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Beware ladies: there's lots of pathetic ranting and whining in this post!


Living in Hungary is just great but it has a few drawbacks from a beauty fanatic's point of view. My greatest heartache is the availability (or lack thereof) of many great brands and products. Just to name a few who are not present on the Hungarian cosmetic market:

  1. Bobby Brown
  2. Shu Uemura
  3. Kiehl's
  4. The Body Shop
  5. Philosophy
  6. Milani, NYX, Wet'n'Wild

Mineral make-up is also something most Hungarian women have never heard of, and it makes me sad to read that now, when this new kind of make-up is finally introduced to my compatriots, some of them want to apply mineral foundation with a powder-puff. See? It's crazy...

The problem is that out of the three brands that sell mineral foundation in Hungary (L'Oreal, AVON and IsaDora) one does not even advertise and costs a fortune anyway (IsaDora), one wants us to buy a product that has talc, dimethicone and preservatives in it (L'Oreal) and tests its products on animals, and then there's AVON which offers a terribly poor shade selection but at least at a relatively low price. This is why it is only next week that I'll be able to try mineral make-up (there's a huge discount at AVON in January) although I've been lusting after it for years...

Then there's the poor selection when it comes to certain brands. Why is it that my favorite brand of make-up Bourjois does not sell their perfume, body-care line and even several kind of their make-up in Hungary??? I'd give anything to own their... Oh well, it's better if I write a list of the things I'd like to put my hands on in 2008.

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+ My lemming list +

  • Bourjois Soir de Paris EdP or even EdT:
    It was available here several years ago, back when I practically had to beg Mother to let me buy lip balm. I even smelled it in a store, and even my Mum liked it (You know how rare that is?!?), but I just can't remember its scent anymore...

  • Other Bourjois stuff:
    Duo Scrub Lip Balm, Plumping Lip Gloss, Le Creme lip Gloss, Eau de Gloss (one thing that's actually available here), Restoring Night Balm, Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder and Effet 3D Cocktail in Rouge Sunset (27)

  • The Body Shop body butters:
    I'm not picky at all, you know. I want whichever I can get my hands on. But I'd really like the blueberry one... :)

  • Everyday Minerals:
    Foundations, blushes, concealers, veils, eye-shadows, glosses... please, Fairy Godmother of mine, toss me a jar of these! I don't care if it's a chocolate brown foundation: I want to see it, feel it, listen to the soft sizzle of the powder in the jar as I shake it... I want to touch it, taste it... Okay, maybe not that one...

  • Benefit Benetint Liquid Stain:
    I've been craving the real thing ever since I tried a cheap copy years ago.

  • Ganache for Lips:
    All lip balms are equal but some are more equal than others. Chocolate Marzipan, for example... :-)

  • MAC Originals Glitter in Transparent Teal and Antique Gold
That's pretty much all I can think of right now but I know I have several more items on my imaginary wishlist.

And now comes my question! Which products are you lusting after and why haven't you bought them yet? Not available where you live? Too pricey? Other reasons? Let me know, I'm curious!

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I have always complained about the availability of brands here in the Netherlands as well but it seems you may have a harder time than me! Luckily, we do have most of those brands you mentioned so I really then should count myself lucky :) Well, if you need help getting something then let me know cause maybe I could help you find some stuff.

Well... I really don't know if we have those brands... I'm a perfect disaster when it comes to cosmetics.
In fact I must learn more and act more, because my face skin is in need, is being drier (because of my perfect age... lololo).
But seriouly I must treat better my skin.
The drawings are super.
We must promot them more, I'll think about it...

Hi Grayburn!

You're so sweet and I might even take you up on your offer in the future but I really need a good job first. :-)

You're lucky indeed to have access to those brands, but I hope they will be available here sometime too.


It's never too late to start you know and it's really a lot of fun to mess around with make-up and cosmetics. I can only encourage you to try it. Even a small amount of make-up can drastically improve your looks if it's done right.

Good luck!

So hopefully when you find the job of your dreams, all the brands of your dreams will be nearby as well! I'm lusting after a sephora store because the closest one to here is 6 hours by train away!

:-D Let's hope I find a job sooner than that, because I have a hunch that it'll take years for those brands to slowly creep into our country.

I share your sentiment whole-heartedly: I'd love to have a Sephora nearby, but the closest one is in Prague I think. :(

I've much to learn with you!
Because you really love cosmectics, and know how it all works.

I love them indeed and try to learn as much of them as possible. I'm far from being an expert though. If you'd like to see some real experts take a look at the beauty blogs on my blogroll: now those gals are the real mavens! :-)

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