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I promised you yesterday that I would soon return to the DM store in Europark and get some more Alverde makeup. Today, after teaching, I went and got myself a lipstick in Shiny Terra and a lipgloss in Cool Red. I also managed to look around a bit better, and I already have a few other Alverde makeup items on my list of things to buy in the near future.

In this post you'll find:

  • reviews of all three products I've bough so far
  • the ingredients list of Alverde's makeup line
  • a list of prices in Hunagarian Forint (for my curious Hungarian visitors)

This is what I have so far.

Izar © 2008

Well, I'm happy to report that I've found yet another HG lip product.

Allow me to introduce
Alverde's lipgloss in Cool Red (14)
. :-)

Izar © 2008

I think I've been dreaming of a lipgloss like this all my life, I just didn't know it. Yes, yes, I know, it wasn't so long ago that I couldn't stop raving about EDM's Cozy Night lipgloss, but this one's even better.

This gloss is like having jojoba oil on your lips: extremely moisturizing, and as sticky as previously mentioned oil. (That is, it's not sticky at all. The wind could be raging, and you could have all your hair blown into your face, and you still wouldn't have to move a finger to extricate it from the clutches of your lipgloss.)

Also, it's somewhat more pigmented than EDM's Cozy Night and more glossy as well, though still not so much as to look unnatural. Colorwise it's very similar to Cozy Night: a beautiful plum red with a barely there cool undertone, which only serves to counteract the warm one, making this a perfectly natural my-lips-but-better shade. It's also a somewhat brighter shade, which makes it a cross between EDM's Cozy Night and Bourjois' Rouge Sunset.

Here, take a look! :-)

I couldn't detect any kind of taste (good thing in my book), but it did make me raise an eyebrow by smelling exactly like Mum's moisturizer (Sante Feuchtigkeits Creme Bio-Sanddorn + Papaya). It's not an unpleasant scent, however, so I just shrugged it off and kept admiring it in the mirror. ^_^

Alverde Lipstick
Shiny Terra (14)

Izar © 2008

This one looked so much better in the store... (Oh how many women had uttered this sentence before me!)

It's a brownish-mauveish-beigeish mix with subtle shimmer. (Do forgive me for raping the English language like that...)

Also, it's a bit on the dry side, and when I got home, my lips were in no condition to wear lipstick, yet I put this on, because I couldn't wait to see what it was like. Well, guess what you get if you mix cracked lips with a dry lippie... After thoroughly exfoliating my lips and applying a little lipbalm (LUSH Chocolate Whipstick), I gave it another go and was pleasantly surprised to see that I finally have a pretty beige lipstick to go with smokey-eyes.

Izar © 2008

Alverde Kajal Eyeliner Braun (03)

Izar © 2008

Okay, it was sharper when I bought it, but I've used it since then, and it's lost a bit from its tip.

My least favorite of the three, which is probably because I'm not a fan of eyeliner (I just felt I needed to have one), and also because of the following reasons:

  • It's just too soft for my liking and so the fine tip disappears already on first application. (It had only been used once when I took the above picture.)
  • Do NOT use this on your waterline!!! First, because it isn't stated anywhere on the pencil that it's suitable to be used there, and second, because it disappears almost immediately after you apply it there. And that's because...
  • ... it's not waterproof. Sure, I didn't expect it to be, but I've had other cheap and natural non-waterproof eyeliners hold up much better when coming in contact with water. Oh well, it's not like I'll use this very often anyway...

Thanks to an anonymous reader, we now have access to the ingredients list of Alverde's makeup line. It's in PDF format, and you can download it here from Drogerie-Markt's official website.

Back in the store I had the chance to test a few more products and make a mental list of the things I want to get soon. One of them is their pressed powder, which has a very pretty compact case and is more a bronzer than an actual powder. It's even called Golden Bronze (or something like that), and has very visible shimmer in it.

I would also like to buy a few more lipglosses (there are five shades: Pearl, Pastel Rose, Pink, Cool Red, and a brown one, the name of which I cannot remember), and maybe a lipstick or two: Apricot and Ruby Red maybe.

I'm not very interested in their mascaras: their formula is quite thin and runny, which I hate because it tends to clump and smudge like hell.

Their eyeshadows and blushes don't excite me much either, as I have way too many of this kind of makeup already, thanks to Everyday Minerals, and what I have will probably last me a lifetime.

Their stick concealers come in two shades (yellowy ones, thank goodness) but are too hard and not pigmented enough for my liking, and their liquid concealers are just different shades of beige and would probably not work with my skintone at all. The same goes for their foundations: they're too pink and look too much like tinted moisturizer to me.

Finally, here's a list of prices in HUF and if you check this page out, you'll find them in Euros as well. (And you'll also find photos and swatches of products I didn't review in this post.)

  • blush, 2 shades (arcpirosító, 2 féle) 999.-
  • mascara, 2 shades (szempillaspirál, 2 féle) 899.-
  • concealer with a doe-foot applicator, 2 shades (ecsetes korrektor, 2 féle) 849.-
  • liquid foundation, 3 shades (krémes alapozó, 3 féle) 1199.-
  • powder compact, 2 shades (kompakt púder, 2 féle) 1199.-
  • lipstick, 8 shades (ajakrúzs, 8 féle) 799.-
  • lipliner, 4 shades (szájkontúrceruza, 4 féle) 599.-
  • lipgloss, 5 shades (szájfény, 5 féle) 899.-
  • eyeshadow, 6 shades (szemhéjpúder, 6 féle) 999.-
  • eyeliner, 5 shades (szemceruza, 5 féle) 599.-
  • pressed powder (kőpúder) 1399.-

Anyone ever tried these? What's your opinion?


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What a great post my dear.
well I've never tried Alverde products... :(


These products look very much like the Sally Hansen Natural Beauty line.

Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to write a comment over at my place, I highly enjoyed reading it! It's nice to know a little about other countries as well! Such a shame that you have the patriotism problem too.

I would very much like to go to Hungary. We should have this kind of "beauty blogger exchange program", lol!


hope all is well!

Are you still alive????
Hope everything is ok!!!

I gave you two awards, please check my blog.

Once again, here I am curious to know are these suitable for vegetarian as well?

Hi Purplefringed!

As far as I know, all Alverde products are vegetarian if their ingredients list is anything to go by. Some of their make-up contains Lauryl Lactate (some form or derivative of lactic acid) and beeswax: both may be a concern for you only if you're vegan.

I hope that helps. :)

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