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Don't you just love 'em? I sure do. And now, inspired by Grayburn's post Current Lemmings, I'll show you mine. Thanks Grayburn for the prompt!

"My current list of lemmings consist of a few items that I think will be perfect for the Summer. What about you? What are your current lemmings?" /Grayburn/

1.) Clinique Naturally Glossy Mascara in Jet Brown (02)

Judging by the customer reviews on MUA this is exactly what I need and the mascara I've been looking for all my life. Unfortunately, here in Hungary it costs twice as much as in western parts of Europe or in the US which is why I'm waiting for it appear again on Strawberrynet. You see, I saw it about a months ago, but I didn't have the money to buy it, and by the time I got paid, it was gone. (And there was weeping and gnashing of teeth...)

What I want from a mascara:

  1. it should be brown (=natural), as I have medium brown hair and eyebrows so black mascara usually just looks fake on me.
  2. it should make my lashes, well... "naturally glossy"
  3. I don't want it to lengthen at all: my lashes are long enough on their own, just not very visible
  4. can add volume, but it's not compulsory either
  5. shouldn't be waterproof

Naturally Glossy is all that, it seems, and is more like a lash tint than a Super-Duper Extra Lengtht + Extra Volume + Extra Everything Jet Black miracle product.

Perfect! Just what the doctor ordered. :)

2.) Bourjois Effet 3D Coctail in 'Rouge Sunset'

Okay, I wouldn't exactly say no to the other two either, but the one in the middle of the picture is what I've been craving for a while now.

Strawberrynet has it actually, but I want to order it together with the other fluffy lemming up above, so it'll have to wait.

3.) Comptoir Sud Pacifique Amour de Cacao EdT

I can't help it: I have a thing for gourmand scents, and strawberry is offering it for a much lower price than what its only retailer charges for it here in Hungary.

I just have a nack for using the most inappropriate scents: a warm, chocolaty and undeniably gourmand scent in the middle of summer. Last summer it was vanilla scented shower gel and lotion in 42 Celsius degrees, and now this...

4.) LUSH Potion and Fever solid perfumes

I loved their original "Potion lotion" so now that I have some money it's obvious which cosmetic store in Budapest I'll be hitting next.

The lotion smelled like bright red carnations, and it was one of the first products I bought from LUSH. I still remember that afternoon when I came home with my purchases, sat down on my bed and ooohed and aaahed over each and every one of them. Potion was the absolute favorite: I had never smelled anything like it before, and couldn't even imagine that carnation scented products could even exist, so it was a really nice surprise.

Fever (I own the massage bar), on the other hand, had to slowly grow on me. The first time I smelled it in the store I was like "Eww, that's sooo strange and ewww, I so wouldn't buy that..." The next time I went there something drew me to the stuff and made me smell it again, after which I was a bit more open to it, and although left the store with a sack full of goodies, my mind kept coming back to it and I said to myself: "I really should buy it next time". And I did.

An interesting tidbit for you: once Weleda Wildrose Body Oil's strong initial smell settles down, it becomes a dead ringer for LUSH's Fever, at least my nose informs me so every time I have that oil on me.

5.) A Moleskine notebook (plain or chequered)

I know there's a bit of a hype surrounding this brand but I really want to try it at least once. It looks really simple and stylish and some of its features are very appealing:

  1. Elastic enclosure
  2. Good quality paper
  3. Rounded corners
  4. Threadbound
  5. Expandable inner pocket
  6. Pocket sized
  7. 192 pages

Do you happen to own one? How do you like it? Let me know? In fact, tell me if you have any of the above mentioned products and how they have worked out for you. :-)

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It seems you're lemming for great stuff ;)
That Moleskine notebook I didn't mind to have one ;)


I love your lemmings..those lippies sound delightful!

Haha that picture of the hamster is sooo cute!!

I'm so happy that you answered my call out for lemmings. Your list has so many nice things! I remember that I liked the Clinique mascara when I tried it before. It is just natural and slightly glossy. Have you tried L'oreal Voluminous? I think I need to drop into Lush this weekend and also grab myself a bottle of Wildrose oil. I love stationery as well. I'm almost bought on the Moleskine because there is a lot of hype surrounding it.

So good to see you back. Hope you're holding up in the house :)

x Grayburn


Thanks! I might just get myself that notebook this month, or buy a Moleskine calendar for my Mum for her B-Day: she really needs it more than I do, after all, and giving it is almost as good as getting it, if not better actually. :-)


What I would really love to know is whether they look delightful too though. :-) Well, I might just figure it out soon, I hope.


Oooh, thanks for giving your impressions of the mascara: every bit of info helps and makes me want to get it even more. :-) And just another question: do you remember if it held the curl of your lashes of not? I know that their High Impact mascara took out all the curl I added with my curlers, which was kinda annoying, because whatever characteristics my lashes possess, 'curly' is not one of them.

I haven't tried the one you mentioned by L'oreal: what is it like? What does it do? Do you like it?

I see you're going to have a great week, what with dropping in to LUSH and buying some Wildrose Oil from Weleda. :-) Good for you!

So does that mean you're planning to get a Moleskine too? Or do you still need some encouragement? Because once I buy it, I have a feeling I'll be more than willing to provide it for you (or anyone else): they just look so good and I expect to like mine a lot. ^_^

Yeah, I'm okay now (parents are back at the moment anyway), and teaching is well... interesting. :-)

Thank you again for the warm welcome-back: it meant so much to me! *hug*


Hey Izar...
From what I remember about the Clinique mascara, it 'let out' the curl slightly but I loved how natural and full it made my lashes. L'oreal's voluinous thickens without giving length. If you use it though, do wipe off the brush first so that it goes on clean. I have every single issue with my lashes, and yes, the curl issue. I've been thinking of getting a heated lash curler to use after I've applied mascara. You think that could work?

Ok as soon as you get your Moleskin and if you still rave about it, then maybe I'll be convinced! Hehe I'm so difficult sometimes!

Would love to hear about teaching stories! And I guess the dishes are all cleared :)

take care luv,

Hi, Izar!
Yeah, the Bourjois lipgloss in the middle is the getter. I have one, it's my favourite lipgloss ever, and it's the one that I'll definitely repurchase. It's not that red on the lips thought, it just gives them this perfect fresh look that works best for my skintone (from what I've got very close to yours ;-))

PS Nice to see you again

i have a lemming list too, but yours is so much more reasonable compared to mine. mine's is ridiculous. LOL. :P


Based on what you've told me so far about CNG mascara, I can hardly wait to get it. :-)

Hmm, I think a heated lash curler might be a good idea, especially using it after applying mascara. Heat always manages to tame any kind of hair. Just be careful to take extra care of your lashes (use some kind of conditioning gel: Bourjois has one, for example): I think heating might make them a bit more brittle in the long run. Good luck and do share the results with us!

Someone Loving:

Wow, thank you! That's exactly the effect I was looking for. I already have Cassis Tropical on the way (I'm guessing it'll be similar in many ways, just a more berry-ish color instead).


Nah, mine is seriously edited in order to keep my readers sane: if I did list all my lemmings, you wouldn't get to the end of it until the next day. :-D

I love lemmings they're so cute!!!

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