Alverde Wildrose Face Toner  

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Splashing Alverde's Wildrose Face Toner onto your face is like walking into a flower-shop. I say "splashing" because yet again I don't use this the way it was intended to. (Considering my track record, that's not really a surprise, is it?) You see, what this stuff really is is plain and simple rose-water, and that's why I got hooked even before buying it.
(It's the bottle in the middle!)

Take a look at the ingredients list:

Aqua (Water), Rosa Centifolia Flower Extract, Rosa Canina Flower Extract*, Glycerin, Parfum (Esential Oils)**, Limonene**, Linalool**

So every morning and evening after I had cleaned my face and patted it dry, I pour a bean-sized amount of this toner into my palm and then gently pat the liquid onto my face. Right after that, I apply my usual moisturizer which is much easier to do this way, as my skin is still slightly wet.

Seeing as how cheap this stuff is (4.5 $ for a 150 ml bottle) I don't see why you couldn't also pour this into a spray bottle and use it as a hair-mist. It will definitely add not only moisture to your locks, but will also make them smell faintly of roses.

Sometimes I also put a few drops of this toner onto my hands before applying hand-lotion: it hydrates my skin and somehow makes the lotion sink in better.

Alverde's Wildrose Face Toner is not the latest development of the beauty industry. In fact, it's really simple. If you're trying to find something very advanced with little nano-bots in it to give your skin a relaxing massage, look elsewhere. If, however, you're looking for something more traditional, something that is not laden with unnecessary chemicals, then look no further, you've found it!

*ingredients from certified organic agriculture
** from natural essential oils


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