Pure Luxe Mineral Eyeshadows (+ Swatches) Part 1  

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Before I start this small review I'll seize the opportunity to welcome all my fellow Hungarian readers here on Binary Star. So many of you have visited me today and I truly hope that what you found here was to your liking and that you could benefit from my reviews.

Sziasztok lányok!!! :-)


Let's get down to business then. A few months ago I placed another small order at Pure Luxe and got myself some more eyeshadows. Half of them I managed to swatch before the truly dull days of winter set in: these are the ones I'll share with you today. The other half: let's do a little dance and pray that the sun comes out of hiding, because I'm not willing to lower my standards and give you desaturated pictures the colors of which are way off.

(In the bottom right corner of every picture there's a wet [top] and a dry [bottom] swatch of the shadow.)

And now, without further ado, I give you...


The blue eyeshadow that was meant to be worn with browns and taupes of all kinds. :-)

Izar © 2009

Yes, I love to pair this up with EDM's Wild Flowers and Silk Naturals' Basalt on top of EDM's Hot Chocolate. What I do is use HC as a base color, apply WF onto the outer corner of my lids, line with Basalt and then put a smidgen of Seashore into the inner corner of my eyes.

Seashore, by the way, is a stunning greenish-blue color with shimmer, and while it's obviously a very vivid, risky kind of shade, if used in moderation, it can spice up an everyday look and lend it a little bit of edge. Try it, it's gorgeous, and for 1$ for 1/8 teaspoonful in a sample jar you can't go wrong.


Izar © 2009

Asp is more layed-back color, a sort of pinkish gold-beige with multicolor shimmer. Don't let the shimmer part fool you though: it's a perfectly wearable color that any teenage relation of yours will probably leave where it is, not because it's not beautiful, but because the shimmer is very low-key and elegant, and not even visible when you apply it to your lids. It's there, make no mistake, but it's rather something that gives Asp its unique quality and not an in-your-face kind of thing.


Izar © 2009

Cooler than I expected, Carnivale is a pretty purple with a bit of pink shimmer, and probably not something that will make your heart flutter in your chest every time you look at it. At least I was not impressed. Nonetheless, this is a color I'll reach for time and time again to accentuate the green in my eyes and to create a not-so-ordinary smoky eye.


Izar © 2009

Oh. My. God.

Now this baby deserves all the praise I can give it. It's a beautiful taupe/dark-beige/mid-brown with gold and pink shimmer, but looking at it from afar it's just an incredibly elegant gold color, the kind I've been dreaming about all my life. What's missing here (I don't miss it at all though) is the slight orange undertone all gold eyeshadows tend to have and that made me give up on ever being able to wear gold.

What an incredible find! If you've been hesitant about wearing gold on your eyelids so far then this sure is a product for you to try.


Izar © 2009

A very unassuming color at first (and unfortunately the dry swatch came out a bit awkward too), but it really is lovely: it's a greenish grey (or vice versa?) with gold and multicolored shimmer, and it looks lovely on its own or paired with some other greens, like EDM's Cypress or In The Garden.  

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Oh wow I need to have Twinkle now..I've been searching for the perfect gold and one without any orange and also won't break my bank. But PL takes sooo long to ship...hmmm.

x Grayburn

Urgh, I know... It takes them about a week to pack things up and send the parcel out, and then another two for it to arrive to Bp, Hungary.
All other stuff I get from US online stores gets here in 1 week + 1 day: they're frighteningly punctual. :)

I wish I could volunteer my time to help them pack orders for us european customers :) I wouldn't mind helping them make eyeshadows and blushes either :P

hugs Grayburn

Hey Izar!
Sorry for not posting a comment yet ( but i've been good in promoting I think ;) ) but I have to say that I'm dying to get a sample of Seashore nad English ivy...I love the great tourquoise and silvery-grey colors!

Gosh, I forgot to ask You something: do you mind if I steel one of your EM mint color corrector pictures? I don't know wehere is mine(for 2 weeks...luckily my new sample pack is on it's way, so I'll have a backup...I guess I'll find the old one the same day as the new one arrives :) ), I couldn't take a pic of it, but I'm planning a post that needs one....

Hey Bagaela!

Don't feel bad for a second: people comment whenever they want to and have the time and inclination to do so. I, unfortunately, have a very whimsical habit of commenting on others' blogs, partly due to my hectic work schedule, so I wouldn't dream of taking offense at people for the very same thing. :-)

I so knew you would fall for Seashore: it's the kind of color I associate with you, and I remember that turquoise eyeliner from MAC you sported on a photo of your eye. You seemed to love it a lot. ;-)

About the Mint color corrector picture: sure, go ahead! People can take whatever they want from here if 1.) they ask me and 2.) give credit. So it's all yours. :)

And now a big hug for the sudden increase in traffic a few days ago: instead of the usual 150 or so visitors a day, I got more than 500, all of them from NLC. Also, I've never had so many Hungarian visitors either. My stats seem to have crossed the 30 thousand mark thanks to your kind mention of me in our favorite thread.
Sooooo... *HUG!!!*

See ya around,

All the colors are absolutely gorgeous!!

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