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I don't have much time to write today, so I'll just bring you up-to-date on things.

The reason you haven't heard from me for a good while is that I've been having some trouble with my eyes recently.

You see, about six years ago it turned out that my retina likes to detach itself from the surrounding tissue and gets a kick out of scaring me to death by producing small holes and tears near the periphery. Nothing that modern medicine cannot deal with though: the doctor has to seal the many layers of the retina together by burning the area around the tear with a highly focused laser beam, which will leave scars on the tissue, which will, in turn, keep those layers together and basically makes sure that I don't become blind anywhere in the near future.

A few weeks ago I noticed a slight loss in my field of vision and had to have another laser surgery. It's not serious in the sense that it only takes about 5-10 minutes, and patients are allowed to go home right after the treatment (mostly just to recover from the splitting headache caused by the flashes of intense light...), but I really didn't want to take a risk by reading more than necessary. The rapid eye movement that accompanies reading is not something that's very good for a freshly burned retina, so I had to cut down on it and do only as much as was essential for my job as a teacher...

Anyway, I'm back now, and have lots of new stuff to report on, but I postpone that to Friday, because it's 22:17 here in Budapest, and I still have some housework to do, and hope to get in a good eight hours of sleep as well. :-)

I just want to thank my dear friend Grayburn for the quick message she sent me two days ago: you're great and thank you for thinking about me! A "Thank you!" and a big hug to Seeker for another award she gave me a few weeks ago. I haven't forgotten about it, and of course, I'm honored. *hug*

Another big, big hug goes out to Bagaela, who sent me a parcel full of "yummy" stuff which, in my case, can only be cosmetics. I got a very generous sample of ArtDeco's famous eyeshadow base and lots of Bioderma samples (mostly sunscreen). Among them, there was a 5 ml sample of Bioderma's Sensibio Light moisturizer, which I liked so much that I bought the full size product a few days ago, and I'm really very happy with it, so thank you dear! More on Bioderma soon!

Another great piece of news is that starting today the long-awaited Alverde make-up line is finally available in Hungary. I saw the stand in a nearby Drogerie Markt store and quickly checked out the products. My first impressions:

  • The packaging and design is really cute, looks even better in real life.
  • Not many colors to choose from, but hey, this is not Chanel, or Bourjois, or EDM...
  • People in the Alverde laboratory obviously haven't heard about olive skintone yet...
  • The lip products (especially the glosses) feature some really natural colors: I can hardly wait to go back tomorrow and buy a few items!
  • Their kohl eyeliner pencils are a bit too soft for my liking, but they're very pigmented. (Yeah, I got myself a brown one today.)

I also bought a facial cleanser by Clinians, containing mandelic acid: I think it'll be my morning cleanser as it's very gentle, but I didn't have much luck with it when trying to remove makeup. (I didn't expect it to perform well in that area, so that's okay.)

Whew! So much for today, I guess. Talk to you tomorrow! Till then, I'll let you have a few glimpses into my life nowadays. ;-) Enjoy!

Lots of love,

Poppy Field

I never thought I'd find the perfect poppy field in a cemetery.

Peony Bud

This was taken not so much in summer but in sping.

Pink Peony

I swear I saw a fairy sleeping in there somewhere. ^_^


A solitary dahlia sunbathing in our garden.

On Our Way Home

Mum and I visited Visegrád, a famous city not far from our summer cottage (okay, not far if you go by car), and got caught in the rain on our way home.

Perfect As It Is

So some are a bit withered and dry.

So they're not perfect.

Or are they...?




While waiting for the ferry, I spotted cornflowers in the grass. Good thing I had my camera with me.


Everything is so pure after a warm summer rain.

Miss Munchkin

No need for words. ^_^

Just A Few More Minutes...

... and I'll be home with my family. Waiting for the ferry to come and take me to Horány, a summer resort on Szentendre Island surrounded by the River Danube on both sides.

Cat In The Bed

On an unusually cool summer day, Munchkin decided that my bed is the perfect place to get cozy and warm. We weren't happy...
Okay, scratch that. My parents weren't. I, on the other hand, could not whip my camera out fast enough, and shooed both of them away to take a some pictures in peace. :-)

Come Closer

What would a budding photographer do without macro...? ;-)

Coconut Scones

My preciousssssssss.... My second attempt at baking (the first one was kinda forgettable, though the family gobbled it up), and I'm proud to say it's my own recipe. And that it was gobbled up even faster than the first batch. :-)


Third attempt, this time a traditional Scottish cookie. This one's yummy too, just tastes a little bit like ghee (I think I used way too much butter).  

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Oh my, this thing with Your eyes is crazy! I think one of my in-law realtives has the same problem. So take care of Your eyes!
Sorry for the lot of sunscreens, but I haven't received my samples for the autumn/winter promo-period :(
I had to get in the DM today, and when I saw the Alverde makeups, You were the first person who came in my mind :)
That cat, Miss Munchkin, OMG! :D :D
And I wanna eat cookies, too bad it's so late and I dont have any here at home...:(

Oh my dear, I'm glad to hear about you, but I'm worried about your eyes. Oh Gosh, I hope everything goes well, and you take care with them. They're a precious thing we have.

Miss Munchkin is soooooo cute, love it.

Beautiful pictures dear :)

Take good care of you darling, and keep in touch when you can.

Lots of love


"Sorry for the lot of sunscreens, but I haven't received my samples for the autumn/winter promo-period :("

Are you kidding?! I loved them!!! :-D I've always been curious about all the different sunscreens that Bioderma manufactures, and now I finally had the chance to satisfy my curiosity. And I could also pass some of them to my Mum to try. *hug*

Yeah, I'm the resident Alverde girl... Yeesh, the sheer amount of advertising I've done for them over the years surely qualifies me as one... :-)

Glad you like my kitty-pooo! Her name is Flontyi actually, but I had to come up with an alternative name for my non-Hungarian readers, and when I write or think about her in English, I always call her Munchkin, so... ^_^

I really wish I could have all my beloved readers over for some cookies and milk. That'd be so much fun!

It's so great to talk to you, and thanks again for the samples: they really made my day!

Take care!


This whole thing does wear me down, though not physically, rather emotionally. But hey, it's probably another good few years until it tears again, so I'm okay now. It's just all my hobbies, everything I'm passionate about involves using my eyes, which is why it's so difficult to go easy on them...

Anyway, cheer up everyone, I'm okay now! ^_^

Miss Munchkin thanks you for the compliments and says "Mrrrowwrr.", whereas I thank you for liking my pics. :)

I'll be here more often from now. This is not how I planned things as I have so many stuff to talk about, but that's life for you.

Hugs and kisses, ;-)

oh sweetie, that must have been rough. But i'm so glad that you're back and writing again cause i've missed it!

i came across a line of makeup that was natural but was being sold cheap at a health food store the other day. it's so sad to see that but i think the reason they're closing down is because they also don't realized there are many tones of skin out there! shame cause some of the textures are great!

beautiful pics! they're really cheerful :)

take care sweetie & talk again soon,

hey woman! its been a while, ilove the pics and those cookies look yummy!

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