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Hey girls, I hope Monday's been treating you well! ;-)

I don't have class this afternoon, so I've decided to review Clinique's Naturally Glossy Mascara for you that landed safely on my doorstep on Friday. (Okay, more like Mum got a surprise visit from the postman again. No real doorsteps involved...)

M: Bourjois lip gloss in Cassis Tropical
L: Estee Lauder nail polish in Frozen Fantasy (mini, GWP)

As you might already know from my recent post, I've been lusting after this mascara for ages, and thanks to Strawberrynet, I finally have it.
Yes, you heard it right: Strawberrynet, which didn't bother putting this little gem back in stock for months after selling it for a few days (naturally, I didn't have the money to buy it then), so I finally decided to take a leap and hunt it down on the only possible source I could think of: E-Bay.

Boy, am I happy to have bought it or what!!!

Until I finally got it, this mascara had been a potential Holy Grail for me for years: the more reviews I read about it, the more I knew that I would love it to pieces once I got hold of it. Hunches like these usually turn out to be right for me, and this time was no exception either.

Beware, though: my requirements for the Holy Grail mascara are a bit different from that of other girls'. Here, take a look:

  1. First and foremost, it should look as natural as possible, which immediately leads us to the next few items on the list.

  2. It must not lengthen and give that fake-eyelash-look (no drama, please), nor should it make my lashes look like spider-legs.

  3. No volume either.

  4. No clumping. (Right, maybe this one's a pretty average wish, but it's very important for me. My lashes tend to criss-cross a lot on their own, and mascara that clumps is their death.)

  5. Should be dark-brown.

On the box of Clinique's Naturally Glossy mascara (which comes in both brown and black) it says that it's a "natural-looking lash enhancer", and after reading that, I really don't get all the negative reviewers on MUA who are complaining about the lack of volume, length and general vavoom of it all. Because Clinique certainly doesn't promise any of those, but what it promises, it delivers.

For your money, you get 0.2 oz (5.6 gram) of product packaged in a classy but simple silver tube, which is less than what you receive if you buy High Impact or High Definition, but I'm guessing you won't need as much of Naturally Glossy, because it has a thicker, somewhat drier formula which does not form a very thick layer on your lashes. (Unlike in the case of above mentioned mascaras.)

To me, the fact that the formula is thicker and drier is a positive thing, because what I've noticed is that mascaras tend to clump especially if they are thin, watery and runny. (Compare Bourjois' Longueur Sublime mascara, a thick, dry and virtually non-clumping one with Clinique's High Impact or High Definition mascaras: their formula is watery and thin and they sure as h*ll clump like crazy...)

Back to my beloved Naturally Glossy then... :-)

As you can see, it has a pretty average head with dense bristles (better separation of lashes!), though I'm not a real expert when it comes to mascaras, so maybe you can see some other bit of magic there that I haven't noticed. What matters to me is that it applies the formula in a light coat and allows me to reach all my lashes, even the ones in the corner. There's always a little buildup of product on the tip of the mascara, but you can just wipe that off on the inner rim of the tube. It also separates them perfectly, something that I haven't been able to achieve with any other mascara so far.

All in all, I would prefer to call this a lash tint rather than a mascara, simply because Clinique's Naturally Glossy does not add much length or volume or anything else you might expect from a traditional mascara. However, if you have naturally long but invisible lashes and want people to finally notice them, then, I believe, this product is perfect for you.

The only thing that remains now is for me to give you some Before and After pics, but beware, they tend to scare even the toughest among us away... (And they look more like the usual creepy pictures on the wall of your optometrist...)

Questions? Comments? Don't spare me. :-)

By the way, what's your favorite mascara?

Eeeek!!! Ewww... Creepy eyes...  

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I like the pictures, they show perfectly the before and after, and they don't look scary. Don't say that, please.

Well, nice review of that mascara.

As you know I don't wear much make-up, but the times I wore my Bourjois Volume Glamour black mascara I went very happy with it.


It is very natural! So glad you found your HG and your first ebay experience was successful and fun :) Btw, you have beautiful eyes with great crease for shadows!

xo Grayburn

What a great review!! I may need to check this out. I saw it the other day in Sephora and got to thinkin' about it. I'm already reviewing a ton of mascaras, so I think I'll come back to that one.

Wonderful description! I'm very happy with Ere Perez's mascara. I have sensitive eyes, so I don't bear any kind of "toxic ingredients". I like all 4 of them, but I love the Natural Sunflower Oil Mascara Brown, which really meet all my expectations.
lovely greetings from desert :)

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