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I promised in this post that I would swatch my latest* lippie haul from SN as soon as the weather and lighting conditions allow it. Well, when I left to Nuremberg it was still winter in Hungary: cold, cloudy, silent, snow on the ground, short days and all. On my way back the sun came out of hiding, the sky cleared up and I saw its azure blue tint for the first time in months, even the last inch of snow melted, and the weather was finally warm. It's been like that ever since: the birds are singing, it's 17:39 right now and there's still some light outside, it was 10°C today (50°F), and the lighting was perfect for taking some well-overdue shots of my lippies.

* Only they're not my latest lippies from SN anymore: our group haul arrived last week and in it another 7 glosses I'm gonna rave about very soon. (SN glosses seem to be my very own version of Pokemon: if I carry on in this vein, I'll have collected them all. :-D)

Anyway, the lippies I'm going to tell you about today are:

  • Cultured (vegan)
  • Bisou (vegan)
  • Raindrops On Roses
  • Bitten

I ordered them before Christmas 2009 and immediately fell in love with Bitten. I can now safely say that I absolutely don't care for Bisou (neither the shade, nor the formula), would love Cultured if only it were a bit less pink and more brown/yellow, and have found a perfect way to wear Raindrops on Roses: mixed with Gold Blush it gives my lips a lovely bright coral tint and my complexion the perfect "I'm wide awake and happy as a lark!" look.

Anyway, let me give you some details and show you some pics.

Here are my bare lips for comparison's sake.

And now, lo and behold, the same lips wearing those four SN glosses:

Much better, huh? ;-)


Karen's description:
"Cultured Vegan Lip Gloss is inspired by MAC's sorta like Maiden- it's not quite as pigmented or "formal" looking as a lipstick- perfect for the office or more casual occasions. It's a lighter nude with a hint of plum and a little bit of pearl. In comparison Maiden is pinker, and more golden,Polished Pink is browner and more shimmery."

No, not quite as pigmented, but it still manages to accentuate every little crease on my lips... I have the same problem with the other Vegan lippie I have, Bisou: they both make my lips look cracked and badly taken care of (which I swear they're not).

My other gripe with Cultured is not Silk Naturals' fault: because it has too much pink in it, it washes me out and makes my complexion look really dull. I was actually hesitating about whether to buy Cultured, Polished Pink or Maiden, but eventually I ended up buying this one. Since then, I have placed another order and put Maiden in my cart so we'll see how that one looks. (That order has yet to arrive though... I absolutely hate the Hungarian postal service.)

There is actually one very positive thing I can say about Cultured: its formula is incredibly smooth and moisturizing and I love the feel of it on my lips. If only it looked good on me...

Price: 4.75 USD
Rating: 3 out of 5


Karen's description:
"Bisou is a lightly pigmented berry tone with a little bit of peach, balanced with a bit of cooler raspberry. It gives your lips just a hint of shimmer and a healthy pink flush."

Sorry, but WHAT? Lightly pigmented?? Healthy pink flush???

Folks, for one thing, this looks nothing like the swatch on SN's site. The shade is not what I expected at all: it more sort of an intense cool red in sunlight, no brown in it at all, nothing neutral about it.

For another, it is anything but "lightly pigmented". Compared to other SN lippies, it's actually very heavily pigmented and the color is very intense, it's just that when I try to put it on, it tends slide off my lips and streaks like bad quality nail-polish. And it tends to gravitate towards above mentioned wrinkles and creases on my lips.

Sorry, but even combining this with other lippies (Clear among them) has not yielded any acceptable/wearable results.

Price: 4.75 USD
Rating: 2 out of 5 (And I was very generous.)

Raindrops On Roses

Karen's description:
"Raindrops on Roses is a shimmery, slightly sheer pink with little hints of gold in our yummy original Kisser Slicker formula. It's understated, very seasonal and absolutely gorgeous."

Well, hallelujah, I don't have to grumble anymore. :-)))

ROR is indeed absolutely gorgeous and very versatile. It was also one of the two lippies I took with me to Nuremberg. The other one was Gold Blush, and the reason why I took these two is that Gold Blush is a perfect everyday color, ROR comes in handy for a business dinner or any other fancy occasion, and the two mixed together give the loveliest coral/golden berry shade I've ever worn, great for both everyday and formal occasions.

But back to the product itself. Raindrops On Roses is a cool-ish berry shade tempered by some golden shimmer so that it becomes more sort of neutral rather than cool. It's a bit more pigmented than my other SN lippies, sort of in the range of Berry Crush and Temptation. The gold shimmer in it is a brilliant idea as it makes the gloss just warm enough for me to wear, but like I said it's best mixed with Gold Blush: nothing's better than those two together. ;-)

It goes well with my skintone which is always a bonus, and the texture is all right too.

Price: 4.50 USD
Rating: 5 out of 5


Karen's description:
"Bitten Organic Lip Gloss is the Fall version of Damsel. It's a true red, absolutely sheer- sort of like you ate a lollypop. It's deeper, and more red than Damsel, and a true red compared with the more purple Berry Nice."

I was bitten by the love bug the minute I tried this one. (Pun totally intended.) As a matter of fact, I fell for it the first time I saw it on SN's website: the description and the swatch looked too good to be true. I mean I've been wishing for a lipgloss like this for ages. I loved my Bourjois Les Cocktails lipgloss in Rouge Sunset and have been dreaming of a slightly more pigmented version from SN. And whaddaya know? Karen made my dream come true. :-)))

Bitten is a lot like Damsel when it comes to sheerness: both are more sort of lip stains than lipglosses in that they don't have such a high pigment content that would add thickness to their formula. Bitten is really just a sheer lollypop red that makes your lips look as if you'd been kissing. ;-) It does make your lips shiny too but that really just depends on how much you put on. One swipe, and it just tints your lips. Two-three swipes: yeah, it's obvious you've got something on. Full-on application (i.e.: swiping for ages): lovely, fresh red lips. :-) A bonus is that even when most of the gloss is gone, some color remains, so it's perfect for girls whose lips are not that pigmented.

Truth be told, I haven't been wearing Bitten non-stop ever since I got it (which, judging by the tone of my review, should be the case), but I have to be in the mood to wear red and that doesn't just happen every day. Nevertheless, it is an awesome lipgloss and the one I turn to when I want to wear red on my lips.

Oh, and the texture? Perfect. :-)

Price: 4.50 USD
Rating: 5 (or even 6) out of 5

Finally, here are some swatches on my arm to give you a better idea of what these glosses look like.
(Btw, why does Cultured look so darn nice in every picture??? It's really not as appealing as that... Gives my lips that sort of lilac tint that drowned people have... *scratches head*)

So has any one of these four Silk Naturals glosses caught your fancy? Do you actually own any on them? I know Sagu has ROR (I bought it upon her encouragement). Anyone else? Let me know. :-)  

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9 megjegyzés

thanks for the swatches ;) they are too dark for me but otherwise seems nice ;)

Have a great day!


Yup, they're quite pigmented, and definitely not SN's most subtle shades. I myself have to use a light hand when applying them, but they're very pretty colors nonetheless. :-)

Oh and thanks! You have a nice day too! ^_^


Hi Izar!

I just wanted to ask you if your next post will be about SN lippies - and here they come! :-)
They look absolutely gorgeus on you, my favourite is ROR, but on the picture even Bijou seems pretty.
Btw, thanks for the samples! :-) I tried today Wink-Wink and it looks good. I was just a little bit surprised beacuse on my hand it looked kinda pink-ish but on my eyelids it is more taupe.
Which one is your favourite?

Hi Ladybird!

I'm that predictable. :-)

Darn it... :-))) Every time I'm happy with a lippie and want to show the world how beautiful it is, the picture comes out... well, let's just say less than fabulous. And then, when the lippie leaves something to be desired, the photo turns out perfect.

That lighting on Monday wasn't the best when it comes to SN products: even my lippies look totally different under yellow light. Wink Wink is indeed more taupe than pink, but it's my fave from this haul.

Other faves include:
- Cougar and Wildcat (Thanks for introducing me to them, they're absolute faves! :))
- Pink Twink
- Idolize (it's a slow burning love, but it's constant)
- Rebel (I got a sample from Athena, and it's absolutely gorgeous, though pretty much unwearable, except for when I go to parties, and you can probably guess how often that happens... :-D)
- Brown Sugar is also a nice shade, especially paired with Bright.
- Fairy Dust and Aubergine from my latest haul also turned out to be good picks.

Whew, I think I got everything covered. :-) Sorry for the novel-length comment, but I'm on a high today: yesterday was absolutely miserable, but things got smoothed out today, so I'm totally relieved. ^_^ I'll tell you all about it when we meet up sometime: if nothing else, it'll give you a good laugh. :-D

Haha, I knew you would love ROR! I haven't worn it in such a long time, so now that I got reminded, I'm going to wear it tomorrow. :)

Hi Izar,

Bitten looks so pretty on you! And even Bisou is not bad at all, I actually fail to see a difference between the two, probably due to the light or angle or one of the other thousand reasons. :-P

I saw the official swatch of Cultured and thought it would be much darker and was surprised that it's almost a nude shade on you (once again, the official swatches are totally not trustable!)...:-S But still, you know what I'm gonna say: pretty! :-D

By the way, what do you use as a lip primer? ^_^

Talk to ye soon! :-)


Oh, we definitley need to meet again soon! I want to bring you samples of the hair treatments I got from my brother. ;)
I can't wait to try out the other samples I got from you. Unfortunately the lotion must wait - sg didn't agree with my skin so I have a few little bubbones. :-/

Hey Sagu!

Yeah, thanks for the excellent swatch on your blog! :-))

Hi Fan!

Like I said, cr*ppy pictures... :-P Bisou is opaque and much more pigmented than Bitten, which is absolutely sheer.

Swatches totally depend on what sort of lighting they were made in. Mine was made in front of the window while it was sunny outside, theirs was probably made inside, in artificial light. Right now, I have about the same conditions in my room that they had, and yeah, Cultured looks darker and browner (and even yellower) than in my swatch. Go figure... It's nude though: it considerably lightens my natural lip color. Anyway, it's not as nice in real life as it is in any of the pictures we've seen. Unfortunately.

Lip-primer? Wuzzat? :-DDD
Seriously, I've heard/read about them, but haven't been interested enough in them to try any. In the swatches, the product was applied to my bare lips. :-)

Take care Fan!

Hello there Ladybird!

Hair-treatments, yum-yum, gimme! :-DDD

And if you have some more mini jars, I can give you some more e/s samples to play with, or any other stuff you find on my blog. :-D

Don't even talk to me about bubbones: that monster on my right cheek is still making my life a living hell. I slather myself with tretinoin and yet... Okay, okay, I probably shouldn't loosen up on my diet so much either... ^_^ I hope we'll both mange to part ways with ours soon. :-)

Oh yeah: drop me a line any time you feel like meeting up! I'm available pretty much every day from 4:45 PM + all day Sunday (Saturday is a b*tch though, I don't recommend meeting me then. :-DDD).


On a different note:

WHAT'S UP WITH YOU GIRLS??? Don't you want a free full-size product? Boggles the mind, really...


Off you go now and enter the giveaway I'm having! :-)))

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