Freeman Has Made Me So Sad...  

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Don't leave if you landed here because you were looking for Freeman's Apricot and Wild Cherry Facial Scrub: I have an entire post dedicated to that stuff, but Google is just too blind to notice.

As you may have read, I purchased a sample size packet of it just two weeks ago, and I was blown away by the sweet smell it had. Ever since then I've been constantly looking forward to applying it on my feet and even my hands because I just couldn't get enough of its scent. Naturally, when I later returned to the store where I had bought the packet I instantly grabbed the full size version, happy with the thought that I'll now have an abundance of this great lotion.

How wrong I was!!! You see, for a while I kept on using what was in the small packet and put the 150 ml tube away with the intention of using it only after I run out of the former one. Today, however, I picked up the tube and decided to try it after all. While applying the lotion, I began to notice that the smell was somehow "not right". It didn't smell like the stuff in the packet at all, instead it was slightly sour, watery and the spicy scent of peppermint was entirely gone. For a few moments I simply didn't know what to think or do, but then I took another look at the tube and found a little label saying: "New! Tea Tree Oil Soothes Tired Feet"

So that's what happened... They added tea tree oil to the formula and must have tampered with the other ingredients as well, because even though I cannot actually smell the tea tree oil itself (Thank heavens for that!), the scent of the lotion is just not the same as it used to be. It has definitely not gone bad though, that's not the problem. However, gone are the sweetness and the spicyness, both of which I loved about this lotion, and now we have a dull, boring scent that quickly fades away. I am so incredibly sad about this: instead of buying a full sized product for a relatively good price I now have to buy the 30 ml packets which is much less economical. Then again, I may even decide not to buy any more, since I am fairly upset about all this and quite a bit angry with Freeman...

It is still a good lotion though as far as taking care of feet goes, but I just don't understand why Freeman had to go and ruin one of their products that was perfect in every way.

Oh and just for the record: it is Peppermint Oil which has a cooling, soothing effect on skin (especially feet) and NOT Tea Tree Oil. Tea Tree Oil is a strong antiseptic and its use in foot lotions is perfectly justifiable as long as they don't claim it does something it doesn't. The only type of "soothing" Tea Tree Oil is capable of is soothing inflamed skin, such as a zit or sunburn. It will certainly not do anything considerable for tired and aching feet. Furthermore, this lotion had already posessed a soothing quality because it had Peppermint Oil in it. Why not say "New! Tea Tree Oil With Antiseptic Qualities" instead? That would at least make some sense... Also, judging by the scent, there cannot be too much of that Tea Tree Oil in this lotion because its distinct smell, which by the way is incredibly strong and very characteristic in undiluted form, is not present in the lotion at all.

End of rant.
Sorry guys, I'm just in a bad mood...

EDIT (2007-10-20):

Oh boy... I can be such a whiny little kid sometimes. :-)

Okay, let me just add that even though the scent is somewhat different from that of the packet version, it's still quite pleasant and my feet have never looked so good. True, I hadn't paid much attention to my feet until I started using this (except when I bought a pot of LUSH's Pied de Pepper foot lotion and only whipped it out on special occasions) but now that I have, there's no looking back for me. My feet are baby soft, smell great and feel much healthier than ever before.

Moral of the story: don't judge a product by comparing it to another. Judge it by what kind of job it actually does. But we all knew that... *blushes*

Conclusion: If you've been eyeing Freeman's Peppermint and Plum Foot Lotion for a while then think no more about it. Rush to your nearest retailer and grab one. Quick!  

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