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Autumn usually sees me retreat back into myself, and this year has not been any different. Also, I started working as an English teacher back in March and because I work for a language school lacking a teachers' room and the constant presence of supportive colleagues I have been trying to acquire the tricks of this profession all by myself, mostly from the Internet, various methodology books, from the brief chats with fellow teachers upon our occasional encounters, but mostly through trial and error, a hard but highly effective "teacher".

I can already hear you asking: "But aren't you a qualified teacher already? I mean you have a degree and all..."


My mentors at university used to say that when one graduates, one is not yet a teacher. We need a minimum of one year's practice in a secondary school to learn to use all that theoretical knowledge in our heads with readiness and to develop essential teaching skills. We progress under the constant supervision and guidance of our mentor teacher and work our way through five to seven classes every day. These conditions I just don't have in the language school I work for, so for me the learning process will be slightly more difficult and protracted.

I had been focusing all my attention on learning the craft until but a few days ago when I realized that neglecting those things which bring me joy is more of a hindrance than an asset. Having someone living hundreds of miles away from me being concerned about my absence and taking the time to call out to me is a real eye-opener, it seems. ;-)

Blogging has always been an invaluable source of inspiration and joy for me, a fact I regrettably allowed myself to forget in the past two months. However, I have come to realize that I cannot completely neglect certain aspects of my self as that will inevitably affect my overall emotional well-being. To be good at something does not necessarily mean one has to put everything else aside. All the happiness that pours in from one side of your life will surely flow into other areas and balance them.

In other words, you can expect Binary Star to come to life once more and see me pop up on your wonderful blogs, showering you with comments. :-) Please welcome me back to the fold, I'd be so glad to be a part of the great community of beauty-bloggers! (And if you've been tagged but don't know who to tag, remember me waving my arms saying "Me, me, me!" :-D))

Lots of love to all of you,

Munchkin sends her love too! ^_^


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I've been worried with you, moreover I've eard some news about the crisis in your country.

I was preparing to sent you an e-mail, but my life has been also very busy...

Oh, I'm so glad to hear from you, my love.

Keep in touch, when you feel like it or have time.

Big hug!!!!


Hi Seeker!! :-D

You're sweet really, but I'm okay. ^_^ Just got a bit sidetracked by figuring out how to be a teacher. Can't say I've succeeded yet...

To be quite honest, our economy has been in such a steep decline over the years that I feel this economic crisis can't really show us anything new... Okay, I know it can and it will, but we haven't really felt its effects yet, though I'm sure we will, and very soon.

A big hug to you too! We'll talk more on your blog. :-)


Oh I'm so glad you're back sweetie! So good to hear that you're fine and eventhough it has been tough, you'll persevere.

I'm so excited that you've ordered SN lippies and can't wait to see if you like them as well (and they deliver damn fast!). I feel that the swatches are more intense on the site as Sweet Nothing swatches more sheer on me. I'm honestly crazy about these and am thinking of collecting almost all of them. I haven't gotten one that I didn't like yet and I think it's because most of the lippies are 'brown' based.

Welcome back!

x Grayburn

Grayburn, hi!

Thanks dear, you're a doll! ^_^

Wow, good to hear all those praises about SN: they reinforce me that I've made the right move in ordering from them.

Mmmm, 'brown-based' is gooooood: it makes things more natural and versatile. :)

I want to thank you sweetheart, all the comments you left in my blog, the kind and supportive words.

I feel so touched by your sweet friendship. Oh, I missed you a lot!!!!!!!

Big hug

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