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Hi guys!

I've been pretty much absent in the past week, mostly because of feeling beat down. There was a job I didn't get, there was a job interview where they practically treated me as a toerag, and there were dozens of applications to send out. My Mum quit her job because she hadn't received a raise for three years, and now we're both unemployed. Hooray...

There were two things that made this week a bit more bearable:

  1. My dear friend Seeker presented me with the "You Make My Day award". Thank you so much dear!

  2. My second haul from Everyday Minerals arrived yesterday, and guess what: I've finally found the perfect foundation shade and finish. It's a mix of 'Light Olive' and 'Olive Fair', both in the semi-matte formula. The blush I ordered ('Photo Album') looks very promising too (I used it both as a blush and a lip color), and the eye-shadow 'In The Garden' will from now on be a staple in my makeup bag. It's absolutely gorgeous, but it's very difficult to describe. The 'Fair Intensive' concealer was a mistake (it's too light) and I haven't tried the 'Cherry Fizz' eyeshadow yet, but it looks beautiful too.

    I'll post some swatches and detailed descriptions when the conditions for taking shots are better. (Right now it's cloudy, dark and raining, although it's 10 °C outside.)


(Nushu is copyright of me.)

As I've been given the "You Make My Day Award", I am to pass it on to ten other bloggers according to these rules:

"Give the award to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel happy about blogland. Let them know by posting a comment on their blog so they can pass it on. Beware you may get the award several times."

I think this is a wonderful way of saying thank you to those people who regularly come to my blog and leave comments. I can honestly say that besides my passion for beauty they are the reason why I keep writing here, and I also feel that I've become a better and more enthusiastic blogger because of their constant feedback and friendship. There are others too, whose work I simply admire and whose blog is always a good way to start the day.

These people are:

The Seeker:
Her fashion shots have inspired me to take clothing much more seriously and to view it as a fun and creative way of expressing myself. Don't be fooled though: her blog is about so much more that just fashion. It's a storehouse of great thoughts and interesting topics, not to mention that she is one of the best friends I have on the Internet and I cherish the gift of her friendship very much.

A wonderful lady from the Netherlands who always brings us the latest news from the cosmetic, makeup and fashion scene. Not once, her posts actually drew my attention to something I would not have spotted without her but which proved to be very useful to me. She's sweet, friendly and I'm truly glad to know her.

To me, her blog is a treasure-chest: all those swatches of her makeup items, all those great tips and ideas she provides us day by day, and the passion and sense of humor that shines through every word she writes. Vanessa's blog is one of my favorite places to hang out: the close contact she keeps with her visitors, her helpful and friendly attitude is something that makes her and her blog very special to me.

If you want great tips on how to travel and still take your entire beauty collection with you (figuratively, of course) then Mikaela's Jet-set Beauty is the place to go. It's a truly interesting experience to view things from a flight attendant and licensed aesthetician's view: she can definitely tell you how you can find versatile products that still work, and introduce you to her favorite cosmetics, AND she talks from experience.

Divine Blackness (aka Brittany):
When I first read her blog's description I said to myself: "Hey, that's me she's talking about!" :-) As a writer, she can express so many things in a way that instantly makes me relate and know exactly what she's talking about. It's a real pleasure to read her blog, because even though she's thousands of miles away, it feels as if we're going through the same joys and struggles trying to find what works best for us.

Hey! Take a glimpse into the life of a Hungarian girl living in Austria, modeling from time to time and aspiring to be Austria's next Hungarian top author. She's funny, incredibly pretty (although she just won't believe me when I say so), a Kate Moss fanatic, and "a mixture of Elle Woods and Lord Voldemort" which should make her a very fascinating young lady indeed. Go and say hi to her!

Henna, the author of Canadian Beauty is one passionate lady when it comes to beauty, fashion, skincare and makeup. I suppose you've all heard of her as her blog is one of the most famous of all beauty blogs and with a good reason too. She keeps us up-to-date, posts every day and her blog is truly a shining beacon to those trying to navigate on the endless ocean that is the beauty industry.

Erika and Bree:
Erika is the lovely author of Makeup Bag, a blog which offers great product reviews, tips and tricks, and glimpses into the life of a mum with four wonderful children, one of whom even contributes to the blog by writing the Teen Corner section which, even though I'm 25, I still read religiously because of Bree's great sense of humor and style.

Take a look at that gorgeous blog layout! And then immerse yourselves in the excellent products reviews, shots and swatches this wonderful lady offers on her blog. She's a LUSH fanatic which means that if you are one too then you'll find that you can't tear your eyes from the screen until you've read each and every one of her posts.

Thank you!


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Oh thank you so much girl (I'm blushing now)! I treasure the conversations that we have and I love dropping by here to check out what you have to say.

I will pass this on very soon (I too am feeling a bit beat these days).

I wish you lots of luck in your search for a job and please extend this to your mommy as well :)

It must be colder than 10 degrees here so count yourself lucky!


Hey Grayburn!

You deserve the praise honey, you really do!

Thanks dear, I'll pass it on!

Oh I know we're lucky: it's February (usually the coldest month of winter in Hungary) and it's 10 °C outside! Sometimes even the sun comes out for a few minutes. :-D

I hope you too will feel better soon! *hug*


Hi Izar!

I can't thank you enough for this! I'm utterly flattered to have been chosen!

Wonderful blog :)!!!!!!

Many hugs and thanks!

You've made my day ;)

Hi there Muse!

You're very much welcome and I thank you for visiting!


Well, I had to return the favor sometime, right? ;-)

That made my day, and here's one back at you!

And good luck with the job hunt!

Awwww Izar, you are just so sweet. I never met you but gosh you are such a good hearted person and I really appreciate all your support, kind words, and above all- your friendship.

I can be having a bad day and when I hear from you I honestly feel 10 times better! I enjoyed this post and I am glad you find my little 'ol blog entertaining! I wish all of us bloggers lived near each other and have a party!

Thank you again for everything.

Have a great week!

Hi Vanessa!

See? This is exactly why I've given you the award: you always manage to make the sun shine for me on a cloudy day. ^_^

Thank you ever so much for your kind words!


Oh dear, I’m speechless.
Thank you very much for your words.
I also appreciate very much your friendship, I’m so glad I’ve found you and the feeling is mutual, you’re one of my best friends on the net.
You really make my days

I wish you and your mother luck about the jobs.

And I love love Nushu

Take care darling

May the light be with you!
Hugs and kisses

this is sooooo nice, thank you so much! i really appreciate it - that you thought of me, being in your 10 make-my day-blogs.
your blog is very cool, very informative. I think I will make another (better) video for you, who is a very lovely and adorable person!

I also have many questions in order of make-up ;-) i hope I get sum good advices.
What do you think of the brand Clinique? i'm thinking of buying the 3-steps-set, it's a bit expensive, so I don't know if it's worth its money. can you help me?

Thanks again and now you're on my list :) Have a wonderful weekend dear and speak to you soon!


hey izar! my video for you is finally on my blog!

Thank you so much for the award! I am working on my reply to it!


You are absolutely wonderful!! Thanks so much for the award!! I feel honored. Excuse my tardiness. I've just moved across the country (ha, literally Cali to Florida) and am slowly getting over the flu. Yuck! I should be back in full swing soon. Thanks again! Muuuuah!

Thanks, it was very funny! ^_^ I'll let the others know about it in my next post.

You're very welcome and thank you for the visit! :-)

Divine Blackness:
You deserve it dear! *hug*
Don't worry dear, we all have *gasp* REAL LIVES to live. :-D
I do hope you'll get better soon. It's the flu season here too and it's definitely a nasty piece of work.

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