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Hey there!
It's been a while I know, but I had my final exams recently and had to study a lot. Nevertheless, it payed off as I passed with flying colors and will soon have my degree in my hands.

Recently, the brand Freeman was re-introduced into the Hungarian stores and I instantly got hold of an Apricot and Wild-Cherry Facial Scrub. A few years ago I bought the body-lotion in the same scent and it was a real life safer at the time. For some reason I had terribly dry and flaky skind that winter and every time I moved or lay down my body would start itching like there was no tomorrow. Slowly but surely I was going mad with all the scratching and the continuous faliure of several of my trusted creams and lotions certainly didn't do much good to my nerves either.

Enter Freeman's Apricot and Wild-Cherry body lotion: the first time I put it on it was sheer bliss for my skin. (And my nerves...) It instantly gave me supple and dewy skin and gone was the itching and the dry, cracked feeling. It was heaven and I made sure to use it liberally each night before going to bed. Now the scent wasn't that good: it had a plasticy and slightly apricot-y smell but I was willing to tolerate it for the sake of previously mentioned benefits.

Beside the body-lotion I also bought myself an Iced-Teaberry and Mint foot-lotion and a Cucumber-Melon peel-off mask and while I absolutely adored the former (yummy scent, great results and good price too!) and really hated the latter one: the smell was dominated by alcohol and it did anything but do good to my skin.

Yet, I've been missing Freeman products a lot because they were affordable and I guessed that most of their products would still give great results if I gave them a chance, and there's also the fact that the packaging is young, cute and colorful. So I grabbed this scrub but not before consulting Makeup Alley to know what to expect. It turned out to be an excellent move on my part because it was obvious that while most of the reviewers liked this product it was NOT meant to be used as a scrub but a cleanser instead. You see, I like my scrubs gritty and grainy and full of scrubbing bits and I absolutely abhor any scrub which does not contain enough of those.

Anyway, I still bought it because I needed a new cleanser and guessed that even if it didn't contain (big) enough particles it would still be able to exfoliate a bit and it would be great if I could do a bit of scrubbing every day to keep my skin smooth and healthy. Well, I was right: it has a lovely scent (not artificial this time!), great texture (thick and creamy) and beside a few bigger bits it mostly contains small sand-like particles which do not irritate my skin at all and make it break out even if I use it every day. All in all, it's a great product for a low price. I'd like to try the Raspberry-Almond-Kiwi one next. :-)


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