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Let's see the solutions first:

(Click on the picture to enlarge!)

Of course, I didn't expect you to know some of these items as they were practically unrecognizable. Such items were: LUSH Glitterbug Body Butter, Vollare Loose eye-shadow (cheap and fairly unknown brand in Western-Europe), the Rexona deodorant (it was enough if you told me it was a deodorant of some kind), AVON Personal Match Loose Powder (the packaging is too uniform), the depotted LUSH Skin Sin body lotion, the unknown perfume (which by the way is Cool Grey from La Rive), and Apotheker Rose Hip gel. You still had plenty of items to identify but I was still glad it you managed to get some of the above things right.

Now then, about the results. The contest was, well, let's be honest, a flop. Despite that, I enjoyed it a lot! Two lovely ladies entered:

The Seeker, who sent me 20 answers and got 16 right ---> She's the official winner!!!
Grayburn, who sent 14 answers and got 12 right. (Read on, you're a winner too!!)

As you surely know, the prize was that I would draw the winner anything she wishes me to. Now since only the two of you participated I've decided to give both of you that prize: I'll draw something to both of you. :-) You know my e-mail address so send me a message and tell me what you would like me to draw/paint to you, what style you'd prefer, what medium I should use and so on. As if you were giving me a commission, only it's free. :-) I can either scan in the finished product and send it to you through e-mail, or if you'd like, I can even send you the finished drawing with post (as you both live in Europe), but then you'd have to give me your address which I know is not something most people on the Net are comfortable with.

Either way, please let me know what you'd like. Also, I strongly encourage you to look around in my DeviantART gallery so you can get an idea of what I can do, what my limits are and what style and medium you would prefer me to use. It would be a great help to me too because if you point at something and say: "I kinda like that... Draw me something like it!" then I know what you'd like to have. I can use the following media:
  • pencil
  • pen and ink
  • watercolor
  • pastels
  • markers and brush-pens
  • Photoshop (lineart will be drawn on paper, then scanned in and colored in PS)

Note: I reserve the original rights to my work and the right to post it on my DeviantARt gallery.

Congratulations to both of you and a heartfelt thank you for participating!


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wow Izar I'm so happy, not because I've won, but because it's a way of getting a draw made by you, because I love love love your drawing. And when you become an internacional recognized artist I ‘ll be proud to have one ;)
Thank you dear, it is a very apreciated gift.
We’ll talk more about it.
Hugs and kisses sweety

I'm so glad you're happy! :-)

Internationally recognized artist? Hmm... I have a long way to go then. :-)

Oooo yes, I'm a winner too! Thanks Izar :) I'm so happy to have art by you. I still cannot believe this (I never win anything), you've totally made my day!

Thanks and we'll talk more about this then.

x Grayburn

Haha, I felt the same way when I once won a LUSH bath bomb on one of their parties. :-) It was strange: I actually knew I was going to win. How? I have no idea, especially that I never win anything either...

I'm happy if you're happy! ;-)

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