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Aaah, I remember those days when Bourjois was on sale and their products could be bought for ridiculous prices... I kept searching the stores for some so far undiscovered gem to pop up and was simply giddy when I came upon something new. Good times...

Up until recently I had been struggling with my acne and never really felt like using flashy makeup for daytime. I wanted something low-key, something that would not call people's attention to my zits too much (not that that could be avoided, but still...). Silk Naturals lippies were perfect for this purpose with their incredibly creamy and moisturizing texture and sheer, wearable colors.

However, as a result of my medical program (diet + medicine + exercising), I no longer suffer from cystic acne and my skin has cleared up incredibly (= at the moment I have only one zit!), and what remains (scars) is relatively easy to cover up with makeup. I feel I can whip out my Bourjois lipglosses again and wear these shiny, flashy and creative concoctions again.

I just feel soooooooooo liberated. ;-P

So, it's high time I redone all those Bourjois lippie posts I wrote back when I had but a scanner and lots of free-time on my hands. This time I intend to provide quality pictures and swatches as faithful to the original as possible.

In this first post we'll take a look at the four prettiest shades:

  • 10 Miel Acrobatic
  • 49 Rose Enigmatic
  • 5 Rose Angelic
  • 59 Ocre Rythmic

10 Miel Acrobatic

It is lovely and I was ecstatic when I spotted it among the discounted items one day, but I have to concede that it's just not for me. This gloss has a peachy base infused with golden pearly shimmer and is much lighter than my lips, which is never a good look for me. Nevertheless, for those who like shades like this, it's perfect: doesn't dry lips, isn't sticky, has a nice scent and a brush that allows precise application. What more could a girl ask for? ;-)

49 Rose Enigmatic

Oh. My. God.
This gloss is perfection in a tube. I call it 'liquid grapefruit' and you'll see why once you take a better look at my swatches.
It's basically golden shimmer all over in a sheer coral/pink grapefruit base. The whole thing is incredibly sheer and glossy, and I can imagine it'd look just gorgeous on any lip. I don't know if this one's still available (many Bourjois glosses in my stash have been discontinued), but if you find it anywhere, go ahead and get it.

5 Rose Angelic

My other favorite, and annoyingly difficult to photograph. It's basically a pearly pink with hints of coral, lots of golden shimmer and there's also an almost undetectable amount of green in there somewhere. This last thing is what makes it so special in my book: I love lip products that have green shimmer in them: it just makes them a bit more exciting and gives them an extra depth. Plus is makes stuff go well with my Martian (=olive) complexion.

59 Ocre Rythmic

As sheer as Rose Enigmatic and chock-full of antique gold shimmer. Looking at it closely, I have a hunch that the base it totally transparent and colorless, it's only the ridiculously fine shimmer that lends it its color. I kinda like that it's so sheer and that it's very easy to control the amount of product I use, so I've found yet another favorite in this one.

Finally, let's see them in action.

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4 megjegyzés

Oh my, they look wonderful! Rose Enigmatic is my favorite of these four based on the pics, it looks so gorgeous on you :)

By the way, today I ordered some stuff from EDM. I'm an addict, it's so sad! :D They have LOTS of new lippies, go take a look! I ordered one of them, check my blog for info&pics if you want to.

Yep, Rose Enigmatic is truly the best. :)
Will check out your blog! ^_^

Wow, Rose enigmatic looks beautiful! :) I got a few day ago a coupon from Marionnaud, and I've been wondering what I should buy from it. I think I might have a winner! )

P.S.: the SN Oil Control Primer works really good! Thank you so much for it!

Hey Ladybird!

I'm so glad you like the OC Primer! ^_^

Yeah, Rose Enigmatic is indeed a beauty, though I'm not sure if it's still available in stores. A lot of the glosses I have are discontinued products, and I just can't help wondering why they'd stop manufacturing such lovely colors... :-S

Anyway, thanks for dropping by, it has really made my day! :)

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