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Hi girls!

There's a girl on an online forum for Hungarian women who's a real expert when it comes to cosmetics and skincare. I've been reading the topic she's most active on for a while now (wonderful ladies with so much knowledge and experience!) and have learned a lot from her, especially when it comes to sun protection of which she's a real advocate.

Her name is Bagaela and it turns out she recently started a beauty blog of her own on Blogspot, Beauty-ela! Now that really is a big thing because, as I just said, she's a storehouse of knowedge, and it's already pretty obvious that her blog is going to be a wonderful source of information for all of us beauty-obsessed women.

Check out her latest post, The Ultimate Lip-Plumping Must-Have, in which she discusses Fusion Beauty's lip-plumping gloss LipFusion! One day, I'm going to get one of those... :-)

I strongly encourage you to pay her a visit and welcome her among us!

Thank you girls and have a nice day!


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Hi my sweet and dear Izar!!

I'm so touched by the nice and kind words you left in my late post, they're such great compliments...
Thank you so much my dear friend, I'm really speechless and I don't know how to thank you.

OMG I'm just sooooo behind your posts, your questions, your e-mail... I'm sooooooo sorry, right now I needed the day to have 48 hours...

I hope to be back soon to check all, and also write you soon (don't be mad with me pleaseeee)

Lots of love with a big hug and lots of kisses

By the way I have 1,69 cm (with no heels :))

PS - The shoes like the red ones I have with some sort of a platform, the wedges, as they call in English are so much easier to walk with high-heels.
They support the weight and are super confortables. It's almost like some flats but that gives you some high :-D

Of course you can do that post " My blog is your blog"

Kisses dear friend.

That's nice :)
I must check her blog and give my welcomes to a new blogger.



Doing well,thanks for asking & replying to my question...
Love your illustration!

OMG, I just have noticed that I ahvn't thank You here for mentioning my blog! I'm kinda busy these days, my last exam-week is about to come, but I have so much to write, (if I don't forget it, like this) I wish I didn't need to sleep or have 36-hours long days...:)
And I'm very curious about Your Bourjois lipgloss...;)

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