Pure Luxe's Eraser and Silk Dust (+ EDM Silk Dust)  

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In the last few months I've been busy receiving packages. I love the thrill of hearing the doorbell ring, jumping up from my seat and welcoming the postman with a grin bordering on insane. :-D (I swear, it's only those few bucks I give him every once in a while that convince him to still approach our door. He would have fled ages ago otherwise...) And then, I like to dance around my pretty little package before opening it and dancing a bit more.

Today I got my Moleskine 18 month weekly planner, so that was reason enough for me to be cheerful all day. (Will review this one too. Until then, read about my Moleskine Plain Notebook here.)

Izar © 2008

Another package, namely my Pure Luxe sample package, arrived about a month ago, and since Grayburn was interested in reading about Pure Luxe's Eraser, I decided to review that and their Silk Dust first. (The latter one because I've been planning to hiss at Everyday Minerals for their stinky version of silk dust for a while now.)


Izar © 2008

Let me start my saying that I have pretty oily skin. Let me also tell you that ever since I started using Everyday Minerals' eye-shadows, I haven't been able to make them stay on longer than a few hours. I must admit, finding that my carefully applied make-up had once again sat into my creases and was reading a good book on how to annoy human beings made me pretty surly towards Everyday Minerals for a while.

Enter Pure Luxe's Eraser, and I soon found every single micronized particle of my eye-shadow stand at attention, laziness forgotten and ready to rock. :-)

If you look at the picture of the Eraser on Pure Luxe's website, you will get a pretty good, but unfortunately inaccurate idea of what it is like. Instead of being opaque, pigmented and beige, it's a thick, orange, unscented, semi-transparent gel which, when applied to one's face sparingly, becomes completely transparent and practically glides onto the skin. (See my pictures above for reference!)

It's very easy to work with, spreads really easily and dries down into a velvety finish after about 30 seconds or so. Once it's dry, it optically smoothes out your face and gets rid of fine wrinkles around eyes. (At least, it got rid of mine, but hey, I'm only 25 and should still be relatively wrinkle-free.) The Eraser is no miracle product, however, that will magically erase all your wrinkles: consider it's wrinkle-hiding properties a bonus, and don't expect to see... well, a miracle.

What Pure Luxe's Eraser does perfectly, however, is prime your skin so that make-up can stay put on it for much longer than on bare skin. For me, "much longer" means an entire day (at least 16 hours) without my make-up sliding off my face or my eye-shadow going on vacation, and as I said, my skin is very oily. (I wash my face in the morning, apply every mattifying product under the sun, and two hours later I look as if someone had pushed a slice of buttered bread into my face...) Unfortunately, it does all this without actually keeping my face oil-free (another high hope going to the drain...), so you might want to hold on to your mattifying products at least until you try it.

It is also capable of enhancing your make-up, like it did with my eye-shadows: they are much more vibrant, colorful and sparkly when applied on top of Pure Luxe's Eraser. By ordering a sample you get a fairly decent amount of product (perhaps not in the "Everyday Minerals sample" range, but close), so if you only use this on your lids like I do, it'll last you at least a month with using it every day. You really don't need much: for one eye-lid I use about the size of 1/6th of an average green-pea.


Sample: 1/4 teaspoon in a sample jar = 2.5 $
5 ml airtight jar = 8 $
10 ml airtight jar = 16 $



Izar © 2008

Thank heavens I plucked up my courage and ordered Pure Luxe's Silk Dust! After a disastrous encounter with Everyday Minerals' Silk Dust (or more like Stink Dust...), I was afraid I'd never be able to try silk on my face.

You see, the first time I applied EDM's Silk Dust on my face, I did it with a wet brush. Almost seconds after application, I began to smell something very akin to the disgusting smell that lingers around public toilet facilities in the subways of Budapest. For a while I thought it was something seeping in through the open window, but after a while it dawned upon me that it was I who smelled this way. Pretty soon it also became obvious that the only new addition to my routine was EDM's Silk Dust, and after I washed it off, I put a tiny amount into the palm of my hand which immediately mixed with the natural moisture content of my skin and produced the same stinky smell.

Into the bin it went, along with all the paper tissues I used up while mourning something that could have been a great product otherwise and maybe a solution to my oily skin problem.

It seems I'm not the only one who had this experience with EDM's Silk Dust. I've found a few reviewers on Makeup Alley who were complaining about the same thing. Maybe it was just a bad batch, or maybe we have strange noses, but one thing is sure: I'll never buy silk dust from Everyday Minerals again, and I strongly encourage you to try that of Pure Luxe instead.

Izar © 2008

When it comes to the way these silk powders perform, I can only tell you about the one Pure Luxe makes, as that of EDM didn't stay on my face long enough for me to test it.

Because I have olive skin, it's very important for me that a product like this remain translucent and invisible on my skin, otherwise it'll turn my complexion beige, which is something I try to avoid at all cost. (Hey, I love my olive skintone and prefer not to look like a ghost!) Well, Pure Luxe's Silk Dust is easy to work into my skin and doesn't leave a whitish cast, provided I don't overload my brush and that I apply it layer-by-layer. Check out picture below!

Izar © 2008

When it comes to actually mattifying my skin and controlling oil... Well, I've already told you about my oily skin a bit earlier (I guess if my skin had a pet name, it would be "Buttercup"...), and my futile attempts at making it behave, and yes, this one's been a disappointment too. Maybe, just maybe, it does make my skin matte an hour longer, but that's it. Nothing special, nothing to rave about here.

Still, I like to put on a thin layer under my make-up, as silk has an antibacterial property, which is always welcome by me, but a little less so by my zits...

I haven't noticed any graininess with either of these products, but if I had to vote on which one is smoother, I'd say Pure Luxe's Silk Dust is more finely milled.

So. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make skin that likes to run amok chill out a bit and lay low? If you have, you're more than welcome to share the secret. ;-) Also, tell me if you've tried these products, and let us know how you liked them.


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LOL @ the whole stink dust story HAHA, I feel ya! Hope things are going well for you Izar!

What a great review, Izar. That eraser sounds pretty cool. When I get off of make-up probation, I may make some investments. :)

Like B said what a great review darling.
No wonder why Grayburn gave you that award ;) (shuuu, it's a secret, but I'll give you too)


Funny, I don't have the simple EDM silk dust, but the tinted version is one of my favourites...
And the eraser? I haven't noticed it before, but I'm so happy that You reviewed it, as I'm planning to get a sample-pack from the Pure luxe :)

(And the great question: how come You have never tried the Artdeco's eye-makeup fondation? :) Or You did?)


Yeah, looking back I can see myself sniffing the air and being horrified to realize it was me... :-D Must have been a wrong batch...

Thank you dear, I'm doing fine, thanks for dropping by! I'm off now to visit you... ;-)


Yeah, it works great as a primer, so I'm pretty happy with it.

Aww, you poor thing! No make-up for you? I've been staying away from my mineral foundation too: I thought it was causing my acne, but it seems I was wrong, and I'm in desperate need of some coverage, so I started using it again a while ago.


Thank you!
Aww, you're sweet! (And guess whose fashion blog is going to get rave reviews from me soon... ;-)


I'm pretty sure it was just a wrong batch. After all, EDM's products have been really good so far. (Okay, maybe their shadows could do well with a bit more staying power, but that's what my beloved Eraser is for.)

OMG, you're ordering from Pure Luxe too?? Oh, let us know about the products when you get them! In fact, I'll be bold and ask: what are you planning to order? I'm so curious! ^_^
It's just that I really love all the stuff I got from them so far, so I'm a bit hyper when it comes to PL. :)

Well, no, I haven't ArtDeco's famous eye-makeup foundation, although there were many occasions when I came this close to doing so. -><-
I was very interested in it, but in the end, I was just reluctant to shell out so much money for so little product. I should have known better, as the tiniest amount is enough of these kind of products, which I only found out when I tried PL's eraser. And now, I don't think I'll ever need that of AD... The Eraser is just perfect for my eyelids (and even my face). Yay!! ^_^

I'm pretty sure you've tried it though: tell me, what were your impressions? :-)

Izar, OMG, I MUST share my Artdeco shadow foundation with You! It's such a big jar, and I'm not able to use the whole amount before the expery date...my current jar is half a year old, a I guess nearly 5%of the jar is missing...I'm just not able to reach the botom of the jar before it drys out. Really, I'd even send You in an envelope, if we are too busy, for free of course. (for a review- I love to read Your reviews :) )
Pure luxe - I don't know yet, some sites randomly are banned in the office where I work, and I have sooo little time to make a list - but some pigments are on it, as well as the 'eraser' from now :)

That stuff looks great. and I love the layout of your blog!

Dont forget to check out my new contest!

I'm so glad I've ordered these already and they're on their way as we speak! Thanks for that wonderful email girl (I was also so excited when I received it!). I'm looking forward to having some free time and replying to it.

take care luv & enjoy your weekend!


Wow, Bagaela, I was kinda left speechless. You're great, you know that? I'd love to try it, and of course, write a review: it's high time I actually write about European cosmetics too.

I really would love to meet you, so it'd be great if we could meet up somewhere. Since it's you who is doing me a favour, I'll try to adapt to your schedule. Tell me a time and place (either here or in e-mail) and I'll be there if I can.

Also, I would love to give you something in return, but I have no idea what would make you happy. (And I have a feeling you own much more cosmetics stuff than me... :-)) Anyway, take a look around my blog, see what I wrote about, and if I still have it, I'll bring you some too. (And I mean that. Seriously. Don't be shy, your offer is so very generous and was such a nice surprise! And it was your birthday not so long ago. ;-)

Once again, you're amazing, thank you! ^_^

Lots of love,


Hi Jaimie!

Thank you for visiting me and especially for letting your voice heard! I'd love to have you back here again. ^_^ *off to check out your blog*



Lol, I bet. ;-) They're great stuff, at least I think they are, and I really hope you'll like them too.
Don't worry, take your time, have a great (and relaxing) weekend and write when you feel like it. (Not to say I'm not eagerly waiting for your e-mail! :-))

Take care dear!

I totally sympathize with your oily skin problem. I live in Southeast Asia, almost right on the equator. Hot + Humid = Grease face. I looked around these past few days and came across a couple of stuffs you can try. One is a home DIY called Milk of Magnesia and the other is Mary Kay Oil Mattifier. You can check out both reviews on MUA. Personally I'm going to get Mary Kay's... I'll let you know how it goes. :)

Hey, this is a great blog! I love the way you've edited pictures, makes the blog look professional.

I share the same problem with oily skin - nothing ever seems to stay and I often end up with caked makeup when I've reapplied one too many times. I've ordered the eraser and hopefully it will help a little...

Hey Anonymous!

Thank you for your nice words, they made this day start really well. :)

I'm not so sure about that Eraser anymore: what I've found through trial and error is that products with silicon don't seem to solve my oily skin problem, in fact, they make it worse. Sure, my face is really nice and matte for a few hours, but when that time is up, it gets oilier than if I hadn't used the product.

That's just me though, and I've heard some rave reviews about Eraser, so you should definitely give it a try. :) You might want to give Silk Naturals' Oil Control Primer a try too, and perhaps Elvawenn's idea with the Milk of Magnesia might help too. Face powders with zink or magnesium are always a good idea, and if you can, try to get rid of as many sources of stress as possible. I know that when I'm nervous about something, my face starts resembling an oil slick in no time.

Hope you'll find a solution to the issue, and if you do, please let me know! I'd love to hear how it all worked out for you! :-)

Best wishes,

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