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I've seen this on so many beauty blogs, I though I'd give it a try and share my current beauty regime with you.


  • Alverde Seaweed Foaming Cleanser (This is a brand that's only available in Europe, but it's really nice and it's claimed to be organic too. )
  • Alverde Rose Toner
  • Acnefug Mild 3% Benzoyl Peroxide (Sadly, this is the only thing that keeps my zits at bay.)
  • LUSH Enchanted Eye Cream (Just bought it today! I actually use this as moisturiser for my whole face, as it is very soft and light. It has a runny consistency and because it only contains jojoba and almond oil and no butters, it could be the perfect summer moisturiser for my combination skin. What's more, it can also be used as an eye cream! Genious!
    EDIT: see this post about the product!!!)
  • Alverde Calendula Lip Balm (Alternating with LUSH's Chocolate Whipstick and a Hungarian drugstore brand lipbalm. Both are really nice and have the perfect consistency for me.)


  • Nesti&Dante Grapes&Blueberry soap (Doesn't much remind me of grapes and blueberry, but it has this wonderful clean smell: soap and laundry and a whole bathroom put together, and it still manages to remain feminine and unique. Love it to bits!)
  • Olive oil+Rough Sugar used as a body polish (Cheap and works better than anything I've ever tried, and believe me when I say I've tried lots of things already. Maybe, but just maybe LUSH's Aqua Mirabilis does compare. But I'm not sure, I should test it soon... :-) )
  • LUSH Skin Sin body lotion (It does smell like cherries if you really want it to, but to me it smells like a lavender field. )
  • Nivea Fresh Natural 24 Hours deodorant (Works wonders and keeps me dry during days when humidity is 90%)
  • LUSH Pied de Pepper foot lotion (I use it only during the nigh as it's way too greasy to wear in the day. Smells heavenly though: as if we had Christmas during the summer.)


  • LUSH Ultimate Shine shampoo bar
  • LUSH Veganese conditioner (The only thing that works for me and which does not contain that friggin' lanolin I hate so much...)
  • Olive oil (Mixed with conditioner to soften my hair, and also to prevent split ends.)
  • L'Oreal Hot Liss heat protection balm (I really don't like this, but I have yet to find an alternative product to invest in...)


  • Bourjois Plus Que Parfait Mattifying Foundation in Péche Constante 12 (Niiiice! Lightweight and once it settles into my skin it delivers a smooth even finish. That is, if I can be persuaded to use it: I really cannot stand anything on my face in 30 Celsius degrees...)
  • Bourjois Pastel Teint Essentiel in Sablé 65 (Smells like rose and vanilla, and has a great texture.)
  • Bourjois Et MAt Anti-shine Stick (Now this is something I absolutely adore! Without it I usually need to blot away excess oil after a mere two hours. With it though that time goes up to half a day and even when my skin develops some shine it's much easier to get rid of. Great product, was worth stocking up on.)
  • Bourjois Blush in Lilas D'Or 33 (People seem to love this shade and I'm no exception. It's a lovely and natural reddish pink with fine gold shimmer in it. )
  • Bourjois Ombre á Paupieres Eyeshadow in various colors (What can I say? I love them to death...)
  • Bourjois Longeur Sublime Mascara (I've got one in brown and one in prune, and both look great. They won't really give my lashes any kind of vavoom; they merely give them a nice tint and make them visible, which is what I'm after. My lashes are pretty long and full, but they are very fair so color is the only thing I'm concerned about and I hate false-eyelash effects of any kind.)
  • Bourjois D'Ombre Á Paupiéres Les Bruns Cuivré used as a bronzer (I hated the stuff on my eyelids but I discovered some time ago that they are perfectly fine used as a bronzer.)
  • Bourjois Effet3D Lipglosses (I have more than 20 shades so sometimes it is difficult to decide, but my all time favourite is Rose Enigmatic 49 which is a beautiful grapefruit pink with lots of golden shimmer. )

That's all I guess. :-)


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