Silk Naturals Lippies - 'Precious' and 'Damsel'  

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Should I repeat myself?

Oh well, why not…?

I’m a lipgloss/lipbalm/lipstick addict.

Basically if a product is advertised as having been made for lips, I’m immediately sold. Whenever I find a new online cosmetics store, I always click on the button that has the magic word “lip” on it somewhere. Whenever the products behind it seem appealing, I immediately start planning the contents of my shopping cart, or at the very least jump to bookmark the site.

Sometimes I’m a bit ashamed at owning so many and think of all the “useful” things I could have bought with that money, but more often than not I can be seen pondering the next item I could add to my relatively impressive collection. (I know that said collection is nothing compared to those of some notable beauty-bloggers out there, but do allow me to be proud of mine nonetheless.)

Naturally, these lippies just scream to be reviewed, especially the Silk Naturals ones. My time and energy, however, are limited nowadays and I just can’t put together reviews of dozens of products at a time with heaps of pictures and swatches. Thus, I’ve decided to share only two at a time, preferably two that couldn’t be more different from each other, in the hopes that you, Dear Readers, will always find among them at least one that you like.

This time, my choice fell upon two Silk Naturals glosses that I absolutely adore: Precious and Damsel. One glimpse at these and I wouldn’t have thought that I’d end up wearing them just as much as I adore them. Precious has been my favorite SN lippie ever since I got it a month or two ago: with its cool pink base and the contrasting heaps of golden shimmer it makes it difficult not to fall victim to its charms. It looks suspiciously pearly upon first glance, and if there’s one thing that can keep me away from lippies of any kind is that pathetic remnant from the eighties that makes every woman who was not born a beauty queen look washed out and cheap.

However, this lippie was made by Karen Stark, which practically guarantees that it’ll turn out wearable, and it does: it is possible to apply it in a way that it leaves a lovely pinkish-golden sheen on one’s lips that is just perfect for the summer.

Some of you may remember having read words suspiciously similar to these a couple of reviews ago, and you will not be mistaken: I did say the same thing about Gold Blush, another SN lippie with similar features. Had I known what Precious is like then though, I would probably have expressed a little less enthusiasm for Gold Blush and a lot more for Precious. You see, Precious is Gold Blush, only it has more of everything GB has: more pink, more gold (lots and lots!), more charm, more character, and more of that extremely elusive quality that’s often difficult to put into words and that we usually just call “ooomph” (give or take a few ‘o’s).

Damsel is completely different in that it lacks the warmth and shimmeriness of Precious, but easily makes up for it with its sheerness and gorgeous, bright strawberry tint. I first saw it when one of my Hungarian friends (sharing a name with the ancient Greek goddess of wisdom and war ;-)) showed it to me and what flashed through my head were just three words: “I WANT THIS!”. No wonder though: it’s a real eye-candy.

When it arrived about a week later and rolled out of the parcel, it turned out to be everything I wished for it to be: it’s a stunningly beautiful vibrant pink that’s still wearable and looks great on olive skin. (I’m not sure it’d show up on lips darker than mine, but on an averagely tinted pair of lips it looks great.) It’s an almost radiant neon pink, but because it’s sheer and has no opacity at all, the only thing it does is brighten up my lips and lends my complexion a fresh, youthful look.

These are the two Silk Naturals lippies I use most often, but I do like to wear others, for example Nude Beach and Very Berry (I do prefer NB though), that I’m planning to write about next time.

By the way, I mentioned in this post how I’m not really head over heels with the small diameter of SN lippies and how tedious it makes it for me to paint my lips with them. I’ve changed my mind since then: exactly because of their thinness they allow for much more precise application.

Stay tuned for more Silk Naturals lippie reviews!  

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Ooh I love Precious! It looks so gorgeus on your lips :) I think I need something similar. Damsel is pretty, too, a very fresh and refreshing color.

I've been planning to try out some SN glosses since I first read your previous entry about them. I'm a lippie addict, too! There are so many different formulas and colors and scents! It doesn't bother me if a lip product is unscented, but if it smells delicious, it makes me really happy when I'm wearing it.

*is off to explore Silk Naturals website*

IZAR!!!!!!!!!!!! Lovely friend!!!!!!
How are you darling????
Hope all great with you.
For now just passing to know about you, I'll check the review later.

Take care my dear, all the best.




Well, if there's one thing you have to try from SN it's their lippies (especially 'Percious'): Karen Stark (the owner and creator of all the yummy things there) is admittedly a lippie addict too, so it's no wonder her creations are so perfect. ;-)

Do let us know if you try anything from them: I'm eager to read about SN and would be even more delighted to see some pictures of them taken by you.

I'm planning to write about the rest of my SN glosses (there are still at least 8 or 10 in my stash to discuss): maybe that'll help you narrow down your choice. :)

Have a lovely time browsing their site. :-D



You're so sweet! I've just been to your blog and left a comment. ;-)


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