Freeman Peppermint and Plum Softening Foot Lotion  

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Wow! I absolutely love this lotion! I picked it up in a huge health-food retailer which also carries a lot of cosmetics. Imagine isles and isles of pretty jars, tubes and bottles, filled with lotions and creams which are enriched with herbs, fruits and vegetables. It's a real Holy Land for the likes of me, and I could spend a day there just studying and sniffing them...

About the lotion: I've been wanting to try this for a long time, and now that I finally have I say it was worth the pleasantly moderate price. I bought the sample packet which contains 30 mls of lotion and is more than enough to allow anyone to give it a try. Three things are worth metioning here: scent, consistency and effect.

Scent: First of all, it doesn't smell too artificial to me which is definitely a plus. I'm pretty glad that I cannot detect any real and recognizable traces of mint in the stuff: if there is any in it after all, it makes itself be noticed only through the icy feeling it gives my feet. What is dominant is the sweet smell of plums, which in this case reminds me strongly of PEZ candies. How fun is that!!!! :-)

Consistency: It's light and smooth, very easy to disperse all over my skin, and after a while, it even feels as if I was smoothing water into my legs which I really like and which is typical of Freeman products. No problems here.

Effect: I just put it on half an hour ago and pulled on a pair of very soft and confy cotton socks which means I cannot yet give you the final verdict but I have a hunch it's gonna be just as effective as my previous Freeman foot lotion, which had teaberry and mint in it. Okay, let me check my feet... Yup, they're baby-soft, just as the product description promised. :-)

All in all, this foot lotion was a great buy (especially because of the lovely scent): I'd definitely buy again, and recommend it to anyone wishing to give it a go.

EDIT (2007-09-10):
I still love it, and actually use it as a hand lotion too. *blushes* I can now smell the peppermint as well: when you first take a sniff of either the lotion or the area you applied it to you get a slightly stingy, spicy whiff of the smell, but if you wait one or two minutes it will go away and what remains is the delicious smell of something sweet that's akin to plums.

What I mean to say is don't let the peppermint scare you away from this product because the smell is heavenly and it really does make your feet soft and supple. Don't expect a miracle though: this is NOT deep treatment. It's only meant to keep your feet in good shape but it doesn't replace foot-soak, scrubbing, filing and a rich buttery cream (e.g.: LUSH's Pied de Pepper). For everyday use (especially in the summer), however, it's excellent: it's light, not greasy at all, and very fragrant. Also, I dispensed all the lotion in the packet into a 30 ml jar and I'm not even halfway into it, although I've been using it non-stop (every moring and evening) on both my feet and my hands since the day I bought it. You relly don't need much of this stuff, which is not to say you can't use it liberally if you wish to. :-)  

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