Things I'd Love Thursday #5  

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Nope, no typo in the title. It was intentional. :-)

Today I'm going to show you some things that I'd probably adore if I had the money to buy them, or if they were available in Hungary.


Price: n/a (Couldn't find the product on their website...)

Should I spell it out? G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S ! ! !
By the way, it is available in Hungary (at least it was the illustration on the coupon in the April issue of Glamour Magazine), I'm just too frugal at the moment to even think about buying it. :-P


Available here for $100.
(You can choose from 4 designs.)
It's what I'm looking for in a makeup bag: easy to wash, holds my brushes, has a spacious interior and it's pretty in a not in-your-face kinda way.
(Image taken from


Price: $23
There was this post on Blogdorf Goodman that got me smitten with this stuff. There's just something about a rich, peach-colored cream that lures me in and doesn't let go until... Well, either until I actually purchase it (which, considering the price is highly unlikely), or find some other stuff to lemming. :-D
(Image taken from Sephora.)


Price: $26.
All that science fiction I read and watch has made me a sucker for everything high-tech and ultra-modern, and Hourglass's Prodigy lipgloss definitely fits that bill. I can imagine how it would fit into my palm smoothly and how I would grab every chance to flaunt it in front of my colleagues... Mwahahahah!
Okay, I probably wouldn't, 'cause I'm not that evil, but still, it's definitely something that'd be nice to own.
(Image taken from

So, is there anything here that's caught your fancy? Anything you actually own? Let Izar know. :-)  

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The Artdeco Beauty Box is super awesome! Sooo gorgeous! :o The box looks great and the colors remind me of spring while being very wearable. How much does it cost? *dying in advance*

Now I'm seriously considering going to sleep. I'm exhausted, it takes all my energy to keep my eyes open :D Sorry for the babbling! *hug*

Sagu, as it turns out, the Artdeco BB is not that expensive after all: it's around $13.5 on both Hungarian and foreign online stores. I think I'm going to get it for my B-Day. I've been wanting a nice compact for ages and this one seems perfect: has a big mirror and is totally customizable. You can put a blusher or eyeshadows in it (or both).

By the way, you're not babbling, and anyway, I've been the Queen of Babbling this week, so even if you were, I wouldn't hold it against you. ;-))) Now go get some more beauty sleep! :-D

Ohhh what? It's that cheap? Now I'm over excited and can't wait for my paycheck, thanks to you ;D

Yup, it seems so, but I'll check it sometime when I go near a department store. I won't get my salary until Friday next week, but I'm seriously considering getting this, especially because I even have a coupon. :D

If you buy it, please show us what it's like! *puppy eyes*

A coupon? Lucky you? I'll have to buy it online since we don't have Artdeco in Finland. And of course I'll show it to you if I buy it :) I won't get my salary until April 15th though (student aid comes before that but I guess I won't spend it on makeup, haha).

I was just wondering, where is your email? Have you written it yet? I don't want to push you, I'm just scared that it's been lost somewhere in the process. :D

(If you're interested, go check my blog for my hair extensions! I love them!)

This Art Deco beauty box looks really good! :-)I only had a simple one but it was broken unfortunately - so you should really inspect the one you would like to buy.
What else, what else....oh, I remember - you were asking about coconut-scented cosmetics. Did you ever try Freeman? A few days ago I saw a body lotion with Coconut and Guava in Schlecker and I immediately thought of you. :-)
As for meeting, I hope we can do it really soon - I will have to see how fast my skin will heal. This Wednesday I go to Bársony because of the lasering my cosmetic tattoo and the last time I went, I looked after it like sy who came from the butcher's. :-)

Sagu, I checked out the Beauty Box in Douglas yesterday: it is indeed around $13.5-$14 (2690 HUF). I didn't buy it 'cause I only had enough money with me to sit down in a café with one of my old teacher colleagues, but my resolve to get it is stronger than ever. :-)))
(Oh and I also saw an Artdeco lipgloss that was to die for: it was a sort of pinkish-apricot with copper and gold shimmer. Gawd, it was beautiful...!!! :-D I get my salary on April 2nd so I guess I'll be raiding Douglas very soon. (Or Müller, if I'm very patient: that's where my -20% coupon is valid but only from April 9...)

I'll be sending the e-mail later today! ;-)

There are several types available now in the Douglas on the first floor of Westend: the one with the butterflies, a black one with some intricate and elegant patterns on it, and a purplish-pinkish one with swirls, dots and tendrils. They're all pretty, and I might have even bought the black one if I hadn't already had my eyes set on those pretty butterflies. :-D

Hey, guess what: I saw that Freeman body lotion in Tesco the other day, but then I spotted my fave foot cream and scrub that I hadn't been able to find anywhere for ages, and all thoughts of coconuts and body-lotions were forgotten. I was ecstatic to find them again, I'll post about them soon. :)

Let me know when you're up for a chat then. :-)

I have to check these boxes out. :-) I might even buy the black one - it will be your fault if I go bankrupt because I spend all my salary on cosmetics! :)))
My new favourite products are from Eveline cosmetics, they have a really good INCI, beginning with centella asiatica, gingko biloba,caffeine etc.


"it will be your fault if I go bankrupt because I spend all my salary on cosmetics"

Ooops... *in a totally unrepentant tone* :-DDD

Oooh, thanks for reminding me! I read your comment about Eveline on the Krémmárka-thread; it really piqued my interest. How much was that anti-cellulite cream exactly? Never mind, I'll check it out tomorrow. :-) In my mind I've already spent my next salary and even accumulated a nice debt. :-D

The Eveline anti-cellulite cream was about 1500-1800 Ft, it has centella asiatica in the 3. place, which is really good, especially for a drugstore cosmetics.
And I read about your 'future' Art Deco lipgloss - I just bought a Bourjois 3D lipgloss, in a similar colour. Great minds think alike... :-)
At least it will be a small compensation for a bad news - I applied for a job at IBM in Ireland but I didn't succeed. :-(

Izar, my dearest,


So how are you going to celebrate today? Any special plan? Going out with friends? Treating yourself buying cosmetics...? :-) I truly hope you'll enjoy today and am looking forward to your next post...! :-)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my girl! :-)


PS A package is on its way to you (I don't wanna complain, but such a lightweight package cost me 9 euro as for postage, outrageous...! Damn the Belgian Post!), please let me know when you get it! ^_^

Dearest Fan,

Thank you!!! *glomp*


I'm just celebrating with my family, nothing special really. We had some really nice traditional Hungarian food, cake, and Tokaji white wine, I got some tulips too, but I'm going to do my real birthday shopping next weekend: there'll be 20% discounts in many stores, so I'm planning to buy that Artdeco compact then, and get some new clothes too. (And who knows what else...? :-))

Tomorrow, my Mum will drive me to Müller, and I'll finally get a chance to look around there a bit. :-) We might also watch a movie if something manages to pique my interest.

Today, I only bought myself some beads I'll use to make myself some new pieces of jewelery. I'll post pictures when they're ready. :-)

Also, thank you so much for the B-Day package, you're incredibly sweet! *hug,hug,hug* That postage is absolutely crazy! Let's see... that amount would pay for a 500 gr package if you used the Hungarian Post, and you'd get some money back. It's still crazy...

You really shouldn't have, but I thank you so very much, and I'm looking forward to it of course. Will let you know when I get it!

Thanks again, Fan, you're awesome! :-)))

Lots and lots of love,

Ladybird, here's proof that I'm totally blind... I'm so sorry for not responding earlier, especially because you really deserve a big-big comforting hug. I'm truly sorry you didn't get that job: it sounded so wonderful. But I'm pretty sure (No, wait: I'm dead certain.) that the ideal job will soon come your way and you'll find a place where you truly feel you belong and where you can grow professionally.

Btw, which shade was that Bourjois gloss exactly? ;-)))

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