International Women's Day - Awards  

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My dear friends, readers and pen-pals all over the world:

Miss Munchkin and I wish you a pleasant International Women's Day!

I think it's high time I gave out some awards too. ;-)

I got the Golden Heart Blog Award from The Seeker a long time ago and would like to pass it on to some of my friends over the Internet.

I pass it on to:

The Seeker
(Who has the biggest, shiniest heart in all this world. Love you, my dear!)

(For being my friend, for her continuous friendship, kindness and support.)

(Her fun and sweet nature, her kind words, and her continuous presence on my blog all entitle her to this award.)

(She doesn't have a blog [yet ;-)], but she's present on a forum I often read, and we've met many times already. With her open, easygoing personality she brought me out of my shell, befriended me, and I can never be thankful enough to her for that.)

Nimphetamine and Karen
(I think you both know why. ;-))

The Sparky Blogger Award was also given to me by The Seeker, and it's an award for blog friends who have sparked creativity, conversation, controversy and friendships with me.

I pass it on to:

(Okay, so Ana and me haven't "talked" [yet], but I find her blog so inspiring and fun to read that I simply have to give her this award. And she likes Star Wars. How cool is that? :-D)

What started all of this award-giving is the Cute Blog Award I got from Sagu. It reminded me of all the awards I got but never managed to pass on, hence this post.

I pass it on to:
(She recently created a brand new design for her blog from scratch, so in my books she deserves this award more than anyone.)
Anastasia gets another award: her blog is seriously one of the coolest beauty-blogs out there, both content- and design-wise.
Rocketqueen's blog, besides being very informative, is also very eye-catching.
Epurica's is one of the prettiest blog designs out there.

The You Make My Day Award was awarded to me by a handful of people and I would like to pass it on to all my readers, commenters and penfriends, but especially to:

I have plenty of awards left to give out so you can expect another shower soon. ;-) Take care!  

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17 megjegyzés

Wow, thank you very much for your awards *hugs* :D

Dear Izar, thanks a lot for your awards and kind words! Special thanks for the Romanian corner and for posting my blog there!
All my best wishes for you!
Kisses and hugs :)

Ohhh lovely, Izar. You are the greatest! *hugs*

Thank you so much for the award. You always make my day, either with one of your articles or with a kind word. Just seeing my name over here makes me smile. Big hug from me and definitely a kiss from my silly dog :)

Hey girls!

You're all very welcome; you totally deserve these awards. Besides my very obvious love for all thing make-up and skincare, you are what keeps me and my blog going, so thank you!

P.S.: Gaby, give your dogie a big hug from me, will ya? :-DDD

Bawww! So touching! Thank you a lot :) This means me a lot!

Now I'm off to write an email to you. I wanted to write it earlier but I was ill and not capable of doing anything that involved brain work. x_x

Hey Sagu!
Wow, e-mail! Cool! Don't strain yourself though, just rest and relax, and take it easy. :) I hope you're feeling better though; being ill sucks big time.

And I'm off to watch Star Wars. :-D Looking forward to your e-mail!

Wow, Izar, Köszönom ! It's a lovely Women's Day surprise! I'm sending hugs your way, and wishing you a lovely spring!

Also, my cat, Tasha sends her best meows to Miss Munchkin ^_^

Gosh, Izar, thank you so much for the awards! You are such a darling!
I wish you a marvelous spring and all your dreams to come true!

Kisses and hugs for the lovelies girls ever(Izar and Miss Munchkin, of course;).


Karen and princess Pepita :))

Multumim Ale M! *hug* (I hope I got that right in Romanian. *crosses fingers*) Miss Munchkin and I are sending our love to you and the lovely Tasha and wishing you the same. ^_^ (Miss M in the form of purrs and meows, me in the form of a virtual kiss on the your kitty's head. :-)))

Thank you Karen! I wish you and Princess Pepita the same! (I'd wish the Princess lots of mice to catch, but I don't think that would make you very happy. ;-))

It seems there's an entire cat-loving, beauty-junkie collective forming here. :-)))

Oh dearest Izar... thank you so much!!!!!!
You're always such a lovely friend and very kind with me.
In these tough times I'm going trough it's important to know we have good friends like you and I feel lucky to have you as a friend.
Love you too, darling.

Tons of love!!!
Big hug

Hello dearest Seeker!

You've always been so precious to me and so kind, it's only natural that I should shower you with awards. Despite those many miles that separate us, you as a person have made a great impression on me, and I hope that with time you will find your balance and happiness after these trying times you've had to go through.

Much love to you,

Wow, what a surprise! Thank you so much, you just made my day! :-)
I have been feeling no so well these days (trouble at the workplace etc.) but this kindness from you made me feel much better.

Hello Izar :) I've awarded you on my blog :D
I'll write the rules in english here (btw, I'm not quite sure if you understand bits of romanian or not):
1. Thank the person that gave you the prize
2. Give the award to blogs you've recently discovered and think that deserve it
3. Contact those bloggers and tell them about the award
4. Write 7 random facts about you
Hope you enjoy it!
Have a nice day.

Hey Ladybird!

Whatever it is that's bringing you down, I hope it'll pass soon and you'll be happy once again. *hug* Actually, I know it will. I always tell myself in situations like this that "it won't last forever". And it never does. :-)

Wow, that's so cool Epurica! I've been wanting to do a meme like that for ages, but never got the chance. :-) Oh, and thanks for translating it for me: Google Translate does provide the gist of a text, but nuances tend to escape it. ^_^ Will do it soon!

Hello Dearest Izar,

(seems I'm always the latest to react, shame on me! :-P)

Thanks for the very heart warming rewards! Only a pity that I have no one to pass them on cause I have no followers expect you and Sagu (Ok I still got 3, but one of them never updates her blog anymore and two of them I don't know at all and have no contact thus, that's so sad -_-). I didn't realize I would be one of the people who would receive your rewards!

Un grand merci! :-)

Love and hugs,

Wheeeeeee" *glomp*

Khmm, hi Fan! :-DDD *grins and waves like an idiot*

Je vous en prie! (I think...? My French comes from online dictionaries.)

You should have known, girl: you're one of my bestest friends forever in the blogosphere, and you totally deserve the awards you got. *hug*

I guess you can always just pass it on to bloggers whose blogs you like and let them know. That's pretty much what I did in Ana's case. :-)

Lots of love,

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