward to hearing how you like it! ^_^ And you bet next time will be a different brand (last time Smashbox this time Stila :-P), preferably a lip product. :-)

Everything in the package is selected by Fan with care and love...

Love and hugs,

Thank you girls! ^_^

Ladybird: Aww, you poor thing, I hope you'll get well soon! It suck being in in Spring...
Yeah, I managed to get one Beauty Box with butterflies (that one will got to Sagu as a gift), but I still have to hunt down mine. ^_^ I got myself a mascara from Essence (Hypno Gloss): been loving it so far! There's still a day left of Glamour Days, so maybe I'll go raid the stores tomorrow. (Dad hasn't been feeling well, so I didn't really feel like going out and shopping either... )

Stumpi: Yummy, indeed. :-D I have to learn how to bake this cake. :)
I'm actually planning to write an ode to that Lip Glaze, it's soooooo good. :-D Which shade do you have?

Btw, I love both the Sana cleansing oil and the Clinique mask: will review them soon! I haven't tried the massage cream yet, nor the hair cream (I'm just too afraid of silicones), but I'll give them a shot soon! The foaming powder thingy is really cool too, but I have to get the amount down right, otherwise it's a bit too drying. ^_^

Thanks for all the samples, I might have found a few things to lemming among them. (My poor wallet...) :-DDD


Well, thanks to you I've realized that Labello is actually worth looking into, cause it seems not all their lipbalms are useless (e.g.: classic blue tube..). :D I've been using mine continuously and I'm still loving it!

I already have half of the upcoming Lip Glaze review, so you'll be able to read it soon.

Thank you Fan! *hug*

Lots of love to all of you,

Ladybird: Argh, what I meant to write before my brain went on holiday was that it sucks being ill in Spring... Sorry!

Oh Fan! It makes me so happy to see those gifts :) It's really important to remember our friends and surprise them with nice things every now and then. They're so pretty and everything.

Izar! Can't wait for your email! At least we have to give each other our addresses so we can send our gifts. :)

Yeah, it sucks being ill, very much so. :-( I couldn't even participate in Glamour days because of it. Well, there will be Joy coupon action as well, so maybe then. :-)
Did you find another beauty box? And how do you like your new mascara? (essence, I don't remember where I have seen it, did you buy it in DM?)

Ladybird: I bet. I hope you're feeling better now! *hug*
Except for the Müller coupon, I didn't use any of mine either: my Dad's been feeling unwell and that kind of put a damper on things this weekend... But I don't really mind, I wouldn't have been able to decide where to go and what to buy anyway. I would have loved to go back to Sinequanone and get something nice for Spring, but even with a 20% discount they're a bit out of my league.

Aaaaaanyway, I'll be going to Westend tomorrow and try to find myself a Beauty Box with those butterflies too: my inner hippie has been bugging me incessantly for a while. :-)

It's not a bad mascara, it doesn't clump at all and manages to hold a curl, but you know what made me laugh? I really don't have any special wishes when it comes to a mascara, I don't need length, I don't really need curl nor volume, just a little tint, but even I find this mascara a bit too... blah. I think I'm starting to realize that perhaps I would not be averse to just a little bit of volume after all. :-))) I'll try their Multi Action Mascara next, I read rave reviews about it and was actually hesitating between that and this one, but the pretty packaging lured me in... Meh... :)

I bought it in Müller, but Essence is also available in Rossmann stores, and I heard rumors that DM will soon start carrying it too. Some of their stuff comes in handy, especially cause it's cheap and usually works quite nicely.

Sagu: I'm sending you an e-mail today. :-)

Well, I was today in Westend (had to buy another 100 tissues :-/) and I wandered into the Douglas but I don't remember seeing the beauty box with the butterflies, only the others. I thought about buying one, but..well... I would have needed to buy eye shadows as well, and i didn't want to spend so much. So no makeup for me - at least this time. :-)

Hey Ladybird!

You poor thing, I hope you'll get better soon! You don't happen to be allergic to something, do you?

I've been to the Douglas store in Westend today and I did manage to find the one with the butterflies: the thing is, the spring collection, and the butterfly box with it, has been placed on the top shelf as opposed the other boxes which can be found one or two shelves lower. When I went there a few weeks ago, I too had trouble locating it at first, but then I spotted it and felt sooo happy. :-D

So anyway, I'm now the proud owner of an Artdeco Beauty Box. ^_^ I'm not planning to fill it yet, I really just wanted a pretty compact with a mirror. Maybe someday. :)

Let me know if you decide to get one after all. :)

Hi Izar, I'm glad that you managed to find your beauty box! :-) It looks really amazing - and maybe sooner than later you can fill it up as well. ;)There are sooo many beautiful colours! :-)

Yeah, they have a huge selection of shades, most of which are gorgeous. :-) If I ever decide to fill it up, I'll probably get a blush (I already set my eyes on a lovely pink one that looks a lot like EDM's Chit Chat), and maybe a nice e/s. Maybe next month or the one after that... :-DDD (I kind of used up the money that was allotted for cosmetics this month. :-)))

Happy Birthday, Izar!!! Sorry it took me so long, I've been dwelling in work and postponed feeds.

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