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Hey everybody!

<-- Just to help you imagine how I'm feeling right now.

Packages are slowly trickling in and our mailman is a very happy camper indeed. (However, the purse I keep my spare change in isn't...)

Therefore, I shall endeavor to tear myself away from Iain M. Banks' sci-fi masterpiece Excession and give you a quick review of what I got.

First one to arrive this week was Fan's yummy package. Now come my dear Readers and feast your eyes on those beautifully wrapped little boxes. :-D

The first one I opened literally made me squeal: it was a Smashbox Tokidoki eyeshadow quad and believe it or not, I've been wanting to try a grey that shade for ages. Also, I've been wanting a small compact that I can carry around and check my makeup in, and lo and behold Fan read my mind and sent me the perfect one: it's cute and black (almost), it's small but big enough that it gives a sufficient view of my face and it's actually pretty light too. Like I said: P-E-R-F-E-C-T. Also, the contents are perfect for creating a one-color wash on my lids (I haven't really managed to blend them well) and are very versatile.

I also got a Max factor foundation, but alas, it's too pink for me. So pink in fact that I'm actually considering using it as a blush. :-D

The third item is really amazing too: a full set of Rummy cards, each with a picture of some famous sight in Belgium. My parents and I went over it on Monday evening and couldn't stop oohing and aahing over the exquisite buildings, parks, landmarks and monuments we saw depicted on them. Yep, Belgium is now officially on my list of "Must visit!" places. :-))

Each of the three gifts was a truly delightful surprise Fan and I thank you for making this holiday season so much more special for me with your presents. *hug*


BTW, I got my package from Silk Naturals yesterday.
I watched the mailman make his rounds at the neighboring houses from the window, and I swear if I weren't so shy I would have actually gone out and stalked him all morning...

There were some lippies and eyeshadows in there for me, and I'm warning you that there's going to be some serious gushing done about 'Bitten' here on Binary Star the minute the weather clears and lets me take some good shots of it. For now, let it be enough that I love-love-looooove 'Bitten' to death and have just found another Holy Grail lippie, one I definitely won't be without anytime in the foreseeable future. (I knew I'd love it, but I didn't know my feelings would reach such levels of adoration and complete infatuation. I'm only reining myself in now because if I don't, I'll have exhausted my vocabulary of superlatives before I actually get a chance to review it.)

Also, I'm really excited about the 'Eyelash Conditioning Gel': it's supposed to facilitate the growth of eyelashes which would be great as I generally hate mascaras that lengthen and give volume (I'm just weird like that...) and would appreciate having some longer, fuller lashes to enhance with my fave mascara. (BTW, I got a new supply of that too. :-D)

Till then, have a great New Year's Eve tomorrow and let me know what you got for Christmas, be it related to beauty or not. ;-)

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Such beautifully packed gifts! Lovely! :)

I've been thinking about sending you some cosmetics, too! I think you would love some lip products by the Finnish brand Lumene (and its daughter brand Lumene Natural Code, which isn't any more natural, it's just the name). Lumene NC's glosses are one of my favorites, such beautiful shades and scent :)

Bitten sounds awesome! You have to swatch those lippies as soon as possible!

Hey Sagu!

You're a real darling, Lumene seems like a brand I'd love, and of course lippies are always welcome in the Izar household. :-)) *hug*
BTW, have you tried or heard about their Blueberry Curl Mascara? I read some really good reviews about it on MUA and it sounds a lot like my fave Clinique Naturally Glossy in that it doesn't clump and doesn't give one tarantula lashes, just a nice tint and some definition. :-)

We'll have to postpone this exchange though because I'm totally broke at the moment and will remain so until I find myself a job. And I really want to send you some stuff too: I remember you were interested in Alverde products too, so I was thinking you'd like their Macadamia nut body butter and I'm sure I could find you some other goodies too. :))

One again, you're incredibly sweet and thank you! ^_^

Lots of love,

Hi! *hug* I've heard a lot of compliments about the Blueberry Curl mascara, but I haven't tried it myself. I think I should, though, since now they have a waterproof version of it, too. At the moment I prefer waterproof mascaras because of the weather, it's so wet and snowy all the time :D I think you would like the mascara, at least it's cheaper than the Clinique one (about 10 euros).

I hope you'll get a job soon! Being broke is so uncomfortable. I don't have too much money either, but because of the student aid I'm able to pay my part of our rent and buy food (and some makeup, too!)

I would love some Alverde products :) The body butter would be awesome, and maybe a cleansing milk of some sort, for dry skin? Do they have one?

Hey! I'm not a fan of waterproof mascaras (they make my lashes kinda brittle), but I aknowledge their usefulness when one is trying to escape the rain and snow in the winter. :-)

Sure Alverde has a great cleansing milk, I've been using that for removing makeup for a while and I absolutely love it! I wrote about it here. ;-) I sent a mini size bottle to Fan too so we'll see how she'll like it. :)

I sometimes look back to when I was a student and realize to my greatest amazement that I bought more cosmetics back then than I do now!!! O_o I swear I could just afford it better...

Well, whatever, I'll definitely announce if/when I get a job and run to the nearest DM store to get you some goodies. :-)))

I have read your post about the cleansing milk earlier and it sounds wonderful, I was just wondering if it suits dry skin :) It's great that it does! My skin is getting SO dry lately, today I noticed some dry patches on my cheek. Eeek! I have to get a more effective face moisturizer!

Hola Izar, :-)

Oooh girl I'm so glad that you liked my gift and I'm sorry to hear that the Max Factor PanStik doesn't suit your skintone. I actually forgot that you have an olive understone... :-(

And I got your package too, it was almost a week ago and I didn't have much time to reply you properly... Sorry. :-( I wonder why I'm always so busy around the end of the year...

Anyway, I truly wish you and your family and your beloved ones a happy new year and you can expect an email from me in one week...! :-)

Warm greetings from Belgium,

Sagu, that cleansing milk is perfect for dry skin. :) It actually says so on the label, but stupid me forgot to mention that in the post... *bonks herself on the head*
I'm sorry I can't be of much help concerning dry skin though: mine is an oil slick most of the time, and my moisturizer is an industry strength B5-hyaluronic acid gel (a home-made replica of Skinceuticals' own concoction), and pretty much nothing else. Then again, something like that (stuff that binds water, e.g.: hyaluronic acid, glycerine, urea) and a cream that has some plant oil in it would probably do the trick for you. :)

Hi there Fan!

Nah, don't worry for a second: I know quite a few girls with a makeup addiction and beige skin, so I'm sure that foundation stick's gonna find a loving home soon. :-) And I was positively delighted by your other gifts. *hug*

Now that you've got your package I think I'm gonna send you a brief e-mail describing what they are (I don't know about the German label on them, but I'm pretty sure that Hungarian one doesn't help you much ^_^).
"I wonder why I'm always so busy around the end of the year... "
See, that's an excellent question, I'd like to know the answer to that myself: I have places to go, people to see, private students to correspond with and explain things to on MSN, so I'm pretty busy myself. :-) Don't worry for a second, write whenever you have the time. *hug*

I too wish you and your beloved a very happy new year!

Lots of love,

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