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You could say this post is waaaaaay overdue: after all, I did get some of these glosses back in April and two of them in summer. My only excuse is that priority-wise blogging has never overtaken real life for me and it has been doubly so in the last couple of months when I was trying to find a job (and failing spectacularly).

Anyway, better late than never: here are six more Silk Naturals Organic Lipglosses:

  • Soft
  • Mimosa
  • Berry Nice
  • Nectar
  • Nude Beach
  • Darling

Let's just briefly recap on what we already know about SN lippies:

  • Their most important feature is their ability to moisturize and protect lips like nothing else I've ever tried. I swear that ever since I've been using these I haven't had chapped lips. (Okay, I have, but that was because I was too lazy to apply them or forgot them at home.)
  • They are exceptionally wearable colors due to each having a tiny bit of brown base in it somewhere and to the fact that most of them are sheer and natural.
  • They come in small tubes and while initially I was somewhat frustrated by their size, I am now perfectly content with their packaging as it allows for more precise application.
  • Last but not least: I'm head over heels in love with them and will continue to hoard/use these lovelies until Karen makes them. :-) (In fact, I already have 5 more on the way.)

Now, onto the lippies themselves:


Karen's description:
"Soft is very similar to Bobbi Brown's limited edition/hard to find Clear Pink lip gloss. It's a medium toned pink with just a little bit of coverage- and no shimmer. I love it for weekends, and more informal looks. It's cool toned- but cute and wearable for just about anyone because it's essentially a sheer wash of pink. "

'Soft' is such an unassuming little thing... No wonder it wasn't my favorite at first. It's a sheer, cool (but wearable!) pink, and despite all that "Olive gals should wear warm, peachie colors!" it looks fabulous with my olive/yellow complexion. Once I gave it a try and payed proper attention to what it was trying to whisper in my ears ("Wear me, you won't regret is!") I was sold. Besides Tender, Damsel and Precious, it's my go-to color on days when I just can't decide on what I want to put on or simply want to look natural but polished. If you're new to SN, this color (along with the ones I just mentioned) is a great introduction to their lipglosses.

Rating: definitely 5 out of 5


Karen's description:
"Mimosa starts with a sheer base of peachie pink and adds really pretty golden sparkle. It's a light, fun color that's great for everyday. If you like Lovelace blush- Mimosa will be a fun one for you."

Mimosa is... weeeeeeell... Kind of a repetition of 'Foreplay' in my book, and as such it doesn't often see the light of day. It mainly just sits in my stash waiting for the day when its owner finally decides to wear it, but that day never comes. That "sheer base of peachy pink" is too sheer and the "golden sparkle" is too laid-back and invisible. Nothing to write home about, though it is a perfectly wearable shade, just a bit too boring for my taste.

Rating: 4 out of 4

Berry Nice

Karen's description:
"Berry Nice is a clone of Bobbi Brown's Raspberry Lip Gloss from the Pink Raspberry Pallette. It's completely sheer- there's no shimmer, or coverage- just a gorgeous juicy pink color. If you've tried Damsel or Sweet Nothing- it's a similar style to those- but this is a deeper berry color.

Bobbi Brown calls this color universally flattering, and we're finding it to be true- it's a gorgeous shade that should look good on just about anyone."

Okay, this one and 'Nectar' are two ends of the spectrum but very similar in one thing: they're both too dark for me. That's not Karen's fault though and indeed this lippie is a gorgeous berry shade, perfectly sheer and if it were just a hint lighter you couldn't stop me from wearing it every day. As it is, however, it's one of those lippies for me that "will work perfectly with some clear lip-balm" and are thus never ever used.

Rating: 4 out of 4


Karen's description:
"Nectar is our clone of Clinique's Black Honey- it is by far our most requested clone. Nectar is a deep brown berry shade- completely sheer without any shimmer at all. It's a cult favorite- universally flattering shade, and perfect for Fall. This one was a hard one to make, it's gorgeous, but unless it's a huge seller- it's going to be Limited Edition, so if you like it please tell your friends!"

Urgh, where ever shall I begin...? I had been lemming Clinique's 'Black Honey' for ages but had always been a bit apprehensive about shelling out so much money on a product that reportedly doesn't last longer than a month... Then I made a compromise and bought this. "Universally flattering", "looks great on all skintones", "naturally flushed lips", yada yada... Not.

Too dark, too brown, too everything that I can't wear and that makes me look like a zombie.

The texture is lovely and it's a perfectly sheer lippie, so to women whose skintone is more suited for wearing browns I say go for it!

Rating: 3 out of 5 (Sorry!)

Nude Beach

Karen's description:
"Nude Beach is the perfect combination of pink and golden-brown. It covers relatively well- not too much, not too shimmery, but balanced and gorgeous."

Mmmm, that's more like it! :-D

Nude Beach is a fantastic color for the summer, although I'm not entirely sure I would call it a "nude". It's definitely too saturated for that: on my lips it had this beautiful pearly-bronze sheen with a bit of peach-sorbet in there somewhere.

In winter it's somewhat duller and closer to being a nude, and I guess its shade really depends on what lighting you're wearing it in.

Rating: 5 out of 5


Karen's description:
"Darling is a warm peach tone with just a hint of pink. This is a fan favorite- and wonderful for warmer toned girls. It's also the perfect compliment to our Foxxy blush, and Date Bait bronzer."


Okay, so if 'Nude Beach' has a bit of peach-sorbet in there somewhere then 'Darling' has it all. It's THE warm, peachy pink lippie that I can actually wear and not look like a 90-year-old lady who got stuck in the 80s style-wise.

It's sheer, shiny, has a bit of shimmer in it and is almost a kind of brick-red without all those things commonly associated with brick red lippies.

Rating: a solid 5 out of 5

Finally, let's see how these babies perform in action... (Let's just say I'm not too happy about how these pictures came out, but this is all I can come up with at the moment. Any tips on how to photograph makeup on one's face are greatly appreciated. ;-))


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All the lippies look good on you, but especially Soft, Berry Nice and Darling = love! I have had a similar experience with you: I bought a plum-ish lipstick because I adored the color so much, and it turned out to be perfect for me. My skin tone is golden and it's always the same blah blah about using peachy colors since cool ones would NEVER suit golden/olive ladies. Well, we have proved them wrong!

Hey Sagu, thanks! :-D

Oh, I remember you writing about that: Maybelline's Galactic Mauve, right? I just had to check it out again, and indeed it looks fabulous on you. :)

Warm blushes and lippies just blend into my complexion when I wear them, which is kinda boring, so I tend to go for the cool pinks and mauves to spice things up a bit. ;-)

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