Bobbi Brown Finally in Hungary!  

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UPDATE (2008-06-20):

I'm still thrilled, but today I've been to the Douglas store mentioned below, and the sales rep told me that this brand will only be available from the middle of July, along with some other brands that are new to Hungary. (She couldn't tell what brands exactly, as she wasn't told yet.)

Oh well, we shall wait...

I'm so thrilled! The Bobbi Brown brand has finally entered the Hungarian market and has been available here since the second half of June.

So far, her products can only be purchased in only place: the Douglas store at Mammut II(a mammoth-sized mall in Budapest).

The mall, by the way, is a great place for cosmetics-crazy ladies visiting Hungary: check out all the beauty stores it houses*.

As soon as I can allocate some time for investigating the beauty-stores on my list, I'll visit their counter too, and report back on what's actually available here and how I like their stuff.

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Have you ever tried any Bobbi Brown cosmetics? (Of course you have.) Did you like them? Any favorites? Share your findings with us beauty obsessed women!

* I was not payed or compensated in any way to say this, it's just my own, unbiased opinion! :-)  

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Sorry dear, I think I'm the exception to the rule, I never tried any Bobbi Brown cosmetics.


Yay!! I loooove Bobbi Brown. Be sure to check out the Shimmerbricks. They are amaziiiing for application on the cheeks, a swipe on the lids, a dab on the lips, anywhere!

Like B above, I also love their shimmerbricks and no doubt their gel eye liner. Blushes and foundations are also nice :) Oh I'm jealous cause we don't have a bobbi brown here :( I want me some!

Have fun there sweetie and report back!



Me neither, so we're in the same boat! :-) xoxoxo


Thanks for the great idea! I was a bit at a loss as to what to try 'cause I'm not familiar with the brand all. Those shimmerbricks look great! I just hope prices will remain reasonable: sometimes products are sold for ridiculous prices here, even when they're perfectly affordable elsewhere in the world...


You're kidding. We have something here in Hungary that's actually not available in the Netherlands??? Boggles the mind... :-D

Sorry, I'm not trying to rub it in, it's just that it's almost unimaginable. (But you already know that since I whine about it so much. :-))

I'm actually planning to go tomorrow between classes, and I'll make sure to tell you what I discovered. That is, if counters have actually been set up. They said "second half of June" but you never know...


Oh no way! So they're not like MAC where they release before said date (which somehow angers me just as much!)! Ok, no need to get worked up here!

Your theory about using a different facial cleanser is true. I've had to switch cleanser and double-clean even since I started with minerals. If I don't, I do get white bumps on my face. It's also because I use heavy duty sunscreen on my face so everything combined tends to be quite difficult to remove. So I'm glad that I have that Avene lotion at times to help out a little :)

I'm excited to see what other brands will be at your Douglas counters. Can I make a wild guess who will be there? I'm going to say Sue Devitt (just because we don't have it here)!

enjoy your weekend,

I wish they were... But no, here you usually have to do a bit of math before you rush out to buy something that was promised for today. (And I don't mean counting your money.) And most of the time you can bet it will only be avilable next month, or something.

Thanks for confirming my theory: I thought I'll just have to give up on MMU, but maybe this will solve the problem. Yeah, I get the white bumps first, and then they turn into small reddish kind of bumps, and then evolve into full blown cystic acne. I thought that part of my life was over, but apparently not. And yeah, all those nasty little devils on a beauty blogger's face... But hey, we're only human too! :-)

Oh, her products look fab ( must confest I haven't been familiar with this brand until now): have you ever tried them? What are they like?

I'll let all of you know when BB is here and what other brands we'll have: I'm really excited about this myself! :-)

Have a nice week,

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