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Today's about me in more ways than one, so I thought it fitting to do the award/meme-thingy Epurica passed on to me. Thank you Epurica! :-)


  • Thank the person that gave you the prize
  • Give the award to blogs you've recently discovered and think that deserve it
  • Contact those bloggers and tell them about the award
  • Write 7 random facts about you

Okay, right, soooo... lemmesee... :-)))

  1. Back in the good old days when I still worked out regularly in the afternoons, I used my English-Hungarian dictionaries as dumbbells. They had an awful grip, but I suppose my fingers could very well use some exercise too (in addition to the hours of drawing I used to do). Let's just say my dictionaries and I have a very special connection... :-)

  2. I wowe bunnies!!! When I was a child, I didn't have a single Teddy-bear, but I had toy bunnies by the dozen. :-)

  3. There's a notice board beside my desk where I put clippings from brochures and magazines. They're photos of all the things I want, and whenever I get something, I remove its photo from the board. Looking at all those pretty things makes me happy, which in turn puts me into a positive state of mind, one in which I'm capable of attracting the things I desire. Well, I believe so anyway. :-)
    Right now, there's postcard I got from one of my ex-colleagues from New York, a printed picture of Lierac's Mésolift Serum, a photo of a lovely dark-blue summer-dress and a pair of brown leather sandals, a few pairs of earrings from an AVON brochure ('cause I want to have my ears pierced, but I'm sorta hesitant at the same time), a picture of LUSH's Veganese (should have removed that one... :-), and a postcard and a Dune fanart I got from my ex-students.

  4. I can bend my thumb backwards at a 90° angle. Mum's always told me to pay attention not to do it in front of people, 'cause it looks weird and might freak some people out. I say, who the heck cares...?

  5. I used to love ABBA and BoneyM when I was a little kid. Dad's musical taste must have rubbed off on me. (I still love ABBA though...)

  6. I loathe jasmine in every shape and form, but love the scent of roses. Wonder what that says about me? (Besides the fact that I'm already an old lady at heart...)

  7. When my music teacher heard me sing for the first time, he said I have perfect pitch and demanded that I sing in the school choir. I did that for about a year before I decided that I'd much prefer sleeping an extra hour to singing Kumbaya every morning, and flunked out (to my teacher's absolute horror). Though I love music, I haven't sung anything in 15 years...

Right, so now it's my turn to tag 7 people:

Ladybird (You can do this in the comments, but only if you want to. :-))  

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Dear Izar, I received this beautiful blogger award too, so back at that time I wrote some facts about me on my blog. This is the translation:
1. I love traveling: for the longest period of time, as often as possible, far from my country, to exotic places;
2. I'm kinda messy, which drives my husband crazy, as he has to clean after me, because he has no choice (he's a clean freak!);
3. I love cooking and cleaning the dishes (that's pretty all I do as house-working);
4. I love dogs more than I love people;
5. I dream of moving from my country to somewhere else (I need to decide where, when and how);
6. I usually don't go shopping accompanied, as I find it difficult to make up my mind and make a choice and I also hate waiting for others;
7. I became obsessed about cosmetics labeled bio/ organic, vegan, so now I intend to prepare them by myself. I wonder now what I'll write about on my blog:) )

I finally found the time to take your tag. I wrote it in English so you can read it on my blog :). http://universegoist.blogspot.com/2010/04/7-random-facts-about-me.html
Thank you so much for thinking of me.

P.S. I love your idea about the clippings. I might just copy it! :)

Nimphetamine: Wow, many exciting pieces of info about you! Especially the one about making your own cosmetics! What are you planning to make and where do you get the ingredients?
You and I also share a love for traveling it seems. I haven't been to any far-off places, but I'd love to, given the chance. Where have you been already?

DiAnais: Thanks! Unfortunately, I don't understand Romanian (not without the help of Google Translate anyway, and even then, it's a bit shaky...), so I appreciate you doing it in English. :-) I also adore your cat, he's cuteness embodied. :-D

Hey, not so many...only 7:))
Check out my blog for some receipts. I get most the ideas (and ingredients) from www.aroma-zone.com. It's a great site and it gets you in the minute you enter it. It's in French, it has an English version, but it's very poor compared to the French version. I plan to make everything is possible, since they have receipts for cosmetics and make-up as well;) Let's see what I can do:))
The farthest place I've ever been to is Fuerteventura, one of the Canaries isles. It's an interesting place, especially that the don't have VAT, so everything is cheap cheap cheap!:)
I also visited France, Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary (Budapest only), Austria, Germany, Montenegro (the most beautiful country ever), Greece.
We also share the love for Depeche Mode;) I'm a huge fan since '90 and I'll stay the same till I die:))
Now you know more than 7 things about me:P

Hey Nimphetamin!

Wow, you've been to Budapest! Cool! :-DDD

Montenegro, Bulgaria and Greece are the countries I haven't visited yet from among the places you listed. And the Canary Islands, of course. :-D I do hope, however, that I'll manage to set foot in some of them sometime in the future.

I've also been wanting to create my own cosmetics for a long time, so I'll be looking into all these sites offering raw materials for sure. :-)

Have you ever been to any DM concerts? Got any fave songs? You've been a fan for a lot longer than me you lucky girl you. :-D

Yes, twice to Budapest and I plan to comeback:)

You definitely have to visit Montenegro, it's one of the most beautiful and interesting countries I've ever seen. It's a very small country, but it has everything: wonderful sea, great mountains, delicious food and nice people (though they don't speak English at all:) )

Bulgaria is very cheap, nice and offers great services. I usually go to Veliko Tarnovo every 1st of May (it's 3 years now, this year would be the 4th, but we'll go to Balcic)
In Greece I went to Corfu and I fell in love with everything...a great destination!

I will have more posts about the sites where I get the raw materials from, so stay tuned;)

Yes, I went only to one DM concert, here in Ro. It was a huge event and that the was one of the most happiest days in my life. I've been wanting to see them ever since I listened to them for the first time. Of course I fell in love with Dave Gahan, dreamed about being his wife and all the b/s of a teenager? I love all their songs, but I hate their last LP :( Except Wrong, which sounds great. The rest of the songs suck big time, I'd rather listen to the old LPs. Among my fave song are The things u said, But not tonight, Higher love, Blasphemous Rumors...
What about you? I know they have many gigs in Hu, so this time you are the lucky one;)

Thanks for this, I loved reading about you. :) I'll do my part soon, I just didn't have the time, my boys kept me busy.

Well, seeing that you tagged me, here are some random facts about me :-):
1. I used to have a different first name - before I was born, my brother and my sister decided what name they prefer for a little sister, so I was named accordingly. But in reality they never called me that, and I hated that name - so when I was 3 years old, my parents changed my name officially.
2. I love books - there was a time in my childhood, when I used to check out so many books from the local library, that I needed help carrying them - seeing that my bag was bigger than me. :-)
3. I used to play piano - but only because my parents thought I've been spening waaaay to much time with my books.
4. I'm a closet-geek and absolutely love science fiction! I began with Star Trek and then expanded my obsession to other TV-shows and books as well.
5. I love traveling and I hope that sometime in the future I will be able to work or study abroad.
6. I have three blond tufts in my hair - right now it can't be seen because of my hair dye, but in my original hair color it was quite conspicouos. :-)
7.I used to want to be a teacher, because I hated injustice and favouritism and I wanted to be different than my own teachers.

Hi Izar! I've posted 7 facts about me in my latest post, although they are more make-up related and not so personal. Promise I'll make it up to you in the near future.

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