Yves Rocher Neonatura Cocoon EdP  

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I bet that by now you’re pretty bored of my disappearing acts. This time, however, I have absolutely no excuse: I've just been lazy these days, focusing more on my job and on keeping the flat in a relatively habitable state. The latter one being no small feat, believe me. ;-)

I shall now attempt another spectacular comeback and tell you about my recent favorite perfume, Yves Rocher's Neonatura Cocoon. Also, I promise I'll try to catch up with my e-mails and comments, for which I'll probably only have time tomorrow.

But first, I'd like to say hello to some of my curious students in case they decide to venture into uncharted territory and visit my blog. :-)

Hi guys! :-)


Yves Rocher Neonatura Cocoon EdP

I could have given this post the title "A Little Bit of Self-Knowledge", since when it comes to perfumes you definitely need some. For years, I had been attracted to fruity, flowery and sometimes downright ethereal scents. J'Adore by Dior, Chanel Chance, Insolence by Guerlain, Very Irresistible by Givenchy are but a few of the scents I loved over the years, and let us not forget my greatest love Éclat D'Arpège by Lanvin.

Let's just admit: I'm anything but ethereal, both inside and outside. *sigh* I was never that sweet little girl-next-door with an impossible-to-wipe-off smile on her face. There's constantly some kind of conflict within me, and my mind in pretty androgynous as well. On the one hand, I love drawing, painting, making jewelry, and quite obviously I'm a cosmetics and makeup fanatic. Okay, so far that's feminine enough... On the other hand, however, I'm very much into computers, designing websites (that particular interest of mine in currently on hold though...), I can always appreciate a nice car when I see one, I used to watch Star Trek on a regular basis (when I still watched TV that is...), I like science fiction, comics, Star Wars, and have never had any problem with figuring out how an electronic gadget works. See? I'm a total geek and have quite a lot of interests that men usually possess. See? It was inevitable: sooner or later I had to realize that the above mentioned perfumes don't suit me at all.

Yves Rocher © 2008

Enter Yves Rocher's Neonatura Cocoon EdP. As the name suggests, it's a wrap-my-arms-around-you kind of scent that envelopes you in a relaxing mixture of chocolate, vanilla and patchouli, which makes it many women's so-called "comfort scent". I must admit, I'm no exception either: it makes me feel safe, calms my nerves, and keeps me that way all though the day, which is one reason I like it so much and reach for it almost every morning these days.

The other reason is that I love the duality it possesses which is a very important personality-trait of mine as well. There's the chocolate and vanilla in it, which are together responsible for it's delicious, inviting and comforting side. Note, however, that this is definitely not your average sweet and fluffy Choco Pops kinda scent. Don’t get me wrong: I have absolutely nothing against sweet and fluffy Choco Pops kinda scents, in fact, I love them, but if they’re not quite your thing, you might just want to give this one a try.

I might as well draw a parallel between Neonatura Cocoon and gourmand chocolates with a 99% cocoa content. Chocolates like those tend to make you go "Ewww" the first time you try them: they are unusually bitter, sometimes intolerably so, they have a spicy, sharp tinge and enjoy gluing your palates together. :-) However, they also have the tendency to make you want more in time: they grab hold of your tastebuds, and whisper sweet things in your ears until you can't help but go back for another small piece the next day. And another... And another... Until you eventually find yourself hating the "normal" kind and having eyes (or tastebuds in this case) only for the confection with the high weirdness-factor. Go figure... :-)

Then there's the patchouli, which is the complete opposite of the previous two: it's dry, woody, even a bit earthy, and represents the masculine side of this perfume. The two together create a mix that's pretty hard to get bored of, as the scent constantly shows you different sides of itself: one minute its chocolaty side makes you daydream and opens your heart, and in the next moment the crisp patchouli takes over and brings you back to Earth, bringing with itself a different mindset, one much more grounded and determined.

It took me a while to start caring for Neonatura Cocoon. The first time I tried it almost exactly a year ago I was disappointed by the patchouli notes and thought it would be just perfect without them. Yet, I kept sniffing my wrist all day (it's an incredibly lasting perfume!), and something must have started then, because ever since that day I had been wanting to try it again, right until about a month ago when I finally did and decided to hunt up a 5 ml version on E-Bay. I must have realized then that it's perfect the way it is: all its different aspects and the huge contrast between the two main notes make it unique and yet strangely familiar.

And hey, don't you just love the pebbly-ness of the 5 ml bottle? ;-)

Izar © 2008

In case you'd like to read a more in-depth review of this perfume, here's a link to one I thoroughly enjoyed reading from start to finish.

Has any of you ever tried this particular fragrance? What's your take on it?

Love it?
Hate it?
Or both. ^_^


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Hi dear :)
Well I never tried the Neonatura Cocoon, but you put an entusiasm on your review that I wish I could smell it right away.
And since I have also those "quite a lot of interests that men usually possess" so maybe it will suit me as well.
Besides I love chocolate and vanilla ;)

And that 5 ml bottle is soooooo cute.

I've been very much attached to Paris from YSL, but I think I need a change...

Your drawing is awesome, very much pretty like you ;)

So keep in touch whenever you can,
Take care

I can't get over how beautiful this page is, Izar. I love it! Look how darling that bottle is.

I have to test that perfume now! I love vanillas and chocolates but hate it when they get too sickly sweet. Adding patchouli is a good idea but not all patchouli smell quality. This has me curious :)

take care & xo,

B is right, your page is so pretty! welcome back, dear.

Hi Izar! First of all, I have to agree with the others; your blog is SO neat! Love the design, it's so calming.

Also, never tried the scent but loving that dainty bottle! What a nice little thing! Thanks for showing us. :)

Hay Izar!
I have to admit that I've been a bit lazy lately, but after I came back to real life and read Your post, I was stunned - guess what I was doing today after work, before reading Your post? Sniffing around, trying to find a new perfume. :)

I absolutely feel You, I'm the same - a girl who reads Assimov and loves the Battlestar Galactica, and dreaming about getting a hybrid toyota prius one day...and a makeup geek :D

I love-love-love néonatura too! It's a winter-scent for me - during summer, I stick to 'aquatick' perfumes :)

Take a look at the type of the perfumes You chose, I bet your future-favourites will /nearly/ all be 'oriental' scents, just like the Néonatura. :)

(btw, You have a little jar of artdeco eyeshadow foundation with me, somehow I should find a way to give it to You :))

Hehey! You've been hearted by me!


Hey girl, we miss you! Drop by and let us know you're doing good :)

x Grayburn

That's a really cute !!
Love your perfumes…they are simly marvelous.

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