Cleo's Chocolate Yoghurt Shower Cream  

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The Italian brand Cleo is yet another of those "Wow, I didn't know this brand was available in Hungary!". I found it during my trip to a place called Beauty Palace in the downtown of Budapest. Well, all right, despite the name the place is not exactly a palace (huge cardboard boxes lying on the floor, cheap shelves everywhere, you get the idea) but at least it was good for one thing: introducing me to this delicious shower cream.

I picked up a bottle because of the good reviews it got on various beauty blogs and I haven't regretted it one bit. We don't have many chocolate scented lotions and creams here in Hungary so I have limited experience, but I must say that this is the closest any of them has ever come to producing a real chocolaty scented product. Other benefits of this shower cream are its relatively good price and the fact that it leaves my skin super-soft and lightly scented after each shower. The latter is especially interesting because I tried so many shower creams in the past that claimed to soften my skin but none of them has left a big impression on me. This, on the other hand, has.

I bought Cleo's Chocolate Yoghurt Shower Cream about a month ago, and have been neglecting it for an especially delicious soap smelling of brambles, but now I've returned to it mostly because there's nothing more comforting than taking a chocolate scented shower after one comes in from the cold weather outside. The interesting thing though is that nowadays it smells three different ways: first, when I squirt it out onto my shower mitt, it smells like sweet chocolate. Then, when I first apply it it smells like rich, creamy vanilla pudding. Finally, after it's been lathered up on my skin, it smells like honey and cinnamon flavoured cookies. I say there's no beating that. :-)  

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