My Fairy Godmother Exists!!!  

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Remember me bemoaning the fact that we don’t have much choice when buying mineral make-up in Hungary? Remember me begging my Fairy Godmother to throw me a jar of Everday Minerals foundation? I guess you probably do remember as it wasn’t that long ago that I wrote that post.

Well, I’ve got great news to tell you! One: I actually have a Fairy Godmother. Who would have thought, right? :-) In fact, it looks like I have not only one but three! Two: my first order from EM is already being packaged and waiting to be shipped to me across the Atlantic Ocean.

Okay, let me explain. A day after I wrote that post, I logged onto a Hungarian beauty forum and nearly jumped out of my skin when I saw there three ladies discussing their first order from Everyday Minerals. I immediately sent them a message asking how they did it and most importantly how much the shipping cost. You see, what kept me from ordering a Free Sample Kit months ago was that I thought that shipping costs would be much higher to Hungary than it is stated on the website of EM. Also, I’m a real scaredy cat when it comes to doing something I’ve never done before, especially if it involves money and long distances. So you can imagine how relieved I was when these three ladies told me that it only cost them around 5 bucks and that their Kit arrived within a week without any complications whatsoever.

Today, I went to my bank to put some money into my account, after which I returned home, logged on, selected the three foundations, the blush, the concealer and two extra eye-shadows, and then proceeded to PayPal to complete my transaction. (My PayPal verification number just arrived today with my monthly invoice!!! How cool is that!!) I even got a 10 % discount from EM for entering a promo code! Now I can sit back and wait for my first haul of mineral make-up to arrive. Luckily Dad is always home so receiving the package will not be a problem.

Girls, I have no idea if this will actually work out or not, I mean I’m still kind of afraid that some unexpected problem will occur and I’ll be disappointed (package will be lost, customs will stop it, postman will take it home for his wife...), but at the same time I’m so exhilarated and proud of myself. This was my first order through the Internet (not counting buying a DeviantART Subscription) and boy am I excited! Please keep your fingers crossed for me and pray that everything will run smoothly and the package will land safely on my doorstep. Thank you!

These are the things I ordered:

Free Sample Kit:

  1. Buff Fair-Neutral Intensive Foundation
  2. Medium Beige-Neutral Intensive Foundation
  3. Beige-Fairly Light Intensive Foundation
    (I need an intensive coverage: my skin had a really hard time when I was a teenager and still hasn’t recovered fully. Also, it’s prone to scarring because I have dermographic skin. Of course, I don't expect any of the three shades to match my skin perfectly. Instead, I intend to mix them until I get the right shade.)
  4. Deep Wine Blush
    (Risky color I know, but I just had to have it as the ad goes… I think I’ll mix it with some foundation so I will be less likely to overdo it. The lovely lady on the photo above is wearing this shade and it's the same shade my cheeks turn into when being in the cold or running a few miles.)
  5. Mint Color Corrector
    (This one should cover up my zits and some capillaries.)

I also got two small sized eye-shadows in:

  1. Baby Bath
  2. Spin Cycle

I can’t wait until they arrive!


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Oooh sounds good :) I can't wait to know what happens! So happy that you may have found something that works for you.


Awww, thank you Grayburn!
I'm incredibly happy too! As soon as the package arrives, I'll let you guys know in detail and post pictures!

So great ;) I'm sure it all is going to work well.
Good for you, because you deserve it.


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