Update on Alverde Make-up and New Brands in Hungary  

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Hi gals!

Back in February I wrote about Alverde's new make-up line, which back then was not yet available in Hungary. Well, it still isn't, but to all of you who were interested back then I can tell that according to the people at the Hungarian Drogerie Markt, Alverde's make-up items are going to be introduced here on 4th September.

On another note: I recently blogged about the arrival of my most anticipated brand Bobbi Brown to Hungary, and how Douglas is planning to bring in a few other brands as well. Now we know what they are:

  • Bobbi Brown (make-up)
  • La Mer (skincare)
  • Giorgio Armani (make-up)
  • Kanebo (skincare and make-up, but only in August)
  • Rancé (fragrances)
  • Yves Saint Laurent (skincare and make-up)
  • Frederic Fekkai (haircare)

The list looks really exciting! I'll keep you posted!


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yayy! I'm glad you get Bobbi Brown now! I LOVE Fekkai stuff so I hope you enjoy it!

Me too Jaimie, thanks! :-)

It's my first week back at work now, but I hope I'll have some free time to check out all that new stuff, and then I'll report back on them.

They didn't sell YSL before? But it was available in here...I guess I saw it in the Marionnauds.
Ouh, nice to have Kanebo in here :)

YSL as a new brand was listed in the latest Douglas newsletter, so I guess it's only new to them. I was never really interested in the brand (Mum's YSL perfume makes me leave the room...), so I wouldn't really know. ^_^

Mmm, Kanebo, however, is a nice surprise, I agree. I've always been curious about their products. :)

So exciting! Let us know as soon as you've checked them out! Fekkai has wonderful hair stuff!

x Grayburn

Glad that you can buy "new" brands now, and do your great reviews about them. ;)

Hope everything is ok,.


I gave you a “diamond”… check my blog for details ;)


Love Bobby brown )))

My compliments on the new look - and thanks for your very sweet comment. I'd been so nervous to post any personal photos...

Hey, I've got a little surprise for you in my blog. :)
Talk latter

Oooh, Bobbi Brown! I'm hoping for us here in Sweden to get it soon! Just wanted to say hi, and how interesting with a Hungarian blog! My husband is of Hungarian heritage! The Wiszmeg family here :)

Many hugs from Sweden!


Hi honey! I'll definitely let you know, and now I'm soooo tempted to get me some Frederic Fekkai stuff (something for unruly hair would be wonderful...), but I'm kinda broke these days (= most of my students are away on their summer holidays).
Maybe in September. ^_^

Take care!


Hey dear!
You're awesome! Thank you for both awards, I promise I'll get to giving out mines soon.

Hugs by the dozen,
Izar :-)



Thanks for dropping by and especially for letting me know you did. :-) I can hardly wait to try their stuff, but they're pretty expensive here in Hungary, and like I said above, I'm a just teeny-weeny bit broke at the moment. I haven't given up on it though, I'll just have to postpone it till later.

Come back soon!



You're welcome! And you shouldn't have been: you're truly beautiful. ^_^


Yay, thanks for the comment!
Aww, I feel for you: there are still so many things we don't have here in Hungary, and it just sucks. But I'm pretty confident you'll get it very soon: maybe they're trying to expand now and you'll be next. ;-)

Now, off to visit your blog. ^_^

Come back soon!


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