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UPDATE (2008-09-05):

Yay! Alverde's new makeup line is finally available in DM stores in Hungary. I bought my first items in the DM store in Europark (a mall in the southern part of Budapest).

They're worth checking out, because there are some really good products among them. (E.g.: Their lipgloss in Cool Red 14: wonderfully natural plum red with a sheer texture. It's absolutely not sticky, more like having jojoba oil on your lips.)

Check out my new review here!

UPDATE (2008-07-28):

It's official now: Alverde's make-up line will be available in Hungary from 4th of September. Yay!!

Just a quick post to let interested parties know that Alverde has launched their very own natural makeup line. Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to test them yet as they still need to be available in Hungary, nor could I take a look at the ingredients list. However, I'm very excited by this news because even though I've converted to Everyday Minerals, I'm still very interested in what my favorite brand came up with regarding makeup. :-)

Here are the three pictures I found on their official site.

And here's a page where you can find additional pictures and swatches of the products made by a lucky lady who has already had the chance to try them:

I must say I kinda like the packaging: the plant-green plastic compacts and tubes are pretty cool and nicely shaped. I'm not the Chanel type of girl, meaning I don't very much care for the sleek black packaging. I prefer colorful things like those of Bourjois or this one, even though it probably comes across to people as a bit childish. :-) ("Ooooh, pretty colors!!! Can I play with them, pweeease?")

Tell me what you think of them! If you don't like them, that's okay; tell me anyway. ;)


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On a first look I feel it very atractive, and it seems to have nice colours of makeup.

Yeah, that's nice.


Glad you think so! I can't wait to have them here in Hungary too. ^_^

After careful consideration on your comment regarding the FAFI lipstick, I ran home after work to try it on again in better lighting and I actually love it now! LOL, so thanks for encouraging me to like it, because it's real pretty!

I'm curious about these, pls let us know when you find out more ok?


you can find the INCI-list about Alverde makeups here:,property=File.pdf

Oooh I LOVE the packaging! Now I want Alverde!

This is absolutely the best stuff!!!!!!!!!!!
I´m hyper super uber sensitive to eyeshadows (and other girly stuff) and with those no problem!
I bought them today and tried them on and no itching, pain or dry feeling on my eyes! I even forgot I had them on... XD

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