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A couple of days ago I wrote an insanely long post discussing several new finds, but it seems the Blog Gods did not wish to see that particular post on Binary Star so they arranged for an annoying little glitch which erased most of what I had written up until then. I sat there staring incredulously at the screen and cursed some, then tried to fix things and cursed some more, and finally I just gave up. Nevertheless, after a bit of cooling-my-head time I'm back and will rewrite all that stuff entry-by-entry for you. Yes, you, whoever you invisible people are to whom I'm blabbering all the time without any response whatsoever. Perhaps you don't even exist, perhaps I'm just wasting my time, but then perhaps not. Perhaps I enjoy talking about my passion even when no one's listening.

First off, let's talk about my second Bourjois eyeshadow called Kaki Éntonant. I had a really hard time trying to choose one (and only one) out of all the gorgeous colors available at Marionnaud, but I finally I ended up with this one. My Mum was really trying to help and gave me the advice to choose a color which is the same as the eye color I would like to have if I had a choice. Now that was technically a very bad advice but something possessed me to go with it and for some strange reason I did not regret it.

I picked this color because it looked dark olive green with some pretty gold shimmer. At least that's what it looked like in the pot... And it looked like that even on my hand... When I got home and put it on, however, I was shocked to see that it looked nothing sort of green on my eyelids, rather a bronze brown with some swampy undertones. Yuck! I was kinda sad because I had spent all my money on something that I felt didn't suit me at all, and I couldn't even whine about it to my Mum because she always cuts me off with "I always said cosmetics were useless." (How can anyone say that???)

Anyway, next morning I decided to give it another try and it was really wise that I did so because I could finally view it in normal light, and after I applied it to my lids I was pleased to see that it did not look so bad after all. In fact, now it looked like a nice bronzed hazelnut color with a little green shimmer in it, something which looked very decent overall and great for summer. I've been using it ever since, sometimes combining it with Rose Tentation, and have been getting great results, and a compliment from my best friend too. (She's the only one around me to pays attention to things like this.)

All in all, I don't regret it anymore. :-)


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