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Hey everyone!

I hope you had a great week! (And that it was less rainy than mine... I swear, it only rains when one's on vacation, but you've already been told that by Murhpy, so I won't bother again.)

Mum and I had some business to take care of in the city center, and you'll never guess what happened: on our way back she went into a perfumery on her own to sample a pefume the name of which reminded her of an old perfume she used to own and love. My Mum. The one who practically has to be dragged into a cosmetics store by force every time I want to check something out. The one with whom I fought for years over my ever-growing collection of make-up and skincare items and from whom I (almost) hid every new product I bought. The one who still blames every catastrophe that happens in the world on cosmetics...

Yep, that one. ^_^

By the way, she was interested in the new Hermes fragrance Un Jardin Apres La Mousson.

We sampled both the old and the new version and she ended up liking the new one. We didn't buy it, but she promised herself she would when one of her businesses breaks even.

By the way, both the old and new version are exceptional for me: even hours after we sprayed them on they were not nauseating, and I can definitely imagine myself wearing them regularly, which is a rare thing for me. The new version reminds me more of a lush garden just after a spring shower, and I highly recommend it for summer. Upon sniffing the old version, my immediate reaction was: "Hmm, watermelon and something else... Aha! Black pepper!" And it turns out I was right. :-)

I'm not good at describing perfumes, both because it's difficult to begin with and they're not my biggest love, so I suggest you check out this perfume blog, where you can read a much more concise review on it than what I could provide you with.


Now that I'm done with my usual digression, let's turn our attention to what I promised to give you in this post's title.

Yep. I got it. After so many years of pining after it, I finally got it.

The Body Shop's Blueberry Body Butter. (E-Bay is a cosmetics-hungry Hungarian girl's best friend...)

Izar © 2008

I'll start with the most important thing you need to know about this product. It's a body-butter (well obviously...), and as such, you want to apply it the right way. If you've ever owned a LUSH body-butter (not a massage bar!), you probably remember that it was to be used in the shower or in the bath, under running water. You had to apply a small amount onto wet skin, massage it in and then rinse off.

The emphasis in the case of both body-butters in on "small amount" and "water". It's essential that you treat your body with TBS's Blueberry Body Butter while it's still wet, and that way you only need the tiniest amount for it to make your skin silky smooth and moisturized for a long time.

Take a look at the picture below. On my fingers is an amount that's enough for me for my arms, or my stomach and waist, or one of my legs. I only say this because I've read reviews on MUA by so many women who claimed this stuff is greasy and horribly thick that I felt I had to clear things up. Yes, if you put it on dry skin, you can bet it's going to be greasy and thick. I actually cannot imagine using it without water; it's almost impossible to do so anyway.

Izar © 2008

(Erm, yeah, I know, I have hands like that of a baby... Not very feminine, but my Dad's genes were kinda adamant in exercising their will, I guess.)

Anyway, I can't really tell you about the smell, at least I won't be able to make you imagine it, but it's juicy and spicy at the same time, much like blueberry yoghurt smells. Delicious!

Now it's effect is definitely something to rave about. What no other body-lotion, cream and butter had managed to achieve, this one had. The Body Shop's Blueberry Body Butter made my hands and my cuticles moisturized and incredibly soft right upon first application. (And keep in mind, I used the tiniest amount: probably a quarter of the size of a pea was enough.)

This body butter is something to turn to when no other product seems to be enough for your skin. After a nice shower, I put it on my skin in a very thin layer, and my entire body was smooth and hydrated all day. Sure enough, it felt just a tad heavy in 30 Celsius degrees (86 F), but this is a very thick body butter, and judging by that and the label, according to which it's meant for dry skin, it's bound to be too much for me in the summer, but will probably be perfect for my skin in winter.

Izar © 2008

All in all, The Body Shop's Blueberry Body Butter has been a great product so far, one I can highly recommend for women with dry skin and for those of you who, like me, suffer from dry, itchy skin all winter. Also, if you want to surround yourself with delicious scents (that don't last longer that two or three hours, unfortunately, but still smell wonderful), then don't pass The Body Shop's body butters up: they were made for you. ;-)


BTW, I saw Disney&Pixar's WALL-E today! I dare say it's even better than Ratatouille, and I loved that one very much, so that's really something. There's not much dialogue in it, but all the different ways in which Wall-E can say "Eeevaaaa!" (and vice versa) will surely make your heart melt. :-) If you want to see something cute, funny, exciting and visually stunning, then go and see WALL-E in your local movie theater.


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thanks so much for commenting me and all your nice comments!!! I'm adding you to my blog roll right now!


Hey girl! You're very welcome and thanks a lot!

I'm always eager to make new friends. ^_^

Take care!

Hmmm... you made me so curious about the new Hermes fragrance, I think I'll check it in a day that I'll go to the capital.

Again a great review.

Sorry darling for my absence... you know...
Hope everything is ok.


Hi, Izar!
Oh, I love all the Jardins by Hermes, they are very fresh, in my opinion they are one of the few fragrances that are wearable in a really hot summer weather. Actually the only other one that I know is Eau Parfumée au Thé Blanc by Bulgari...yep, that's about it :-)
Thanks for the WALL-E widget. my goodness the movie is so touching I actually cried :-))) I mean I don't remember when was the last time I cried wathing an animated film... about robots too :-)))))

Hey Seeker:

Oh goodie! I'll still make a beauty-addict out of you one of these days. :-D Just kidding: I know your greatest love is fashion. ^_^

Do check out that fragrance however: it's fresh and lovely, but not the "smells-like-washing-powder" kind. Mum likes clean fragrances, and I prefer fruity, gourmand ones, and this one manages to please both of us.

Don't worry about anything, just enjoy your vacation.

Take care!


Yay! There's Someone Loving on my blog!!! :-D

I too love the two I tried (I still have to try Jardin Sur Nile), and I definitely want to get one for Mum first, and then for myself.

I'll also go and try Bvlgari's fragrance: I've been looking for a good summer fragrance for so long. Something that will beguile me from my gourmand fragrances... :-)

Oh, Wall-E was sooo touching: I'm actually prone to crying over cartoons (not so much on animated movies), but this one really turned on the waterworks for me. I mean, that little robot is so adorable! I couldn't stop fawning over him/it (?) even before I saw the movie itself: every time I saw a poster I went "OMG, he's soooo cuuuute!!!" :-))) Those innocent eyes, the ways he utters "Eeeeeve...!" and that warm, innocent and goofy personality of his... *Izar has now melted away and is now nothing more than a puddle on the ground*


Makes me happy every time I think of Wall-E. ^_^

I've loved so many body butters and am now curious about strawberry! Also can't wait to see Wall-e!

x Grayburn

the fragrance is very attractive )))


Hmm, what I'd like to try next is almond, and perhaps cocoa or rich plum. ^_^
Yay, let me know when you do and what you thought about it!



Yup, just what we need in summer. :)

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