Merry Christmas!  

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Christmas Waltz is copyright of Izar (=me!).
You can view it here too, and read my description.
Click to enlarge!

I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! (And lots of beauty products too! :-)

I'm soooo excited girls! I got a brand new digital camera for Christmas, which means you can expect to see some swatches and pictures of cosmetics in the near future! (And here's a cultural tidbit for you: presents in Hungary are traditionally exchanged on the 24th of December, that is, on Christmas Eve.)  

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Belated Merrily Christmas to you as well! And a wonderful 2008!


Hope you had a very merry xmas
Happy Holidays!
I'm going to check your blog soon, because I'm liking it, as you say it's an oportunity to know other things.

ps - I love your drawings!!!!

Thank you Seeker!

I wish the same to you and you're welcome to drop by any time. :-)

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Thank you for beeing at my blog and left such good comments.
I'll be back, because I felt empathy with you, and of course to know other things, and watch your drawings.

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