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Hi gals!

I'm back!

I spent most of last week in our summer cottage continuously whacking my brain over what I did wrong in the process of changing my blog's template, and what was still to be done, fingers itching to get near a PC with Internet access. That, of course, is pretty much out of the question in Horány, so only today could I finally smooth things out here. (And to my great annoyance, some things are still not perfect...)

Thank you for your lovely comments on Binary Star's new look, everybody! It was a great surprise to arrive home to such positive reception of the new template. :-)

Take a look around the InfoCreek Blog, where you can find many other great templates, most of them available for Blogger.


Izar © 2008

There's a lip-gloss I've been "lemming" for a while now, as is obvious if you read some of my earlier posts mentioning it.

It's Bourjois's Les Cocktails d'3D Effet in Rouge Sunset (27), and as it turns out, it's just as gorgeous as I imagined it to be.

I bought it a few weeks ago on, together with another gloss from the same line, Cassis Tropical (26), and because Bagaela was eager for me to review them, here they are. (Hope you'll like it, dear! ^_^)

Izar © 2008


Izar © 2008

This one has always tickled my fancy more than Cassis Tropical, and for good reason. Just as I expected, Bourjois' Rouge Sunset is a shade that matches olive skintone perfectly, probably because this particular skintone has yellow and green undertones. As you probably know, green and red are complementary colors, meaning they contrast with each other and make each other more bright and vivid. Now, I imagine that if a woman with olive skin puts on a red lipstick or gloss, both the gloss and her skin will become brighter and the two will emphasize each other.

Which is perfectly fine by me. :-)

The slight tan that I have boosts the green in my skin and this sheer red lip-gloss looks great one me.

Some of its features:

  • Color:

    Red (obviously), and very-very sheer. You want to layer this pretty heavily, otherwise you'll get very little color-payoff.

  • Texture:

    Like most Bourjois lip-glosses this one is not really sticky either, although I find that the old formula is much more smooth and moisturizing than the new one. (Rouge Sunset has the new formula already.) Well, I'm actually perfectly fine using Bourjois' glosses alone, without any kind of lip-balm, and they still don't dry my lips out.

Izar © 2008

  • Special FX:

    Bourjois claims that it:
  1. Gives exceptionally high shine

    Hmm, I don't know... Most of the time, I really cannot spot any difference between different glosses: they all seem ridiculously shiny to me (In a good way! :-)) I wouldn't, however, say that this gloss has "exceptionally high shine". Okay, maybe if you layer it on thickly, it has. But if you apply it sheer, it has a more subtle, discreet kind of shine which I prefer and which makes my lips look moisturized and healthy.

  2. Has super glossy, sheer texture that burst with color

    Oh, it's sheer all right, but that's fine by me, as I usually stay away from things that look unnatural and that are too bright. And while Rouge Sunset does burst with color (Yeah, in the tube... it almost has a neon glow...), I can't say the same about Cassis Tropical. (I see a kind of paradox between being sheer and bursting with color anyway...)

  3. Helps plump up lips for a fuller, sensational look
    Nope. Does only what all lip-glosses do: optically enhances one's lips and makes it look a bit more plump and full.
  • Applicator:

    Has the usual precision brush applicator that I love so much about Bourjois lipppies. As someone who's usually not afraid take a brush in her hands and use it, I welcome this kind of application technique, because it allows for greater precision and better control over layering on the product.

  • Price:

    I can't really say anything about this as I bought mine on E-Bay for 5.5 GBP (including shipping), but you can also get it on for 14 USD (with free shipping), and I guess the original retail price is 15.5 USD. (For which amount I would probably not buy it...)

What remains now is for me to show you how it looks on my lips. :-)

Izar © 2008


Izar © 2008

Cassis Tropical is obviously a more berryish shade, and again, quite transparent. It reminds me a lot of two other Bourjois lip-glosses, both fairly sheer: Framboise Energetic (11) and Framboise Excentric (98). It gives the same my-lips-but-better look: just a hint of berry/rose tint and some not over-the-top shine. From the above mentioned two glosses I prefer No.98 (discontinued), so I was very happy to discover that Cassis Tropical is a pretty good replacement for it.

What I wrote about Sunset Rouge stands for this gloss too (except the color part), but I got this one for 4.25 GBP, which I think is pretty cool in itself, and more so because they don't seem to be available in Hungary. *insert picture of Izar banging her head into the wall* :-)

Finally, let's see these glosses in action!

Izar © 2008

Questions, comments about Bourjois Les Coctails glosses? Don't spare me! ^_^  

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7 megjegyzés

*looks around* This place is cozy. I am in love!! Beautiful Izar. I know you worked hard on your template so kudos to youuuu.

And that lippie looks beautiful.You have gorgeous lips!

I like the looks of both glosses. I always have a soft spot for berries that are translucent!

xo Grayburn


Thanks! Glad you like the new template (and my lips too ^_^).
It wasn't really hard: just installing the template and re-creatng all my previous widgets. But I'm glad it's done now. Mostly...



I like berries too, but I'm more taken with this sheer red gloss now, probably because I've never had a red lip-gloss before. ^_^


Thank you so much for your nice and kind comment dear.

Love the pictures with your lips, you've great lips, not too thin, not too large, hmmm... I'm glad you're showing at least a bit of yourself, gorgeous girl. *hug*

Like Grayburn I like the looks of both glosses.

And I'm keeping the link to those templates, for a day that I would want to change, for now I'm done.

Sorry again I'm behind e-mail, but I think you understand....


Absolutely! :)
I love Your review and the glosses to! :)
The best is that there aren't any tiny-sparkles in the glosses, that coul ruin the tone of the glosses. Iguess I'm in love with clear glosses since I've purcased my chanel gloss.
(and ohh, Bourjois is the little-sister of Chanel :) )
And You have beautiful lips! ;)



Holy-moly! That's what I forgot to rave about: how much I love the fact that these glosses don't have any sparkles in them. I too prefer clear glosses over sparkly-shimmery ones, because they're just more comfortable to wear and more natural.

That Chanel gloss is amazing, by the way; congrats for it! Guess both companies are great at coming up with great ideas for glosses, and they probably get inspiration from each other. :)

Aww, thank you! *blushes* I'm always complaining that they are so small, but my Mum always corrects me and says they are "petite"... ^_^


Aww, you're welcome, and thank you for your kind compliments! ^_^


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