Random Tidbits II.  

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Remember this post? It was so much fun to write. :-)

When was the last time I posted something other than a product review?

I have all these little tips and tricks lying around, miscellaneous stuff I've found, things I'm happy about, random thoughts no one but you might be interested in, questions I need answers to, and a blog to tell others all about them, and... I still post friggin' product reviews. And it just sometimes happens that I want to talk about something other than cosmetics and make-up.

Sooo, it's time for Random Tidbits, Episode II.


Having a salary is so liberating: I can finally delve into the wonderful world of mineral make-up and order product samples from all those brands I set my eyes on a long while ago.

There's of course Fyrinnae whose eyeshadows, Lip Lustres and Pixie Epoxy I want to try, and Adorned With Grace where I hope to find the perfect match amongst their foundation, after all they are a MMU company creating foundation shades for people with yellow/olive skintones. Sagu called my attention to Sassy Minerals a while ago, and I've seen some great swatches of their eyeshadows on various blogs, so I'm probably going to raid their store in the future.

There's also LaurEss and their Neutralize corrector that I want to try, and though I've lost interest in Pure Luxe a while ago, there's still a small order I want to make, because I find it's hard to live without two of their eyeshadows from their Fall '09 Collection: Boy Toy and Tryst.


By the way, Pure Luxe also carries one of my favorite eyeshadows of all time: Golden Sands.

It's a gorgeous charcoal-brown with golden sheen and, according to PL, bronze shimmer. Well, the bronze shimmer is only visible in daylight, otherwise it's more sort of greenish to me. It's a very complex color, hard to describe, but until I tried to swatch it, I hadn't even noticed the bronze. I was totally convinced that it has gold and green shimmer in it, but apparently there's no such thing mentioned on PL's website.

Oh well, it's still a HG for me as it goes perfectly with my skintone, and somehow manages to be both subtle and extraordinary at the same time. It's great if you just want a wash of color on your lids, perfect for workdays when you want to look polished but not made-up and is also an excellent base for a more complex look created of browns, greens or even bronze/purple eyeshadows.

It wasn't love at first sight but now I couldn't live without it and will definitely get the full size when I place an order at PL.

Now comes my question. Back in Nuremberg I got a small jar of virgin coconut oil from Tropicai, an importer of fair-trade coconut food and cosmetic products.

It smells amazing: it has the purest, most delicious coconut scent I've ever encountered. I did use it on my short, wavy, bordering on curly, and annoyingly frizzy hair on a few occasions and got great results: only half a pea size (or even less) made my hair much softer and manageable.

But that's not the point. (Not even if this is a beauty blog and I should be telling you about things exactly like this. Will do so though, soon.)

The point is that ever since I got a sniff of that jar of coconut oil, I've been obsessed with everything coconut: the smell, the taste, everything!

So my question is: can you help out a girl with a serious fixation on coconut and let her know about your favorite coconut products? I'm mostly thinking about cosmetics here (body-lotion, hand-cream, shampoo), but you're more than welcome to share your favorite coconut recipe with me too. ;-) It doesn't matter if it's not available here in Hungary (although it'd be great if it were): there's always E-Bay to hunt these things down on, and dreaming about something unattainable has its benefits too.

Things to exclude from your suggestions: LUSH's coconut-scented products (I know them.. Wish they'd drop the vetiver...), Balea's coconut body-lotion and hand cream (Tried it, hated it, sorry.), The Body Shop's coconut line (I know about it, will hopefully sink my teeth into the body butter soon.)

So enable me girls and feed my coconut craze, will you? Thanks a bunch!  

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I don't think The Body Shop's coconut products smell that good :( The shower gel is probably the worst, the scent is really weird.

Haha, I found Adorned with Grace, too! I ordered some base samples about a month ago but they haven't arrived yet... Must not lose hope! That's such a brilliant business idea they have, I'm really excited about them. They don't have the palest shades though, but fortunately I'm not paper white.

Fyrinnae is heaven. And LaurEss Neutralize has saved my day countless times!

Hey Sagu!

Yeah, I was actually a bit hesitant about TBS's products: I've read mixed opinions on them, so I wasn't sure it'd be worth getting them all the way from EBay.

Argh, you evil little enabler. :-))) Seriously though, AWG's idea is brilliant, and I guess all these companies have created a product or two that's worth having in our stash.

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