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Hey Everyone!

A friendly hug to all my great friends here on Blogger: The Seeker (It was so nice to finally see you, and I mean really see you. You're such a sweet and lovely lady!), Grayburn (I remember those endless tulip fields when I visited the Netherlands, they were lovely!
Oh, I'm loving the new look of your blog too!), Brittany (Wow, what an eye-catching design!), Mikaela (Your 'Jet-Set 101' posts will be lifesavers when I'll finally get the chance to fly.), Chililady (I haven't forgotten about the HP videos, but haven't had time for anything. Kisses to you too!), Vanessa (Those Joppa, Pure Luxe and Silk Naturals swatches were a great surprise: I'm planning to order from them soon. Happy B-Day once again!), The Muse (You've been so productive, it's impossible to keep up with you! Thanks for the Bourjois reviews, I'm always happy to read about that brand.), and all the others who have ever visited and commented on my blog.

I love you all and I'm looking forward to be back mostly because of you.

It's been a long absence I know (my blog's traffic will surely suffer because of it), but my life's been really hectic lately. My parents have been hanging out in our summer cottage a lot, which basically means that for the first time in my life I had to take care of myself on my own: cook, wash the dishes, do the laundry, iron, clean the flat, feed the cat, pay the bills and so on. I can't say it hasn't been a great adventure, one I had longed to try for so long, but I can definitely see the drawbacks now: absolutely no time to blog, no time to draw, paint or make some pretty pieces of jewelry, no time to read a good book, and hardly any time to listen to music or spend time pursuing my other interests.

I can't say I've finally caught up with myself, but I'm getting there slowly. This weekend I decided to take it easy and just live for myself and my hobbies for two days. Hence the enormous pile of dirty dishes currently sitting on the kitchen counter (Is it just my imagination or has that frying pan grown legs?), the randomly scattered beauty tools in the bathroom (blowdryer, flat iron, epilator, waxing kit) sitting resigned and given up any hope of ever being collected and put back to their respective places, and the unmade bed that's been staring at me accusingly since this morning.

Give me a break gals, we all have these days, don't we?? *gives readers the puppy eyes and silently begs them to nod in agreement*

I Need To Stay Awake
Izar © 2007

I have so many products to review and rave about, as the fact that I have a below-the-average monthly income did not manage to stop me from getting my hands on some pretty amazing beauty items. I'm not promising anything (I promised you a Hungary Month in March, and look how that turned out...), but instead I want to take it slow and review whatever tickles my fancy at the time.

I'm willing to give you a sneak peek into what's to come in the near future though:

  • First and foremost: swatches. Lots of them.
  • My fifth (and so far the biggest) Everyday Minerals haul in which I found a HG
  • The sixth EM haul which mainly consisted of brushes (Flat Top, Long Handled Kabuki, Angled Blush Brush, Eye Shadow Brush)
    Expect raves here... :-)
  • Various tips and tricks concerning EM stuff
  • A moisturizer that my Mother ended up stealing from me; it's that good
  • St. Ives Cucumber and Elastin Eye and Face Stress Gel
  • Some Alverde products I used in the winter but haven't had the chance to review yet
  • Faith in Nature stuff

Now you might finally make use of those RSS feed options on the right that've been sitting there for seemingly no reason for a while now. ;-)

Till then, here are some random pieces of wisdom I collected during these past few weeks of independence:

  • Monday mornings were meant for sleeping. Except when you're an English teacher and have to get up at 5 AM every day to get to work. Wait... Scratch that. Monday mornings are still meant for sleeping. Just don't let your students' occasional snores disturb you too much...

  • Hell hath no fury like a cat with an empty stomach. Especially when, after making her go without provisions for an entire day, you present her with the wrong kind of tinned cat-food; the one that she absolutely loathes.

  • If you're like me, and you've learnt English from Cartoon Network, then in the first few weeks of English-teaching you'll read more stuff on the workings of the English language then you had read in the past 15 years. And you still haven't the faintest why 'the radio' can go between 'switched' and 'on', you just know it can. (Okay, okay, it's because 'switch on' is a phrasal verb and not a prepositional verb, but there are plenty of other things I only know by instinct and not because of a rule...)

  • Graduating from university and finally being able to start a life of your own are not the same things. Keep that in mind all you poor, freshly graduated people and get an apprenticeship with a butcher. A waaaay more sought-after job (judging by all the job-ads I read in the papers every day) and may easily land you abroad, in the country of your dreams.

  • Having a job and making a living are also two entirely different things.

  • The TV set in the living room is your friend. It makes you feel you're not completely alone in this world on lonely Friday nights. There is, of course, the cat too, but she's usually ensconced in a cozy and, most importantly, secret spot of her own, pretending she doesn't exist, so you can't exactly rely on her to give you company, now can you?

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Oh, how I've missed you so, Izar. I'm glad that you're coming back...it's okay to go on an hiatus. We have to stay sane somehow, don't we?

No worries, love. Do you and we'll be here.

How happy I am to be in touch with you. I've been missing you a lot.
Thank you for your kind and lovely words, both in my blog and in this post.
How can I forget you dear????
I think we will always be biff (best internet friends forever).

Yes, I'm showing my face, it was a great strugle to do that, and I'm still very insecure, but I was so afraid that I knew I had to do it. It's kind of weird and crazy, I know....

Well, now living on your own... ;) It's not a piece of cake dear :D

But I know you're dealing with that the best way, and you would find a way to manage your interest (well I'm trying to do that for a long time... I wasn't able to do it yet, but I still I've faith :S)
I really know what you mean that you have "no time to read a good book, and hardly any time to listen to music or spend time pursuing my other interests", I'm always complaining about the same. Blogging is the only thing I must do, but there're some things that are making me do that.

As you've noticed I've my comments moderate. I had to do that, someone very close to me (a coworker) is offending me trough my blog, well it's something to talk abut more in private.

So how are your classes going? I bet great for what I've read ;)
Is the income worthy, sorry, I'm being too curious in a private matter.

I'm so happy darling that things are not so bad with you, just the "natural problems of life" ;)

Don't worry about the drawing, honney, I understand very well your situation and you have all my simpaty. In Portugal we have an old saying that runs: "Mais vale tarde do que nunca", in English "better latter than ever".
I trust you and I'm a patiente woman, so someday you'll make me happy with your darwing, perhaps you'll give me it in hands. Only God knows.

Kisses and hugs sweetie.


Thank you so much for the warm welcome back! *hug*


I'm so going to write you an e-mail tomorrow. *hug*

Oh sweetie, you're back!!

Wow it really felt like we were all missing something from our lives for a long time dear. Good to see you back and kicking! Thanks for noticing and liking my new look :) It really felt like I needed a change. So outfitting the blog with something new was inevitable.

Ah yes those struggles in life. I feel every single one of those pains. But being busy is a good thing as long as you have some time to do nothing. You will find your own balance with it soon. And are the classes going well? Are you enjoying everything?

I cannot wait for your reviews to come. And I've finished my bottle of Weleda oil and shower cream :( so sad that I had to say goodbye!

take care luv and hear from you soon,

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